Website Is Not Showing Up on Google? Here’s Why [Top 5 Reasons]

You would like your website to rank high, but many times, you realize that your website is not showing up on Google searches despite all efforts. A lot of bloggers, business owners, and marketers would be frustrated at this and feel very helpless.

Well, the truth is that many of a website’s ranking factors are within your control. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you understand the search engine algorithms and utilize SEO to its full effect. What do you have to check for?

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Showing Up on Google

Here are the five most common pitfalls webmasters face that hinders their website from not showing up on Google top searches-

The website is not indexed

A lot of website owners may be concerned about Google indexing problems and bothered as their website is not showing up on Google. Most likely, search engines use indexed sites. Therefore, if you are wondering, “how can Google crawl my site?” it is essential to know what matters the most. 

First of all, using no index tags prevents Google from indexing the page, therefore check the code to see everything is according to your requirements. Another section that might affect indexing and make webmasters search for solutions by searching “how to make my website show up on Google?” 

indexed websites coverage
indexed websites coverage

The text file might be preventing search engines from accessing and indexing individual pages on the website. Ensure that there are no restrictions on the website pages that you would like to rank higher on search engines. You can quickly fix this issue when using WordPress because it has a section on their site that can be enabled and disabled by easily toggling the featured button.

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SEO Efforts are not up to scratch

SEO is the king of getting higher rankings on search engine results, and you should ensure that your site is well optimized. That can be done by using the SEO website analyzer from Sitechecker to sift through each page to identify issues preventing the website from ranking higher. This best-rated tool is beneficial for checking the site rank, backlinks, on-page SEO, and overall health.

You might identify issues such as technical issues concerning the code of the website, or a heavyweight theme slowing the site down. Once you identify these problems, please put them in a workflow to ensure that they are over to increase the website’s Google site search visibility. This will certainly help you if you are distressed as your website is not showing up on Google.

SEO efforts
SEO efforts

Do not procrastinate on fixing these issues and cleaning up the website because they can hinder considerable amounts of profit. Some businesses have found it beneficial to redesign their site after conducting an SEO audit and using SEO tools to make it more suitable for the customers. That includes using a more lightweight website theme that loads much faster.

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High-quality backlinks are not sufficient

When you submit a website to search engines, the content must be of exceedingly high-quality that will catch the onlooker’s eye in an instant. Who knows? Perhaps in amongst the traffic you are getting, there might be other fellow bloggers or industry professionals that agree with the message sent across through your content.

If that is the case, they might like to link your website pages to their content, which benefits both the parties. Alternatively, you can take the initiative to build solid relationships with industry-professionals to open the chance and feature yourself.


Do not forget that internal links are important, and you should continue implementing them as part of the backlinking strategy. It can make users stay for longer on the website, contributing to SEO efforts considerably. Also, internal links make it easier for search engines to crawl through the website easily. 

You are not using competitive keywords

Keywords are also the bloodline of search engine optimization, but you should learn how to use them properly. The most important thing you should do is to target competitive keywords. Many argue and say that the use of competitive words is not fruitful as you get lost in the noise.

The reality is that it is much easier and cost-effective to follow the crowd in this regard when targeting keywords. That is contrary to using non-competitive keywords because doing so can be considered carving a new path for yourself. It might be hard to get any traffic using the latter method. Because, not many people use less competitive keywords when searching for content. Unaware of this fact, many people are still perplexed as their website is not showing up on Google. And, without proper knowledge one cannot fix these issues.

competitive keywords
competitive keywords

When you are wondering, “how do I get my website to show up on Google search?” remember to target the right type of keywords. Analyze each keyword and the activity behind it and use the radioactive ones with a lot of searched and engagements.

The website is penalized

Google has guidelines that each website has to abide by. You must follow the rules every time as you create the content. The instructions are clear and straightforward for webmasters to understand, and failure to do so can result in penalties incurred by the website. Google Search Console makes you aware with any such penalties. And, leaves you wondering why your website is not showing up on Google and its top hunt.

The tool outlines where your shortcoming was helping you have an opportunity to review the content and fix it quickly. Once you fix the problem, go back to Google and ask them to reconsider the penalty. You can avoid the penalties by ensuring that the content you create has no plagiarism detected on it. 

penalized websites
penalized websites

Hence, you should strive to create 100% unique content at all times that always focuses on the needs of the people instead of being crafted for search engines. You should sort out everything and put it in order when submitting the request for a reconsideration application. This way, you can relieve yourself from stress if your website is not showing up on Google and its top searches.

Final Thoughts

These five reasons could be why your website is not showing up on Google. And, that is why they should be periodically checked upon. Ensure that the site has enough high-quality backlinks. Also be sure that it uses the best SEO efforts by auditing it frequently. Target and use competitive keywords to get the best results when optimizing the website for search engines. And, also look for any penalties pending.

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