How to Backup Tumblr Blog | 3 Easy Ways [Complete Guide]

Social media has become a vital part of our lives. Everything that we do, social media becomes the place for telecasting it. Some people have this issue of forgetting passwords that they had set for their social media account. If you fall in this category, there is nothing to worry about, especially when it comes to Tumblr. Here we present with 3 simple ways on how to backup Tumblr blog.

tumblr logo
Tumblr Logo

Nowadays, Tumblr has also started posing restrictions on various content. Even when there is content that does not violate any rules, it is categorised as offensive. This can be frustrating at times. You can use various methods to export Tumblr data beforehand. So, even if you forget your credentials like tumblr username or password, you know that your data has been stored safely.

Sometimes, you may just want to stop using Tumblr. However, you might want to keep a copy of your previous work with you. In this case, you have to download all Tumblr posts to make sure that you have them stored safely. In such cases, backups come very handy be it case of tumblr or any other place. You should save your data and create back of data like servers, sites, music and other important data.

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If you are wondering that you need to be an expert at technical knowledge, you are wrong. In this article, you will get to know the techniques to perform the Tumblr blog download. Following the steps in the manner that it has been prescribed will make the backup of tumblr blogs easier for you.

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Simple Ways on How on Backup Tumblr Blog

It is reiterated that you do not need to spend time learning anything technical. The methods that have been put forward are extremely basic. Read through the article properly so that you do not make any mistakes. After you read the article properly, you will be able to decide the best method for you.

Method 1: Using WordPress to Backup Tumblr

If you are a writer on, you might want to take advantage of this method. You must be knowing that WordPress has taken over Tumblr. Therefore, it has become easier to export data there.

Get yourself an account on WordPress by signing up. It is extremely simple to get your account. Choose a username and enter your email to confirm your account. It is better that you choose a plan that does not involve any payments. It would be better that you take up such a thing before subscribing to any paid versions. 

backup tumblr on wordpress
Backup tumblr on WordPress

After the account creation is successful, you should head on to the admin section. There will be an option to import. Here will be a variety of platforms from where you can solve how to backup the Tumblr blog. In case you do not see Tumblr here, move to other importers. Select Tumblr from the other options that pop up. Allowing Tumblr access will take you one step closer to getting the backup. Connecting to Tumblr would be the basis for you to proceed. Logging into Tumblr would be the first step for you to connect to Tumblr. You will then have to import the blog that you wish to back up. will then allow you to take the backup of your blogs from Tumblr.

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Method 2: Using Export Tumblr

Another way on how to backup the Tumblr blog is by using export Tumblr. Many people are unaware that Tumblr has a feature that will help you to resolve how to download your Tumblr blog. Go through the method to understand how to backup a Tumblr blog.

backup tumblr via export
Backup tumblr via Export

The first thing is to head to the Settings option that is present on the dashboard. The right side of the page will ask you to choose the blog that you wish to export. Once you scroll down to Export, you will see the button of Export with the name of the blog that needs to be backed up. As soon as you click that, the backup will begin to process. The Download Backup button needs to be pressed, after which you will get a ZIP file of your blog’s content.

Each blog would have to be extracted separately to access its content.

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Method 3: Copy Paste Tumblr Blogs

If nothing works, you can just copy and paste your content from the blog. This is the most traditional method that you can use. Additionally, copy-pasting does not require any technical knowledge. You also have the freedom to copy only what you want while leaving out what is of no use to you.

copy and paste to backup blog
Copy and Paste to Backup Blog

The drawback of this traditional method is that it takes a lot of time. You will have to copy the content and then format the content. A word document or Notepad would be your place of storage. Besides that, there is no proof that this content has already been posted on Tumblr. You might encounter some issues under this aspect. Therefore, keep this option as the last one on your checklist.

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The methods above will help you to solve how to backup the Tumblr blog. As, it is very hard to recover data that is once lost or deleted. You need to note that there is no need for you to obtain any technical knowledge. Following the steps in the prescribed order will be beneficial for you to backup your data.

As a WordPress user, you will be at an advantage in knowing how to back up the Tumblr blog. Consider it as the easiest way to get your blogs in one place. You also have the freedom to post it on WordPress later on.

Copy-pasting should be your last option simply because the authenticity of Tumblr is lost. It is just plain content that you have in front of you. Any comments or likes would not be displayed. There is no point in only copying the content where you cannot flex about how well your post did!

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