The primary owner of the laptop will now have his account logged in as the main account, just like ordinary Windows or Mac computers. This article talks about “how to change primary account on Chromebook“. The only difference with Chromebooks is that you sign in with your Google account. 

The first account to log in on a Chromebook is the primary account or Owner. If you want to switch the default account, reset your Chromebook and sign in with the new one.

What if, after adding a primary account, you changed your mind and wanted a different one? Or what if you acquired a Chromebook with the primary account you wish to replace? The Chromebook’s default account will then need to be changed. Discover how below. Also, Check this out to change your chrome profile picture.

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 How To Change Primary Account On Chromebook

  1. Access the Chromebook by entering the Owner’s login information.
  2. Visit the settings section. setting
  3. Select Reset Settings after selecting Advanced.
  4. To continue, click Powerwash and then Reset. chromebook
  5. The owner’s account data will be deleted entirely.
  6. When the system has restarted, log in with a new account you want to use as the Chromebook’s primary account.
  7. Once the primary account has been changed, all apps, browsers, etc., that person’s account is ultimately signed out. It’s like being forced to use a brand-new Chromebook exclusively. Click here to learn 12 Drawing Apps for Chromebook to unleash your creativity.

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How To Change The Owner Of A Chromebook

The Owner user is the first to sign in on a Chromebook. Therefore, the new user will take ownership of the Chromebook if you reset the device and log in with the new user account.

reset settingAlthough factory resetting a Chromebook to a different Owner account may not be the ideal solution, it is currently the only one that Chrome OS offers.

On the other hand, Chrome OS differs from other operating systems and can be easily configured following a reset. Additionally, it’s a good idea to reset the Chromebook before handing it to someone outside of your family if you’re changing the Owner!

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How To Remove Primary Account From Chromebook

Before you may add a new account and remove the primary account from your Chromebook, you must sign out of the account. From a computer where you have access to your Gmail account settings, it is relatively simple to delete or sign out of a primary account on a Chromebook.

  1. Open the browser from any laptop, desktop, or mobile device and navigate to
  2. You might be questioning why we use a different approach to sign out a primary account from a Chromebook since it is impossible to delete a primary account from the Chromebook device while using it to sign out or remove the primary account.
  3. After logging into your Google account settings, select Security from the left menu and then select Manage Devices. Check out this article on how to safely browse on Google.

security google

  1. You may view every device you have used to log in using your Gmail account in the “Your Devices” tab. Additionally, your Chromebook is there.
  2. On the gadget box, you can see the three dots. To sign out of your primary account on your Chromebook in this situation, you must click one of the three dots on the device. sign out of chromebook
  3. Open your Chromebook right now.
  4. The Sign-in error warning will appear when you first open your Chromebook.sign error
  5. You must now sign out of your current primary account on your Chromebook to use another account that you want to use. At this point, you are almost there.
  6. If your Chromebook only uses one account, you cannot remove it; instead, you must add a second account, and the system will make that account the primary one.
  7. If you have several accounts, click the arrow icon and select Remove Account to remove the primary account from your Chromebook so you can add a new one.

You’ll be able to understand how to change primary account on Chromebook.

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How To Switch Accounts On Chromebook

  1. On your PC, launch Chrome.
  2. Click the button “Profile Picture”. chromebook
  3. After that, pick the new profile you want to use.

Adding a new profile with Chrome:

  1. Access Chrome on your PC.
  2. Click the button “Profile“.
  3. Click Add after that.
  4. Your profile name will automatically match your Google Account name if you opt to syncopt to sync
  5. Pick a name, a picture, and a colour scheme

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How To Change Default Google Account On Chromebook

Having numerous profiles open in the same browser has multiple benefits. The choices for settings and customization are more in your hands. Therefore, adhere to the list of actions provided below to know how to alter Chrome’s default Google account or how to change primary account on Chromebook.

  1. Open the Chrome web browser. google chrome
  2. Tap the Profile button.
  3. Select Manage your Google Account or Sign out by selecting all Accountsmanage your google account
  4. Click the Profile icon and select the Sign out of all accounts option when you are in a new page. signout account
  5. To choose a service, click the Google Apps icon.
  6. Decide on a service.
  7. To sign in, enter a different Google account’s credentials.

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Your Default Account May Change On Mobile Devices Based On Your Operating System And Apps

For many Windows users, Google Chrome is the browser of choice. It provides a vast library of extensions and is quick and dependable. If you use it, you’ve probably noticed that the browser constantly logs you into the account by default.

  1. If you want to change it, in the top-right corner, choose the Profile icon and exit by selecting Sign out. Select the Manage your Google Account option if the option is hidden.
  2. Click the Profile icon and choose to sign out of all your accounts when you take it to a new page. signout all accounts
  3. Enter the information for the separate Google account by going to or another Google service. Read this article for the 7 best SNES Emulators for Windows 10.


What is a Chromebook?

A new kind of computer called a Chromebook is intended to make your tasks more efficient and quick. They use Chrome OS, an operating system with built-in cloud storage, the best of Google, and numerous security measures.

Do Chromebooks work with Microsoft Office?

With Chromebooks, Microsoft Office is compatible. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs are all readily available online. Chromebooks come with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, making them an excellent tool for productivity and completing work.

What is the default account in Chromebook?

You must have noticed that the Chrome browser on your PC constantly logs you in with a specific account when you visit any Google product website. The default account is what it is called.

What happens if I remove a profile from my Chromebook?

However, any files that an individual downloaded and stored on your Chromebook will be removed. You can re-add a profile if it gets deleted from your Chromebook.


To sum up, we believe this article has provided you with the resolutionhow to change primary account on chromebook. Many additional details have also been provided on Chromebook in the above text. We hope this article helped you and now you are working efficiently. Also, click here to learn how to Install Kodi on Chromecast.

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