Rufus is a trustworthy and user-friendly USB driver. You can use Rufus to fix your PC or keep a backup drive. No tool is absolute, so it is necessary to have some alternatives ready. In this article, we will go over the ten best Rufus program alternative suitable for you.

Some of the best Rufus Program Alternatives are Diskmaker X, PowerISO, and Media Creation Tool, which can perform various tasks smoothly at a time and execute basic commands on the computer. Read further to know why they are the best and more alternatives for Rufus.

Each of these tools is simple to operate and will assist you in creating bootable USB drives in a brief amount of time. So, if you use Windows or OS X, you’ll find the ideal bootable USB maker in our article. Let’s first look deeper into Rufus and then at the alternatives and their features.

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What Is Rufus?

Rufus software operating system is an excellent program for creating a bootable USB drive for various reasons. It’s a bootable USB maker that can make boot discs for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7, and Vista. Rufus is also completely free to use, which means there are no limits to the number of times it can be employed or shared. It is also incredibly simple to use; just execute the basic commands on the computer. So, regardless of whether you’re trying to repair a computer or simply build a bootable disc for unexpected situations, Rufus is the solution for the task.

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10 Best Rufus Alternatives

These varieties are excellent options for creating a bootable USB device. Don’t allow Rufus to keep you from discovering the best choice! As Rufus’ popularity grows, it’s critical to have other options.

Diskmaker X

Diskmaker X is a prominent and dependable bootable USB manufacturing tool available today. It is also one of the best tools for creating bootable USB devices for installing Windows or other operating systems.

rufus program alternativeFurthermore, Diskmaker X is a user-friendly and simple-to-use application, even for novices.

Download Diskmaker X

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PowerISO is an excellent bootable USB and disc maker that is powerful and simple as a Rufus program alternative. This tool can perform many tasks, including photo editing, encoding, and more. It also includes a convenient UI, making it ideal for those unfamiliar with the program.

powerisoAnd, if you’re searching for software that you can use on various platforms – computer, laptop, and smartphone – PowerISO is your best choice.

Download Power ISO

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Media Creation Tool

It is time to bid farewell to Rufus, Adobe’s popular media production tool. Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool is a good option if you seek a Rufus program alternative. It’s the most effective tool for generating a bootable USB stick for Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11.

media creation tool Several alternatives are just as excellent, if not better.

Download Media Creation Tool

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Universal USB Installer

This program is ideal for those who wish to utilize Rufus several times without difficulty because of its elegant and user-friendly design. This universal installer can simply generate a bootable USB drive to download Windows, making it an excellent alternative if you want basic, handy Rufus-like software making it a perfect program alternative.

universal usb installerMoreover, we may use Universal USB Installer to build bootable discs for Windows system repair or reinstallation.

Download Universal USB Installer


RMPrepUSB is the best alternative for backup, data encryption, and so on. It has several functions that make it an effective program for various activities, including file backup, data erasure, etc.

rmprepusbMoreover, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to utilize RMPrepUSB fully. If you’re seeking a strong and versatile Rufus program alternative that may fulfill your requirements, RMPrepUSB is an excellent choice.

Download RMPrepUSB


Suppose you need a dependable Rufus program alternative for Android and other operating systems to create bootable USB devices for your os. In that case, UNetbootin has to be at the top of your choices. It is simple to operate and quite adaptable; you can even make UEFI bootable drives with it. UNetbootin also supports a wide range of operating systems.

unetbootinSo, whether you’re a newbie or an expert user, UNetbootin provides all you require to effortlessly and quickly manufacture bootable USB devices.

Download UNetbootin

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Etcher is a flexible, quick, and simple file-burning utility that you may use for several tasks. It offers everything, from generating backups and recovering data.

etcherFurthermore, its user-friendly layout makes it simple for you to make the most of it, which makes it the best Rufus program alternative.

Download Etcher

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YUMI is undoubtedly the best Rufus program alternative for ubuntu. It’s called YUMI and has a slew of useful capabilities for making bootable USB devices. YUMI is an excellent Rufus replacement because of its user-friendly style. It’s also absolutely free to use!

yumi programSo, YUMI can be at the forefront of your search if you’re searching for an app to help you get rid of Rufus or if Rufus isn’t performing for you.

Download YUMI

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If you want a powerful boot manager that is also simple to use, XBoot is a good substitute for Rufus. This program covers a variety of operating systems and is a strong Rufus alternative for Linux.

xbootIt has a plethora of capabilities and is quite simple to use. It also includes encryption, a startup manager, and other security features, making it suitable for safety alert consumers. XBoot is one of the best Windows boot managers obtainable in 2023.

Download XBoot


In 2023, FlashBoot is among the best Rufus program alternative since it provides various functions that corporate users require. It readily runs on USB sticks and sustains 64-bit platforms, making it ideal for frequently upgrading your equipment or software.

flashbootFlashBoot also includes a bootable installer for upgrading your Windows OS without installing it.

Download Flashboot


Is it safe to use Ventoy?

Yes, it is a secure and beneficial program. Ventoy operates uniquely in comparison to other programs of its type. It transfers the ISO files to the USB device rather than extracting the ISO pictures and utilizes GRUB to control the boot.

What exactly is the distinction between Rufus and Rufus portable?

The Sole difference between the 'portable' and 'regular' versions of Rufus is that the 'portable' variant will generate a rufus.ini by default, so you don't have to create it yourself if you wish to run Rufus in portable mode, whereas the standard version will not.

Can I convert a Windows 10 ISO to a USB flash drive?

You certainly can! To create a USB flash drive copy of Windows 10, install and run the Microsoft Windows Media Creation program, then pick Create installation media and complete the steps. Then, to finish the procedure, install and run Rufus.

What is the USB drive size required for Windows 10 recovery?

A USB device having a minimum of 16 GB of storage space is required. Always use a new USB drive since this operation will wipe out any stored content on the memory.

Is it possible to make a recovery disc on one machine and use it on another?

Note that you cannot use the Recovery Disk/Image from another computer (except it's of the same model and manufacturer with the precisely same hardware loaded) since the Recovery Disk includes components incompatible with your system and will cause the configuration to fail.


Rufus is a well-known bootable USB creator that has been in use for a significant period and continues to thrive. Various other bootable USB makers are as dependable and user-friendly as Rufus in 2023.

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