Can’t Change Twitch Password? Here’s What You Can Do

There is a huge increase in the overall demand for sustainable platforms for streaming videos online. However, it is quite difficult for the streamers to manage them simultaneously. One platform that solves this problem is Twitch, and if you can’t change Twitch password we’ve got you covered.

There are several platforms available online that allow users to stream online videos as per the requirement. Also, the audience prefers live video streams rather than the traditional uploading thing on the internet.

twitch logo
Twitch Logo

Hence, Twitch is one of the most popular and used live streaming platforms for users all over the globe. There is no doubt in the fact that there are millions of active accounts on Twitch that stream daily. If you are also a streamer here are chat tricks you must know.

In case you have a similar account and can’t change Twitch password, this guide is for you. We will discuss all the details that you should know to get the job done. Also, there is a method where you can recover the old password of the twitch account. 

Make sure that you read the complete article, as every section is equally important.

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What is Twitch Password?

Similar to any other social media accounts on the internet, Twitch also requires a specific password. This password is mandatory to access the account using the username along with it. Moreover, users have to decide on these credentials while creating their account on Twitch. Passwords help secure your account and also prevent you from financial frauds. So, always make sure to use strong passwords for your accounts.

However, if you made the account way back and did not use it often, you can forget the password. Non-regular visitors on Twitch tend to forget the correct credentials related to the account. This is the reason that the Twitch password plays an important role in allowing access to the profile. 

twitch password and login
Twitch password and login

However, sometimes you can’t change Twitch password due to some potential issues. Thus, we will be covering countermeasures for the same as well.

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Steps to Change Twitch password

This is the most common query for the users that, Twitch won’t let me change password of my account. There is nothing serious about it as it can happen due to several reasons with the system.

First, it is important that you should be using the correct method to reset the Twitch password. Most of the time, the error lies in the procedure followed by the users. Thus, the exact method to conduct the process is as follows,

Step 1

The first step involves opening your Twitch account on the computer through the official website. Moreover, you can use any internet browser with an active connection.

twitch official site
Twitch official site

Step 2

As you get into the Home page, click on the Profile option located on the top corner of the screen.

twitch homescreen
Twitch Homescreen

Step 3

Next, after you tap on the drop-down menu, choose the Settings icon to change twitch password.

twitch profile menu
Twitch profile menu

Step 4

There will be an option that says Security and Privacy, on which you need to click. This will take you to a new tab on the profile page of your Twitch account.

twitch settings window
Twitch settings window

Step 5

Users can easily locate the Change Password feature as it is clearly written under the Security section.

twitch change password
Twitch change password

Step 6

However, the users will require the old password in order to generate the new password. You have to fill in both these details accordingly.

change password window of twitch
Change password window of twitch

Step 7

Finally, click on the Change Password option, and your twitch password is reset successfully.

confirm change password in twitch
Confirm change password in twitch

If everything is as per the details mentioned in these steps, your twitch password will change. However, users might face some difficulties and say that their Twitch reset password not working on their computers. Well, this can be a potential problem while resetting the password of the account. 

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Alternative Methods to Change Twitch Password

If still you can’t change twitch password. There are several methods that claim to remove this issue from the system. We will discuss each one of them along with the steps involved in the same.

Clear Cache and Cookies 

Many of the users are aware of the fact that every internet browser saves cookies for future reference. However, it is a useful feature but can lead to problems on some occasions. One of them is that the user can’t reset Twitch password with the traditional steps. Thus, this problem to change twitch password is removed by clearing the cache memory of the browser. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

First, open the desired internet browser on which you are working with the procedure. Also, make sure there is a stable internet connection to get the job done.

open browser
Open Browser

Step 2

Open the history panel of the web browser. You can look for it in the settings panel or press the shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+H on the keyboard.

open browser history
Open Browser History

Step 3

Next, clear the entire history of the web browser along with the cookies. Also, make sure to clean the cache memory. Some browsers might have a separate option. The main motive is to remove the site data from the browser, especially to change twitch password.

clear history, cache and cookies
Clear history, cache and cookies

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Change Browser to Reset Password

Still, if Twitch not sending password reset mails to your designated email account, you can try changing the browser. For instance, try using Mozilla Firefox if you were earlier working on Google Chrome. Moreover, try some additional applications like Microsoft Edge, Opera, or any other default browser in the system. Also, clear the cache memory of these browsers before moving further.

web browsers
Web Browsers

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Contact Customer Support to Change Twitch Password

Last but not least, if you still can’t change Twitch password, contact the customer care of the website. You can easily file your complaint using the designated option present on the website itself. You can write to the support team that, twitch won’t let me change my password. The team will connect to you as soon as possible and resolve the issue.

twitch support page
Twitch support Page

Customer support will definitely solve any issue that you have with the twitch password. And you won’t need to worry much about it.


We hope that the methods present in this guide will help you overcome the potential issue.And, you won’t have the issue that you can’t change Twitch Password now. Twitch is a commonly used platform, and thus you can have these kinds of genuine problems. Forgetting password is something happens with everyone in today’s era. Still, if you do keep forgetting passwords , you can use windows password recovery tools, to recover passwordsWith this guide you’ll be able to enjoy on twitch without worrying for the password.

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