12 Drawing Apps For Chromebook To Unleash Your Creativity

People becoming more customary to technology has made them aware of many things, along with ruining some of the best experiences, to be honest. From tuning in radios to swiping recommendations on Netflix, the journey has been extended, tiring, and exhilarating. One more thing it has changed is the way people used to draw by bringing forth the tech-laden drawing apps for Chromebook.

drawing apps for chromebook
drawing apps for chromebook

I still remember the days when on Sundays or a particularly lovely day, we used to sit on that rocking chair in the balcony, pen, and paper in hand and would sketch all day without a care in the world. But as we’re talking about saving paper, and majorly because we all have systems handy nowadays, or because of the millennial effect, drawing software for Chromebook seems like the way forward.

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Coming to Chromebook, it is one of the best creative partners you could ask for. Helpful, fast, reliable, technologically sound, all the signs of a good platform to draw away. The only thing left to uncover now is, what is the best drawing app for Chromebook? So that is what we’ll focus on. Shall we then?

Can’t Find Anything Up To Your Artistic Standards? Here Is A List Of Drawing Apps For Chromebook

There is a hoard of art apps for Chromebook for everyone, whether you are a professional looking to get your career up and running, someone who is just looking to get through a dull day, or a beginner wanting to get his feet wet. It entirely depends on what you want to do with it.

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If most of the apps are not compatible with your brand new Chromebook, you need not frown and get the sketchpad app. What is different in this? So what makes it stand in the front line in the list of the best drawing apps for Chromebook is that it is available online. So there won’t be any compatibility issues.


Along with all the conventional things, it makes the users’ convenience its top priority, making you work in offline mode. Apart from smooth brush strokes, flawless color splashes, smears, brushes, etc., it saves all your stuff automatically, which is a silver lining.

Visit: SketchPad

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Pixlr is a cloud-based collection of image editing tools and utilities that includes several photo editors as well as a photo-sharing service. Although the suite was designed for non-professionals, the programs cover everything from basic to intermediate picture editing. The platform is available as a desktop program as well as a mobile application for smartphones and tablets.


JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF, PSD (photoshop image), and PXZ are among the image formats supported by Pixlr (native Pixlr document format). It has a clean interface which makes it great for designing. It is a great Chromebook art app.

Visit: Pixlr

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If you are looking to get that long-slumbering artist in you out in the open, Artflow is one of the best drawing apps for Chromebook to trust with. It becomes bearing an unbelievably advanced set of features like it has got more than a hundred tools and brushes. It also offers several filters. You can adjust the lighting, contrast, etc. according to your drawing’s requirement.


One feature has left an impression on my mind, the one where it lets you create brushes tailor-made to your requirements. Adding more to the already high-end pile is the intuitive and intelligent interface that coordinates well with the user, providing him with the same stroke, shade, or color that he wants.

It also permits importing different formats of images from other devices that you can conveniently and effectively edit. That takes us an inch closer to answering what the best drawing app for Chromebook is.

Visit: ArtFlow


An app that has been given an appropriate name, Flipaclip, is for all those people whose eyes light up with excitement every time an animation movie comes on. They dream with open eyes to make similar ones themselves.

Flipaclip permits you to let your imagination spread wings and fly by working on your own moving pictures, bit by bit, working with a frame at a time, and then make them move by the tools you have at your disposal. Also, it gives you a vast customizable high-resolution play area, which becomes the canvas to host your imaginations.


There are lots of brushes, pens, erasers, choice of screens like you choose paper, claimed to be one of the best drawing apps for Chromebook, it has got everything, you name a tool, and chances are Flipaclip has them. There are different stuff available to make your animations look more professional. Additionally, you can draw images, convert them to gifs, and save your things to your devices to show it off later.

Visit: FlipaClip

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Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is one of the nicest drawing apps to serve your artistic vision on a Chromebook. It is quite easy to use with some exquisite features. Its professional painting tools include several brushes and pens of different types and advanced options such as auto orient. It has an impressive set of tools to enhance your brushes without any restriction. These include styling, rotation, spacing, and gravity level adjustment.


We are bound to make mistakes in the process of creating art. For this reason, the layers in sumo paint support undo. Moreover, its equipped with many filters of different categories to make your image look amazing. It’s a place for everything. You get the option to save your image in three different formats. It is free to use, but it is only web-based. So just make an account and paint away!

Visit: Sumo Paint

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a professional and free drawing app for Chromebooks. This app will enable you to create flawless designs effortlessly. What makes us say that? It’s all the features, including brushes, blending, presets, and much more. If you are a perfectionist, the line guides on this app are made for you. They make sure that everything you draw is perfect, be it a simple line or a shape.

infinite painter for chromebook
Infinite Painter for Chromebook

The possibilities with Infinite Painter are unparalleled. One of the most talked-about features is the Clone tool. All you have to do is upload your image to the app to create a painting version. It truly is an advanced drawing app. Infinite Painter gives a superior set of tools, brushes, and an interface. However, the only drawback is that you have to make some in-app purchases to avail certain features.

Visit: Infinite painter


With the concepts drawing app, you can conceptualize what’s on your mind. It gives you infinite freedom to create and sketch on your blank canvas. If you’re already in the arts industry, concepts is a popular app. And rightly so. Its pencil, pens, and even brushes give you a realistic drawing experience. You can also pick a paper of your choice. The COPIC color also gives you a broad spectrum of colors to create a unique final product.


You can markup a pdf with your personalized brushes or organize your ideas. Some other features include infinite layering, importing your images, smoothening, and blending. You can then export your artwork as an image, PDF, or vectors. It’s a flexible app that allows you to do just about everything. Some of it comes at a cost, though. While the free features are great, it has in-app purchases if you want to go all out.

Visit: Concepts

Ibis Paint X

For a more sophisticated drawing endeavor, you can choose Ibis Paint X. The best aspect is that the software can also stabilize pen strokes while drawing, making your experience considerably smoother and more precise. It is a feature-rich drawing app for professionals and beginners alike.

ibis paint x
ibis paint x

You also get tools like Radial Line rulers, clipping masks, and the SNS feature. This remarkable feature will allow you to learn new techniques and give you suggestions on how you can improve on certain methods. If you have an ARM-based Chromebook, the performance will be even better. A gem to make your artistic vision a reality.

Visit: Ibis Paint X

Gravit Designer

Another app for the professionals looking to work online as well as offline. With unlimited cloud storage, you can draft multiple drawings and choose only the best. From pop art to oil on canvas, you can design anything with ease. Since it is a feature-heavy app, it can take a little while to get used to.

gravit designer
gravit designer

To modify your design, there are 36 distinct vector and raster effects to choose from. All of the effects are non-destructive, meaning they may be simply added or removed without interfering with or harming your design. Apply the same effect as many times as you want on one object.

Select from a variety of blurs, shadows, distortions, filters, colour tweaks, and other effects.

Visit: Gravit Designer

Affinity Designer

It’s a desktop vector graphics application with all the bells and whistles, and it’s one of the greatest drawing apps for Chromebook users. Its free edition includes functionality that Adobe Illustrator requires a fee for. Affinity is also ready to help you with raster art.


It is similar to Photoshop. Its user interface, on the other hand, is a little smoother, with clever skin changes depending on the work at hand. When compared to Photoshop and Illustrator, Affinity applications are quite affordable. 

Visit: Affinity Designer


Great minds think alike. I don’t know about you but I love having collaborative partners. Why have one great artist at work when you can have two?

To begin producing a new sketch with this web-based collaboration tool, all you need is an Internet connection. Limnu does not limit the amount of whiteboards you can use on a daily or monthly basis, and each whiteboard is endless, ensuring that even the most demanding ideas be accommodated.


You can draw freely with the incredible assortment of pens and brushes, and all of your works can be readily shared with members of your team or anyone else. Limnu is also a great collaboration tool that allows multiple people to work on the same whiteboard at the same time. 

Visit: Limnu


Here is another great collaborative app for the artsy friend group. While most apps can be intimidating to use with their complicated interface and numerous features, Aggie.io is rookie-friendly.


Use this app as a fun sleepover activity or just a platform to make some funny and personalized GIFs. And most importantly it is completely free.

Visit: Aggie.io

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Chromebooks suitable for drawing?

Chromebooks enable you to run most apps, and it’s only a matter of which one you choose. You can use any of the Chromebook drawing apps mentioned above for a good drawing experience.

How to draw on Chromebook?

You can purchase a tablet pen after installing the desired drawing application to draw on Chromebook.


So that was about the art programs for Chromebooks that can help you draw your way through every situation on your Chromebook. Now, as there are fewer apps that are compatible with Chromebooks, it is convenient to know what choices you have. And in this case, I think you are spoiled for choice. So go on, take your pick and splash away.

Also, hang in there for more exciting articles.

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