As we all know, Twitch is one of the most used live-stream platforms. It is mainly used for streaming games, and We can use it on several platforms like Amazon Fire, PlayStation, Apple TV, and Xbox. Roku is one such platform that its fifty million users love.

Let’s quickly see How to cast Twitch to Roku by Screen Mirroring Using Android. Log in to your Twitch account using your Android smartphone or tablet. Choose the stream that you wish to view. Look for the Smart View or Screen Cast button on your phone or tablet. Choose the Roku Player that you want to cast.

Previously, Roku supported Twitch streaming. However, Twitch was removed from it, which upset many gamers. We can find reasons for the same in Twitch Roku’s past broadcasts. If you are one of these gamers, you read the correct blog. This blog will tell you tested ways to use Twitch on Roku. Also, check out this article on casting VLC to Roku to enjoy streaming.

What is Roku? 

It is an American marketing firm in California that gives rise to a clan of live-streaming motors over its software. It provides access to all the entertainment sources like Netflix, Youtube, and many others with mystery, horror, suspense, spiritual, etc. Its ability to add new channels is its most significant plus point.

twitch on roku

But here’s an exception, Twitch no longer has its official channel available for Roku. We have some workarounds to relieve all the readers, enabling you to stream your favorite channels. Meanwhile, check out this article for fantastic Twitch chat tricks every streamer should know.

Visit: Roku

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How to Watch Twitch on Roku

Below written are some different ways through which you can watch Twitch:

Using Unofficial Twitch Application

Follow the steps below to use an official Twitch channel through the unofficial Twitch application.

  1. Open the Roku site in your browser and log in to your account.sign in to roku account
  2. Click on your profile icon and select ‘My account’ from the account
  3. Look for the ‘manage account’ option; beneath it, click on the ‘upload channel with a code.add channel
  4. Enter “TWITCHTV.’twitch tv
  5. On the reCaptcha segment, click ‘I’m now not a robot.’recaptcha highlighted in roku
  6. Now select ‘Add a channel.’yes add channel
  7. You will see a warning message from Roku, a non-certified channel. Just press ‘good enough,’ which is underneath the ok
  8. You will now see a prompt on whether to install Twitch. Tv. Click ‘Yes, add a channel.’ You currently have the unofficial Twitch in your Roku.then add channel

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Using Windows to Watch Twitch on Roku

You can use Twitch on it by using Windows as well. Follow the steps to do so.

  1. Select the notification icon at the bottom right corner of your Windows 10 the icon button
  2. From the menu that appears, pick Project.project
  3. On the Project menu, select ‘Duplicate.’ This will show your Pc’s screen contents for your Roku screenduplicate
  4. Click on the ‘Connect to a wireless show at the lowest.’Connect to a wireless show
  5. From the list that looks, pick out your Roku tool.roku streambar
  6. On your Roku, a set-off will seem. Click ‘permit.’permit
  7. Open a web browser, visit the Twitch site, and start your Twitch streaming.disconnect
  8. After finishing, choose ‘Disconnect’ to stop casting.

Using MAC to Watch Twitch on Roku

Below are the steps through which you can easily control Roku from Mac to watch Twitch:

    1. Select the command middle icon on the higher proper corner of your Mac’s display screen.
    2. Then click on ‘screen mirroring.’screen mirroring
    3. From the listing of devices, pick your Roku tool.roku ultra
    4. Your Mac display screen will now appear on your Tv, and if it is your first time connecting your Mac to your Roku, you may see a code on the Roku display. Copy it to the Mac activate.roku device code
    5. Once you are streaming, visit the ‘manage center’ icon on your Mac, click ‘display screen mirroring,’ and select your Roku device.

Using Andriod to Watch Twitch on Roku

You can watch/use Twitch on Roku using your Android device by installing the video cast application from the Google Play Store.

  1. After launching the app, kindly Twitch at the app’s internet browser.launching twitch on phone
  2. At the top, choose ‘cast.’ Then pick out Roku.cast
  3. Roku will now prompt you to install the app automatically.
  4. On the app, select Twitch, then click on Play on Roku.

Using the Twitch app, you could cast your Android screen on your Roku device. Here’s how:

  1. On your Android device, visit my settings.settings
  2. Choose Bluetooth and Device Connection option.
  3. Tap on the Cast and permit the Wi-Fi to show an alternative.cast
  4.  From the options that appear, choose Roku.
  5. A prompt has to now come in your Roku tool. Select permit. The Android Screen will display on your Roku. Open the Twitch app on Android and keep streaming.screencast
  6. Once completed, stop the casting by pulling the pick screencast from the top of your Android display. Now click on Disconnect cast.

Using iPhone to Watch Twitch on Roku

You can use your iPhone to watch Twitch on Roku. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. On your iPhone, visit the Control Centre and tap on screen mirroring.screen mirroring
  2. On the list that comes, select your Roku device.
  3. A code will display on your Roku. You must enter this code into your iPhone.code on the Roku
  4. Your iPhone’s screen will now show for your Roku.rokuairplay
  5. Open Twitch and experience streaming.

Using a Third-Party Source

A third-party application known as Twitch has proved very helpful for several Twitch users. This application is available in two versions. Twitched and Twitched zero.

Twitched Zero is a free version with advertisements, and Twitched is a paid version with smoother streams and an ad-free experience. Here’s how.

  1. Open your Roku.roku in tv
  2. You’ll see exclusive options on the primary show, including My Feed, Search, News, Channel Store, Settings, etc.
  3. Choose Channel Store alternative > Add channel > input your PIN > click on OK and proceed.third party source
  4. You must be a registered Twitch account holder. To continue with the following steps. If you’re: Open the unofficial Twitch app and go to Settings.unoffical twitch
  5. Log into your account, and within the Windows Link for your Twitch account, you’ll get a channel code for your display screen. Go to Twitch’s legitimate internet site from your PC or cell & type the shown code.code for linking
  6. Once you get the affirmation pop-up, you can experience Twitch on it.enjoy twitch

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Using Screen Mirroring on PC

Screen Mirroring is not just limited to smartphones and is available for laptops too. You can watch Twitch on Roku by screen mirroring as follows.

  1. Open Google Chrome or any web browser.go to browser
  2. Press “Windows Key + A” to open the Quick Actions menu.wk_plus_a
  3. Select “Cast” or “Project.” If no longer present, click the pencil menu and upload the option to the Quick Actions menu.screen mirroring on pc
  4. After clicking on Cast, pick out your Roku device.roku streambar
  5. Connect to the Roku container.roku container
  6. On the Roku field, permit the PC project Twitch streams.permit twitch
  7. You can watch Twitch on the large display if the whole thing is installed effectively.

Many a time, because of wrong settings, several issues arise. You can troubleshoot all the problems as follows.

  1. Click on “Change Projection Mode in the “Cast” pop-up.cast
  2. Select “Duplicate.”duplicate
  3. Once executed, the Twitch movement should appear in the Roku tool.


Can I get the official Twitch Roku channel in 2022?

Roku removed Twitch from its devices in 2019. If you made your account after 2019, you could not get it. For accounts before 2019, there are some ways you can get your hands on the official Twitch Roku app.

Will Twitch be on Roku again?

As of now, it seems impossible to see Twitch working officially on Roku ever again. Players who love to use Twitch on Roku still have several ways to get this done.

Can I use an iPhone to cast Twitch to Roku?

Yes. You can use an iPhone to cast Twitch to Roku. The steps are similar to what is mentioned in this article.


Roku, an American marketing firm in California, is loved by many worldwide. Twitch, on the other hand, is another popular streaming application. When Roku removed Twitch from its devices in 2019, it created havoc among several gamers.

However, there are still several ways to enjoy Twitch on Roku devices. We hope that you found the most suitable answer for how to add Twitch.

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