Tumblr is proved to be a great platform for creating and sharing all types of content, and there are some fantastic blogs to be found on it. However, there are hundreds of Tumblr alternative and blogging platforms out there to choose from, and it can be tricky to decide on the ideal one for your needs. There’s a lot to consider, including features, usability, appearance, and price. 

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What Are Some Alternatives To Tumblr?

Tumblr was once such a great place, but alas, the good times have come to an end. In the spirit of this site’s early days, we’ve compiled a list of the five best Tumblr replacements for you to try in 2023. There are plenty of different apps similar to Tumblr, too, having features similar to Tumblr, which might work better for you. But before deleting Tumblr, you should first save the backup of your post.


Here’s our rundown of five great Tumblr alternatives, which include Blogger, Imgflip, Reddit, Meme Base, and Pinterest. They go beyond the basics! With over 200 million blogs on the network, competition is fierce, and it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, people are starting to look for other alternatives. Apart from that, the newest terms and conditions of Tumblr have imposed stricter guidelines on posting any sort of NSFW content on it, which is why people are searching for alternatives to Tumblr.

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Blogger (Free)

Blogger is another popular platform for blog posts, and it’s free to use for bloggers. The platform supports various formats, including text posts, images, videos, and links. If you want to set up your own blog with full HTML5/CSS3 publishing tools as well as a great design template with tons of options, you have to opt for the paid option.

It also offers custom URLs and advanced search options like author names or tags. You can change some display settings like the title style or font size if you want further customization options. You can also read about some username generator tools from here.


It’s a place where individual bloggers can share unique content, like quotes, comics, photos, GIFs, and videos, with their followers in a format called posts. Each post has its own individual title users can view it on the network. You can also re-blog other people’s posts if you want to join in on that particular conversation.

It’s the perfect place for sharing your unique content, and it’s one of the best websites like  Tumblr.

Visit: Blogger

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It is one of the most popular image-sharing platforms on the internet, and people are using it to share text and gifs. There are millions of users who upload over 100 million images every day. It is totally free to use, and it has a huge range of features that you can use to make your profile unique.

Imgflip offers avatars, and users can tag others. There is an inbox part that allows you to connect with your friends on the platform. You’ll find almost any image you desire on Imgflip. 


The algorithm of this website is brilliant. It allows you to get content that has been trending for a long time and also gives you new features such as the daily new tabs and monthly favorites. There is a section that allows you to filter out images with tags in them – it’s useful if you want to see images with specific tags only. Another great feature is the search by popularity which shows you all the images that are currently trending on Imgflip the moment. 

You can also tag people, which leads to a private section of your profile. Users who are looking for a good way to share images might love Imgflip as the right Tumblr alternative!

Visit: Imgflip

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Many people have been frustrated with Tumblr’s censorship policies, where they’ve been asked to remove posts that are racist, sexist, transphobic, etc. Many people came together on Reddit to fight back against this banning and created a subreddit called “r/TumblrInAction.”


Reddit is a platform where people have brief discussions on various topics. If you’re browsing for a replacement because of Tumblr communities, Reddit will impress you. A Tumblr alternative is the best. With subreddits for all sorts of topics, you can find a place where people are discussing things that interest you. 

It’s also great for finding cool blogs and educational materials. On Reddit, you can also post links to your own blog or site demonstrating new or interesting ideas… Reddit is probably the closest thing to Tumblr that doesn’t have ads plastered everywhere and generally promotes free speech.

Visit: Reddit

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Meme base

It is a social networking platform base on images that resembles Tumblr in some ways. It’s also different from most other alternatives due to its focus on sharing text and images and has no video option at all. The site was also one of the first social media sites to adopt or Embed for auto-embedding media content on other websites.


The site features users with a variety of interests and a mix of moderators and regular visitors. The various interests include general discussion, politics, pets & animals, music, technology, and celebrities.

Users can see who has visited their profile page as well as who they look up to (similar to Facebook), access the blocked user’s list, and switch to private browsing while logged in on desktop or mobile versions of the site. If you want a good laugh and no judgment, this website might be a good Tumblr alternative for you.

Visit: Enjoy meme on Memebase


Since people are more and more turning to Pinterest as a way of organizing their thoughts, this blog post is going to list some reasons why you should consider using Pinterest instead of Tumblr.

  • Pinterest requires a lot less effort.

Tumblr is often criticized for being too much work. People have to check their dashboard over and over again just to see if there’s anything new. 


On the other hand, if you use Pinterest, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You can simply use the search feature and find out if there are any new results. This will open up a page of thumbnails that you can view at your own pace. 

  • Pinterest is better for visually driven people.

Some people are really just all for the visuals and the organization of the feed. Tumblr just isn’t very good in terms of visual aesthetic; it is plain and boring. Pinterest has a much better visual feel and design.

In general, Tumblr tends to have a much younger demographic than Pinterest. Tumblr’s demographics are almost 60% female, while the average of all ages on Pinterest is around 40%.

If you are all about aesthetic and organized feeds, Pinterest is the best Tumblr alternative for you and evidently for many people these days. It is THE Trend.

Visit: Pinterest

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Why the sudden shift from Tumblr, what happened with it?

Tumblr has lost a huge amount of its audience ever since Verizon Media took over its charge. Stricter policies and conditions obstruct the display of some content that can be shared on the platform. This led to a ban on all the NSFW content that could previously be posted and accessed on Tumblr. That is why a lot of people started searching for other websites.

What other websites can be used instead of Tumblr?

If you are looking for a similar amount of public, features, and popularity, Pinterest and Reddit are your best alternatives for Tumblr.

Are people still using Tumblr?

Even though the maximum content consumed by people is against recent Tumblr policies, there are still some people whose content usage is not affected under these new restrictions. So, they're good to go.

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“You know it’s not the same as it was”; this Harry Styles song might feel a bit familiar to you now that you can relate it to Tumblr. So, if you were considering what marketing strategy to use in your company, maybe consider using a different site than Tumblr due to its declining numbers in popularity. We have listed the best Tumblr alternative for you to choose from. Wanted to know the best 10 OKR Planning Tools? Click here!

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