7 Twitch Chat Tricks Every New Streamer Should Know

Twitch is an application via which you can Livestream any particular activity that you’re undertaking. Twitch has appealed to a large audience due, particularly the gamers. However, in recent years, Twitch has expanded to accommodate a larger audience too. Now, you can enjoy reruns of your favorite TV shows, witness musical renditions, live gym sessions, and well as live cooking sessions. Read to find out about twitch chat tricks.

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Since Twitch has been gaining popularity at a steady pace over the years, numerous people have been trying out life streaming their area of expertise. That being said, there exist several twitch tips and tricks that every new streamer should know of. For example, if the engagement with their audience is non-existent, viewers will soon get bored. To ensure that you’re reading the chats while you Livestream, there also exist several twitch chat tricks. Therefore, if you’re new to live streaming and looking to jumpstart your presence on Twitch, then read one. Here are our seven twitch chat tricks that can come in handy if you’re new to live streaming. 

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As iterated before, it is essential to maintain audience engagement to keep things interesting for the viewer. Now, for a first-timer, it can get hard to manage between doing what you’re doing and accessing the chat box at the same time. So, to help you out with this, one of our first tips for new streamers is to get Chatty.


Chatty is an application that sends you a notification each time someone comments on your Livestream. It also provides other features like full customization of the chat and supports almost all features specific to Twitch. Finally, Chatty also provides an Information tab to help you keep track of the number of viewers over a period of time. It is a great place to start for any new streamer and is highly recommended for its innumerable features and ease of usage. 

Get Chatty for Twitch

Setting the Twitch Chat to readable colors.

This is one of the best twitch chat tricks for those that have a bit of difficulty with reading while live streaming. A lot of users don’t seem to be aware of the fact that you can switch the chatbox colors to readable colors. What this does is that it eliminates the usage of dark text on a dark background or vice versa.

readable colours
readable colours

To do so, start by going into the twitch chat settings, check to mark the ‘Readable Colours’ box, and you’re done. This tip is also very useful for those who are color-blind or otherwise visually impaired. 

Increasing the font size of the twitch chat

If you’re at a further distance from your monitor, it can get close to impossible to read the chats due to the small font size. Therefore, increasing the font size is the way to go. On your PC, just a simple CTRL + ought to do it. By doing so, you’re basically just increasing the magnification of your window. It is one of the simplest tips for Twitch and works like a charm

Installing Better Twitch TV

This is an application that specializes in making your viewing or streaming experience streamline on Twitch’s website. The application comes with innumerable customization options to modify your streaming experience as per your level of comfort.

twitch tv
twitch tv

One great feature of this application is that irrespective of whichever channel, if someone types in your username, you can automatically notice it. This is because it highlights your mention in bright red, making it easier for you to view and respond. It is one of the most popular tips on Twitch to get this software. 

Popping out the Twitch Chat

This is one of those twitch chat tricks that is generally overlooked by a lot of live streamers. Popping out the chatbox and then placing it somewhere on the monitor more accessible to you is ideal. To do so, you just need to go down to the settings, click on ‘Popout,’ and that’s it.

Keeping all monitors at the same eye level

It is common practice to set up several monitors, each associated with a particular function when livestreaming. However, the issue arises here when the chat box is on a monitor further away from you. In such cases, you need to turn midstream to check out the chatbox.

monitor position
monitor position

This can be very inefficient and cause you to miss out on some chats or forget where you were reading from. Therefore, you can end up stuttering and losing momentum. So, to avoid facing this issue, it is highly recommended to keep your monitors in one single line of vision. 

Using multiple devices

One of our last twitch chat tricks is to utilize multiple devices when streaming. As iterated before, it is common practice to use more than one device when streaming. That being said, this can prove to be expensive. Therefore, you can employ the usage of your mobile phone or tablet instead. Purchasing a cost-effective stand for the aforementioned devices will make working with them easier and on the same eye level as your monitor. 

So here are some of our best twitch chat tricks to help kickstart your live streaming career. With these tips and tricks, you will notice live-streaming getting much easier than before. Finally, do keep in mind that if you’re starting out, it can get a little tricky at the initial stage. Remember that practice is key and that you’re bound to get better with each Livestream! 

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