Did you ever feel the need to fake your identity online? As shady as it sounded, I meant it for clean purposes. Sometimes, we need a temporary identity that looks like the real deal but needs not be one. So instead of cooking something out of the brewery of your imagination, there are dedicated services that do that job for us. Fake Person Generators (ID Generators) create a new set of personal information down to your Address, profession, and phone number.

Here is a simple fake person generator tool for you:

If you need a more complex one, here is a compilation of 12 exceptional tools for generating fictional identities:

  • FakePerson Generator
  • FauxID
  • dCode
  • ColorSchemer
  • Uinames
  • Fakenamegenerator
  • Name generator
  • Fakena
  • Online-generator
  • User INFO Generator
  • SpinXO
  • Getnewidentity.com

These tools empower you to create a variety of fake personas for various purposes effortlessly. So if you need a fake identity on the ‘bright side’ of the web, here are the 12 best online artificial person generator tools for your convenience. Go through this compiled list, and you’ll thank me later.

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Top 12 Fake Person Generator Tools

Here is the list of the top 12 fake person generators. Please choose the one that suits you best by going through their description.

FakePerson Generator

FakePerson Generator offers more advanced identity credentials than any other on this list. However, it does not have any login or bulk creation features. These features include driver’s license information, passport, security, and personal likes and dislikes that comprise your bio-data. Your favorite or new avatar’s favorite color, song, hobby, etc., are all information it stores.


Furthermore, the FakePersonGenerator includes advanced options to set a picture for the identity you generate. Most people form stock pictures for safety reasons. But rest assured, this is a safe space for all identities.

So overall, the fake identity generator is ideal for generating extensive details of yourself. This is advantageous for you to work on those apps and sites that demand extra information.

Visit: FakePerson Generator


FauxID, as the name suggests, is a fake identity generator with numerous features to make your identity brand new. It functions on the phony information you feed into it, resulting in a new face for you!

FauxID completely transforms your identity by changing your nationality, state, and financial details. It even has a QR code, which, when scanned, can display your identity as a record of validity. The novel avatar will have a new name, complete residential address, race, age, bank details, profession and job details, etc. It even provides a fake social media or internet identity.

fauxidAfter you’ve put in the details of your new identity, it produces a URL. You can use this URL as a bookmark for your identity info. You can download this bookmark or show it as proof to those questioning your identity.

Furthermore, FauxID is stored on an internet database, so your information is stored on record forever. However, this feature is prone to a lot of misuse by hackers online. Thus you must be careful when having fun with this fake ID generator.


dCode is a great tool to generate a phony profile for yourself. It creates your identity based on gender, name, nickname, year of birth, birthplace, workplace, job or profession, etc. You can use it for fun and generate the future you or the wannabe you ten years from now! Moreover, dCode is not just a free fake ID generator but questions you on riddles, everyday problems, maths, etc., to groom your identity.

dcodeAs you know, generating a new identity involves randomly choosing a new name, ethnicity, job, nationality, etc., to create a new profile. This generator allows you to swift through this process by giving you the options of pre-determined identities. These identities have a fake email address linked to them as well. You need to set up a profile picture, and you can go on any social network with a good profile.

However, as accurate as the fake identity may sound, with the false documentation, never use it for official purposes. Not even by mistake. This can lead to legal consequences you don’t want to get involved in.

Visit: dCode


ColorSchemer is genuinely one of the best fake person generator websites. It is capable of transforming one’s identity entirely with valid credentials. Be it personal details – name, gender, age, cell number, etc. Or internet details of the email, password, username, etc. It does it all.

It can generate random names from the alphabet you feed in to create an exclusive title for your new identity. Although the words surfed from the public domain of the internet, one can easily find a unique name for the new avatar.

colorschemerFurthermore, the financial details it generates – the credit card and bank account details are fake but valid! This helps log in to those sites that ask for a registration fee or terminate their trial period within days.

Moreover, the ColorSchemer has a simple interface that ensures privacy and security. The details you enter on this identity faker are encrypted with high security with assurance.

Visit: ColorSchemer 

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Uinames has the best Fake Person Generator UI in this list. This Fake Person Generator is minimalist, has no ads, and is super simple. As instructed, you must fire up the website and press the space bar. That’s it! It generates a unique name tag with a profile picture too!


You can select a specific gender, have it lock onto a region, and even get it to produce multiple names at a time if you don’t want the space bar. If you click on the “more” option under the profile pic, it takes you to a collection of display pictures you can download and use at your convenience.

But note that these UI faces are real Twitter users, so be careful. Still, it’s a pretty important option for creating a fake profile, hopefully for the right reasons.

Visit: Uinames 


Fakenamegenerator is a straightforward and easy-to-use Fake Person Generator. It has a ton of fake data generators, among which name generation is an option. You can select the gender, preferred country-wise name set, and country in the primary options. If these will do for you, just hit the generate button, and you will be greeted with a fake name ID.


You get complete details of your fake person, from necessary things like email IDs to geographical coordinates! There are things like a card number with CVV and other arbitrary stuff, like favorite color, vehicle, etc.

One of the awe-inspiring things was that you could generate a QR code for this and save it as a JPEG file. It produces the essentials out of these fake details upon scanning it.

An option next to the generate button called Advanced Options gives you control over the percentage of male and female profiles created each time you hit the Generate button.

You can also select the range for the age and specify the country region as well. It’s a relatively feature-rich generator tool you should check out for fun.

Visit: Fakenamegenerator 


The name generator is a fake business card and Fake Person Generator and is not as detailed as the one above, but it serves our purpose just fine. As soon as you fire up this website, you will be greeted with a ready-made name card with a design you can change. There are no settings, no options for you to specify your preferences.

This tool is entirely void of customization options. Even though the website uses a domain registered for India, it only provides US states to choose from, which is strange. But it’s fake anyway, so anything works, I guess.

namegenerator.inYou can choose from 9 business card styles with different fonts and backgrounds. I could not find any direct way to save these cards as a unified file.

You’ll have to take a screenshot and crop it or print the whole page because it showed everything when I clicked the print preview button.

This site will do fine for someone looking for a fake name and ID generator.

Visit: Name generator 

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Fakena is a relatively simple Fake Person Generator website for generating fake names. A clickable button on the landing page says ‘Generate Fake Name.’ Just click on it, and you’ll be sent to the details page with all the fake goodies you need.

To generate a new name profile, click on the button that says ‘Generate New Fake Name.’ It can only produce one profile at a time, like the others on this list.


I found that the ‘Permalink for this page button throws a 404 error and does not give you the link to the page. But the print button works fine. You get a print preview of it, but it also includes the ads, so make sure you cut that part out before you submit your fake details as a hard copy if you ever need to.

Once generated, a name will be retained for 30 days, as they say, so you can bookmark it and return to it, if needed, within a month. You better take a screenshot of your faked details because they’ll be gone from the server a month after generation.

Visit: Fakena 


Online-generator is an all-in-one fake person generator tool for your aid when you are clueless in thinking out a catchy name for yourself. The generator can do character names, business names, and even nicknames for you based on genres and fan base. Our motive is linked with fake names, found under the “Random name generator” in the business names drop-down menu.


There is just a small window that will generate only a random name. It does not create a fake profile of any sort. But it serves the purpose of those who want an alternative name that doesn’t sound made up.

You can see all the names you have generated in a list to your left. It would be best to keep clicking the Generate button to see new words. This will give you a unique fake name id.

If you click on the names you’ve generated on the left-hand side menu, it directly takes you to the GoDaddy website and searches a .com domain in that name. Unnecessary but cool!

Visit: Online-generator

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User INFO Generator

User INFO Generator is a very prominent Fake Person Generator Tool. Along with Generating a Fake Name, this tool helps you generate a lot of information around that name. It basically will provide complete details just as a natural person. User INFO Generator will create an entire Fake Identity for that Fake Name Generated.

user info generator

The Fake Identity will include complete contact information with credit card details and email address. The Address it provides is North American Addresses. Here a user will only have to select from the options in the sidebar and build a fake identity. It just takes two to three clicks, and your work here will be complete.
HomePage Fake Name Generator

Unlike all other Fake Person Generator tools in this article, HomePage Fake Name Generator provides features in moderation. A user can only generate the first and last name with a fake email address. This tool does not provide the User’s Address, phone number, etc. You must be thinking, then, why use this?

homepage fake name generator

Though the features of this tool are in moderation, it is perfect when needing a fake name. Many times with all the information, a user might be confused about whether to use it. HomePage, a Fake Name Generator, is plain and simple. Thus, it will help the users with their immediate need to generate fake names.

Visit: HomePage Fake Name Generator


SpinXO is an extraordinary Fake Person Generator Tool because it gives users the best choices for creating usernames. It has a SPIN Button that a user can click. The way to use this is pretty simple. The User needs to enter a few details, likes, Names, Nicknames, Hobbies, Likes, Words, or Numbers you like. After filling in all these details, it gives you various options to select the usernames. You get super cool 30 username ideas instantly.


The User can use these usernames on all social media websites or applications. You can use these usernames for Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Now with this tool, users don’t have to spend their precious time deciding names for rocking social media. SpinXO does it for them with ease.

Visit: SpinXO


Getnewidentity.com is a potent tool for a user to use in 2022. It provides users with a fake name and an entire generation of counterfeit credit cards for multiple banks for testing purposes. It offers a free service for users to generate fake credit card details, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, etc. Moreover, getnewidentity.com provides the User with complete phony user information for developing Credit Card Details.


It is a Fake Person Generator tool with many additional features as a new identity generator. This information generation can give numerous fake names, address details, email ids, and credit card info. A user primarily needing a phony name will be solved, but the User will also have access to the whole collection of fake credit card details.


How does a fake person generator work?

The fake person generator usually takes data from different people and combines the features from thousands of data available. It forms a new image concerning these faces.

Is a fake person generator application legal?

The fake person generator app is legal. The information provided in the app is inaccurate but does not prevent you from using the app. Regulations are there about using technology for illegal motives.

What is the best fake person generator app?

FakePerson Generator is the best app for generating a fake person. It is very user-friendly and updated. It does not require you to log in or provide your details.

What other Apps are available for generating a fake person?

Several apps generate fake names, identities, interests, and faces. You can combine all these and form a new identity: an artificial person. Many websites provide additional features to customize the fake person you are generating.


This was our well-compiled list of Fake Person Generator websites. We hope you liked our collection. In case you have anything to share, comment it down below.

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