The new generation is quite aware of their body and makes sure that it is in good shape. Also, healthy people are more likely to save themselves from any disease or infection. The best way to keep yourself healthy is by going to the gym. Moreover, gyms do have a subscription plan that the users need to purchase. Also, you can get yourself some additional perks that are exclusive to the members. LA Fitness is one of the most popular international gym chains, especially in America. Further, they have more than 700 centers and thousands of active users.

To cancel your LA Fitness membership online, first, navigate to ‘My LA Fitness.’ After logging in, click on the ‘Account Information‘ tab. Within this section, locate and click on the ‘Cancellation Form‘ on the right side of the screen. Complete the form and send it to the indicated address, or alternatively, hand in the written cancellation notice to a nearby LA Fitness gym.

There is no doubt that LA Fitness gyms also have some joining fees to access their equipment. People tend to buy and use them to have a healthy body. However, there might be a situation where you no longer need the same. For instance, you are shifting or maybe some other issues. If you don’t cancel the membership plan, they will charge you with the usual payment. Therefore, it is necessary that you should consider canceling your LA Fitness membership plan. Also, this will help you save a ton of money if you are not going to the gym. Therefore, this guide on how to cancel an LA fitness membership online will explain how to cancel without any risk. Ensure you follow the steps, as you don’t want to do something wrong in the cancellation process.

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Cost of LA Fitness Membership Plan

The first thing to understand is the concept behind getting the LA Fitness membership for yourself. The franchise basically has a provision of two different plans for the users. Also, these plans are enough for you to use the different machines in the gym.

yoga in gym

The cost of each plan is given below:

  • Single Gym Membership– This membership plan will cost you $26.99 for a single month to use the LA Fitness gym. However, you can only visit a single gym near your location.
  • Multiple Gym Membership– The second membership plan can be purchased by paying $29.99 to get access for a single month. Also, users under this plan can tend to visit any gym in the location without any issue.

Make sure that these are the basic cost of the membership plan. You will have to pay an additional fee of $99 for a new member profile. Also, users will have to pay $39 extra as annual charges. Thus, along with the base price. You have to pay additional charges as well.

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How to Cancel LA Fitness Membership Online?

In case you need to cancel the membership, you need to get a form for the same. There are various methods by which you can get LA Fitness to cancel your membership form. Also, carefully read and follow these steps,

Downloading the Form

Step 1

First, go to the internet browser and search for LA Fitness’s official website.

la fitness online

Step 2

Make use of your username and other credentials to log into the database of LA Fitness.

Step 3

Once the dashboard opens, look for the option of the cancellation form. In most cases, you can find it in the top section.

cancellation form

Step 4

Next, download and save the form on the computer and get a hard copy of it.

Step 5

Fill in all the details correctly and try to avoid any overwriting or scribbling.

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Sending the LA Fitness Cancellation Form

Once you are ready by filling in the details in the form, you have to send it. Also, there is no provision for sending the form online. You have to get the form sent to the authorities manually. Here are some ways in which you can forward the form 

cancel form la fitness

1. The easiest way is to go to the nearby LA Fitness gym and personally hand the form to the manager. You can also specify the reason for your choice accordingly.

2. In case you are away from the location and want to send the form, make sure of the Fax machine. Make sure to have the correct fax number of the gym that you wish to send.

3. Finally, users can post their cancellation form directly to the office through post services. This might take some time for the LAFitness to cancel the membership process if you are wondering how long and how to cancel the LA Fitness membership online.

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How to Pause LA Fitness Membership?

This is the most asked question about genuine users going to the gym. No doubt that pausing the membership program is better than canceling it. This is effective for users who only want to get relief from the gym for a short duration.

cancel membership

For instance, if you are going on a vacation and won’t be available for one or two months. For this, you only need to pay $10, and your membership will be paused. Also, users can use this method to be suspended for not more than six months. Therefore, you can avoid paying the joining fee of $99 when coming back.


How do you cancel LA fitness membership online?

You can cancel the LA fitness membership by logging into your account, and you can find a cancellation form at the bottom, which you can fill out and withdraw immediately.

Why can't I cancel LA Fitness online?

If you cannot cancel your LA fitness membership online, then you will have to fax the form to the gym and also meet in person.

How do I cancel my LA Fitness without a form?

You can write the form and mail it if you don't feel comfortable doing it online. It must contain all relevant information, including your membership and private data.

Does LA Fitness refund your money?

The refund is possible only for the first seven days. If a client is not happy with the gym, After that, there will be no cancellation policy available. The situation can vary when the person is suffering from some health condition.


This is all that you need to know about how to cancel your LA Fitness membership online and get the money. Also, some users tend to wait for the last day to cancel their membership and get charged the price. Thus, it is better to give prior notice before stopping the same membership.

There are strict policies that help with how to cancel an LA Fitness membership online of the users. Therefore, you don’t want yourself getting in trouble and prevent yourself from getting banned.

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