The letters of one word or phrase are rearranged to form a word or phrase known as an anagram. Do you know what an anagram is? Perhaps you are familiar with the term anagram but unsure of its definition. On the other side, you might enjoy employing anagrams in various board and word games since you are an expert. This article will tell you about the best scrabble anagram solver in 2023.

scrabble anagram solver

Many scrabble anagram solvers are present in the market, such as Scrabble expert, word breaker, word finder, and word finder.

With the scrabble anagram solver, users can rearrange letters to create any number of words. With just a few inputted letters, Anagram Maker provides you the advantage to triumph in Words With Friends, Scrabble, or any other word game. You can find many anagram solvers online for any platform you need. You can also read this article to learn about random number generator tools.

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What Is An Anagram?

Anagrams are pretty famous among people, and many play them for fun. You can see a lot of utilization, especially in movies. For instance, readers of the Harry Potter books know that Lord Voldemort’s full name is an anagram of his given name. 


Contrary, some people play it competitively as well. They engage in competitive games where the object is to create anagrams that are still meaningful compared to the original phrase. For instance, the words “schoolmaster” and “punishments” can be changed to “the classroom,” “nine thumps,” and “debit card,” respectively.

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Best Scrabble Anagram Solver

There are numerous applications for anagram solver online. Although it can be helpful for tasks like word puzzles, its most frequent application is as a support tool for games like Scrabble or Words With Friends. In addition, playing around and finding amusing ones is enjoyable. For instance, “debit card” and “poor credit” can be anagrammed. You are now aware of that. 

Anagram Solver

A fantastic app for scrabble anagram solver kind of thing is Anagram Solver. This program is free and supported by advertisements. With a simple, intuitive user interface, it has a word collection of over 310,000.

Anagram solver

Additionally, it provides word meanings, many filter options, blank letters for board games, and multi-word anagrams. There isn’t much else to say about it. The app is straightforward, reliable, and simple to use.

Download: Anagram Solver

Crossword Solver King

The scrabble anagram solver Crossword Solver King is adequate. Its primary purpose is to assist with crossword puzzles, but it can also resolve anagrams if necessary.

crossword solver king

To prove to people that the term you typed down is a valid word, you can seek meanings and utilize filters to identify specific words. 

Download: Crossword Solver King

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Scrabble Expert

An anagram solver designed exclusively for Scrabble players is called Scrabble Expert. It supports the ENABLE, YAWL, OSPD, SOWPODS/CSW, TWL/OWL, and TWL/OWL dictionaries.

scrabble expert

Although the UI has an older appearance, it is still usable and straightforward. You can search for terms up to 15 letters long and have advertising removed in the premium version.

Download: Scrabble Expert

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Word Breaker

One of the better word game aids is an older one called Word Breaker. It has three themes, one of which is dark for nighttime play. The program additionally allows you to import screenshots. Then, based on the words already present on the game board, it suggests new terms.

word breaker

Particularly for Words With Friends or Scrabble, this is fantastic. Other features include tracking leftover tiles in games like Scrabble and others, support for more than half a dozen languages, and support for blank tiles. Additionally, the pro edition is reasonably priced. This one is also free if you have Google Play Pass.

Word Breaker is one of the more sophisticated words to help scrabble anagram solver for the iPhone and iPad. It functions like the Android version above but with controls and UI components that are more effective on iPhones and iPads. Although Scrabble and Wordfeud dictionaries are supported, it is mainly for Words With Friends. 

Download: Word Breaker

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One of the less well-known anagrams scrabble solvers is WordFinder, but it’s still very effective. The app is straightforward to use. Enter your letters, and the system will generate words for you. More than a dozen word games, including popular ones like Scrabble and Words With Friends, are supported.


The UI is sufficiently clear and keeps the blank tile. We dislike the subscription fees and would have hoped to see better offline help. In addition, we prefer to utilize our keyboard over the one provided by the program. But it works fine if you don’t mind the advertising.

Download: WordFinder

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The Crossword & Anagram Solver

As the name suggests, this tool solves crosswords and anagrams. It mostly resolves crossword problems and anagrams. Its primary purpose is the crossword portion, which fulfills this task admirably.


The scrabble anagram solver is an added feature that costs at least $1.99. Along with other things, the app supports iOS 13’s Dark Mode, blank tiles, definitions, and other features. Even if it doesn’t have the most parts, it is pretty dependable for both tasks.

Download: The Crossword & Anagram Solver

The Word Finder

One of the quickest and easiest anagram solver tools is the Word Finder. If you require something straightforward, the pro version is inexpensive and effective. To find the words, type in the letters.

the word finder

Several filters for more sophisticated searches allow an anagram solver with blank spaces and words up to 20 letters in length. A late 2019 update also reduced the intrusiveness of the advertising.

Download: The Word Finder

Another top-notch website for solving scrabble anagram is Scrabble Solver. Like the majority, it is an anagram solver with blanks and a wide range of word games. You can select words that begin or end with specific letters, words that contain particular letters, and words that support hook letters.

scrabble solver

The dictionaries support Wordfeud US, Wordfeud UK, English Words With Friends, and a general US/UK dictionary for you people who still play board games. Although there are advertisements on the website, we could not view any that were on full screen or video.

Players of word games frequently choose the Word Finder as an option. The more sophisticated options allow you to account for additional letters on the board. The website version is functional and well-kept.


For your convenience, the website also links each word to its definition. The commercials aren’t unpleasant or just your standard banner advertising without excessively bothersome content.

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Is there a method for anagrams?

To decode anagrams, reorder the letters provided to uncover hiding words or phrases. To gain a new perspective, rearrange the letters into an identifiable pattern or reshuffle them into new combinations.

What exactly is a perfect anagram?

How do you decipher an anagram?

Determine whether the anagram contains any prefixes or suffixes. Look for prefixes such as UN-, RE-, and EX-and suffixes such as -ING, -ED, and -OUS. Separate your prefix and suffix letters and examine the letters that remain.

What exactly is a reverse anagram?

You are provided the anagrammed word in a reverse anagram hint. You solve the problem backward - the solution comprises the anagram sign and anagram fodder.


Anagrams are fun! You can play around and outshine others with your imagination. However, it can be stingy if you cannot unfold that one problem. With this list of scrabble anagram solvers, we hope you will never experience the hassle again.

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