9 Best Fake Receipt Maker Tools in 2023

Receipts are an exceptional aid when it comes to record-keeping. Be it for expense reimbursement, merchandise return or exchange, tax deductions. Or as a proof of purchase, receipts always do the trick. That is why Fake receipt Maker plays an important role. Not just simple receipts you can also generate Fake Walmart Receipts as well.

But at times it gets difficult to keep track of receipts as well and losing bills isn’t an admirable situation; however, like every other trouble these days, this too has an online solution. 


Gas bills, taxi receipts, hotel receipts, restaurant bills or any other receipt we have got it all covered for you as we present to you some tools that will help you in creating fake receipts. 

These online tools save the day without the hassle of registration and have a simple interface with just a basic form fetching the details of the receipt.

LostHotelReceipt – Hotel Receipt Generator Tool

It is an excellent fake receipt maker for creating fake hotel receipts with all the options required in a hotel bill.


Whether you are a Hotel owner looking to bill the customers or just a regular person in need of a lost hotel bill, just enter the required details and you’re good to go. 

Visit: LostHotelReceipt

Fakereceipt.us – Sales Receipt Maker

It is an easy and free of cost fake receipt maker to make fake sales receipts. The billing process involves three different stages. The first one is ‘Seller Information,’ which includes various details such as seller’s logo, store name, address, payment method, etc. The next step is ‘Purchases’, the column comprising of the purchase details such as the item names and prices, tax names and rates, etc. The final stage is ‘Make Receipt’, the section with details such as the currency symbol, date and background style.


This website includes a lot of details to give an authentic look to the produced receipts.

Fake ATM Receipt Generator

Showing off a high balance in your account or covering up for lost ATM receipts, this fake receipt maker enables you to do both with Fake ATM Receipts.

fake atm receipt generator
Fake ATM Receipt Generator

Developed by Frabz. This tool is specifically for generating ATM receipts alone. This easy to use portal does the magic with a few necessary details like date, time, amount, etc. 

Make Receipts- Online Gas Receipt Generator

Makereceipts.com is another effective fake receipt maker to generate receipts designed specifically for gas receipts in the US and Canada. If you have lost a gas bill or forgot to take one in the first place, then this is the place to get your problem solved. The website follows a slightly different pattern from other tools as the price is calculated before entering any further details. There are three different stages after the price calculation, i.e., gas station details, fuel purchase details and the receipt preview, respectively.   


The gas station details include the address of the station along with the tax percentage. While the fuel purchase details require the user to enter the measure, quantity and price of the fuel consumed alongside the payment details such as cash paid or card used (last four digits) and the date and time.

After entering all the necessary details, the user can generate the receipt through the Create/ Update Receipt.

Visit: Make Receipts

Custom Receipt Maker-Fake Receipt Generator

Customreceipt.com is an extremely useful fake receipt maker for creating custom receipts by enlisting the products purchased by the user. And displaying them with individual prices followed by the total amount. The website follows a basic pattern with the first three fields given for the seller’s detail.

customer rceipt maker
Customer Rceipt Maker

Such as store name and address, which are displayed on the top of the receipt, followed by product details, including the product’s name and price. The last two fields are for any other details to be displayed at the bottom. Such as instructions for the customer.

Visit: Customer Receipt Maker


Invoice App is a full-featured receipt writer with a great deal of flexibility. It’s one of those invoice generators that can handle virtually all of your company’s requirements. When it comes to producing company receipts online, this is a favorite.

invoice app

The functionalities that Invoice Ape provides are one of the reasons why people enjoy using it and believe it to be their famous receipt maker. While other feature-rich invoice makers charge a fee to generate invoices, InvoiceApp provides their services for free. Although the free version allows you to make only five invoices, if your invoice-creation demands aren’t too great, you may rely on this tool.

Visit: InvoiceApp


It’s one of the most straightforward invoice generators available, as it comes with pre-built templates. All you have to do to create invoices on Invoicely is change the information in the spaces provided, and that’s all. Unlike most other invoice makers, Invoicely allows you to interact with your invoice.


After completing the appropriate invoice data, and as soon as you begin typing out the item descriptions on your invoice, Invoicely calculates the subtotal, sale tax, and mega total in real-time. Aside from that, you can add as many items as you want. The invoice templates come with eight rows for products by default, but you may delete or create more if necessary.

Visit: Invoicely

Express Expense

The express expense is a fantastic invoice generator that is jam-packed with functionalities, making it one of the most impressive invoice generators on the market. Unlike other receipt generators, Express expense has several pre-built bill templates that you can use to produce professional-looking receipts in a matter of seconds.

express expense
Express Expense

To generate invoices using Express Expense, there are simply three steps to follow. The first step is to choose your preferred template, the second step is to fill up your invoice information, and the third step is to download your personalized invoices. You could produce receipts for restaurants, taxis, cabs, parking lots, coffee shops, parking lots, cash, and more on express expenditure. However, it’s a fact that quality isn’t cheap. If you wish to obtain watermark-free receipts, you must additionally pay a fee to Express Expense.

Visit: Express Expense

Zoho Invoice

If you’re a company owner, you’re probably aware of Zoho Invoice, which is one of the most popular invoice-generating applications on the market. As an entrepreneur, you have a variety of possibilities for creating a personalized invoice with this application. It gives you a pre-made receipt that you only need to modify with the required information, and your customized invoice is ready!


All you have to do now is put in your mailing address, the customer’s address, the invoice number, and the descriptor of the sold item. The invoice will then be saved or sent to your customer. It’s an easy-to-use tool that allows you to get precisely what you want without any further effort. The website will enable you to create a PDF of any shape and lets you download it in the receipt format.

Visit: Zoho Invoice


So, the next time you forget to take a receipt or lose one, remember that the replacement is just a few clicks away without the bother of registration or downloading. 

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