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Ever felt insecure while you are online? Are you very conscious regarding your details? It’s OK. Many of us, at some point in time, have felt the need to keep our personal information to ourselves only, instead of sharing it with some random people over the internet. But now, the worry is over as there are many tools available today like Fake Name Generator that generate names with some random and fake details of yours and hence keeping you safe and sound without worrying about the nasty strangers.

These are known as Fake Name Generator Tools. Today we will give you a short description of a few best online fake name generators that will help you to create your fake id along with numerous fake details. There is also a link provided along with each tool name from where you can download them.

Top 7 Fake Name Generator Tools

The following are the top seven fake name generators you should try using for protecting your personal information or creating your fake id.

Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator tops the chart and is one of the most visited fake name generator sites. The site is straightforward to use along with which it is also an ad-free site.

Fake Name Generator offers the user with options like Name, Address, Contact number, Date of Birth, Gender, Country, Postal code, SSN, and other personal details. To generate a fake identity, the user will just need to fill up the blanks against each attribute and click on the “Generate” button.


It also offers you to sign up with your Google Plus account so that you can see your full SSN and also you can save the fake names for using them later. One cool thing that Fake Name Generator provides its user is that you can also generate or customize your smiley using some free tools.

Visit: Fake Generator

Fakena comes to the second position on our list of fake name generator tools. The site is full of amazing features, and also the company gives an assurance to its users that the site can create a fake identity of anyone with some random fill to the attributes like Name, Address, Phone number, email id, username, etc.

The most crucial thing about this site is that it provides you a 30 days deadline to which you can save all your fake details for free, provided with full security by the company.

The site is claimed to be a user-friendly site with some easy-to-understand and use features. All you have got to do is just click on the “Generate Fake Name, ” and the site by itself will generate a fake identity of yours with some random Name and other personal details.

You can also generate your fake SSN or any random fake address, but within the US and you can also generate some random English words.

Visit: Fakena

Online Name Generator

Online Name Generator, the name itself describes what it does. Yes, it lets you generate one or faker random names online with just a single click. The user can create multiple numbers of fake names for any company, project, superhero, etc.


The site is user-friendly. With the power of generating numerous names on the single go, there are also some disadvantages; it only produces the name. Other than building fake names, it cannot generate additional personal details phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, SSNs, etc. of the user.

Visit: Online Name Generator

User INFO Generator

User INFO Generator with some of its compelling features of generating the fake identity of a user makes it enter into the list and holds the fourth position in the list of fake name generator tools.

To produce your fake personality, all you need to do is choose an option from the sidebar on the screen and click on the “build and create” button. You can create a lot of fake information about yourself just by merely choosing the options from the sidebar, as per your requirements.

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The site is being observed as the most trending site at times. This is so because, with just two simple clicks, anyone can generate a fake identity along with some fake personal details.


Uinames is another fake name generator and ad-free site with a very easy-to-understand user interface. The page layout of the website is designed with some limited features for the user to generate a fake name. In other words, the site does not offer its users a wide range of functionalities, but whichever it provides, all of them are very useful.


Along with the simplified features, you are just four steps ahead of generating your fake name. To create your fake name all you got to do is enter and fill in your gender, region, and mode. Once you fill the entries, just press the space bar on your keyboard; you have successfully generated your random fake name.

Visit: Uinames

Name Generators

Name Generators is an auspicious site that offers its user some fascinating and surprising features for generating fake names. It can produce a wide range of fake names both for males and females. Not only this. The site also helps in creating fake names for other purposes like company names, domain names, usernames, etc.


The steps for creating a false identity is pretty simple as it includes only one step process. All you need to do is just click on the “Name Generator” button on the sidebar as per the required specifications.

The process will directly create your preferred random fake information about yourself. But, sometimes during the process, the site may redirect you to some unwanted pages or links. Apart from that, the site is handy.


SpinXO is best known for creating fake usernames. It’s an amazing fake name generator tool. So, if you are looking for such a site that can generate a fake and random usernames. Then you must visit the website.

The username made by the website can be further used by the user for logging into the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik, etc., and other websites like YouTube. The process for generating a fake username is something very fresh and unique.


All you need to do is fill up the entries like your name, nickname, hobbies, and other necessary info. After you fill out the form, you will get an option, “SPIN.”

If you click on the SPIN button, you will get some suggestions for your username. You can again click the SPIN button if not satisfied with the recommendations.

Visit: SpinXO


Here are some of the best fake name generator tools you should try using to explore the internet world. Let us know about your experience in the comment section. Don’t forget to visit us for more articles.

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