How To Screenshot On Dell Laptops And Computers? [2022]

Dell is probably one of the leading brands in the field of computer technology. The company manufactures several devices like laptops, desktops, and other related accessories. The laptops are quite advanced and have all the latest innovations available. Further, screenshot in Dell is a popular query that every user is searching for on the internet. Thus, we are here to help you in the process without any issues. Also, several methods are effective for how to screenshot on dell laptop and computers. Hence, we have covered some of the most effective solutions exclusively for you.

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What Is A Screenshot?

We assume that most of you are aware of the concept behind screenshots in your Dell laptops. However, new users might not be knowing the function of the same due to less usage. Therefore, we will describe the basic details about it before moving further in this guide. As the name suggests, the screenshot is saving the contents present on the screen in the image format.

Moreover, it will catch all the windows or tabs that are currently open on your screen. Thus, you access the screenshot in the future for any reference. Users can also crop the screenshot on a Dell laptop as per the requirement. Further, you can use it to store important information without actually strong the entire document. Let’s proceed to see how to screenshot on dell laptop and computers.

List Of Ways To Screenshot On Dell Laptops And Computers

Users have the choice to decide an effective method for their practice. It will not take you more than a couple of tries to understand the methods.

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Use PrtSc Button

This method is the simplest way to answer how to screenshot on dell laptops without any issue. Moreover, many users are already aware of this feature in computers. However, we will explain all the scenarios in which you can use this technique. You can use this method in several ways such as,

  • If you only press the ‘Prt Sc’ button without any reference, you will save the whole screen. This includes the taskbar and other visible windows on the screen. Also, you need to manually close the tabs that you don’t want to appear in the screenshot. Thus, it is effective if you want to store several windows in a single image file.
    prtsc key
    PrtSc key
  • Further, if the user combines it with the Alt button while taking the screenshot, the user will save only the active window. For instance, you are working on Google Chrome and wish to take the screenshot, press Alt+Prt Sc on the keyboard. It will only take the screenshot of the Google Chrome Windows and crop the rest. Hence, you don’t require to crop the file manually.
  • On the other hand, if you press the Windows key along with it, the screen will blink for a second. This shows that the screenshot is successfully saved on the Dell laptop. You can go to the My Computer tab and click on the Pictures icon in the left control panel. Further, open the Screenshots folder to view all the recent saved images on your computer.

This is how to take a screenshot on a dell laptop or computer using the PrtSc key.

Using Snipping Tool

The second method that we will discuss is not as popular as the previous one. There are a few users who use the Snip tool regularly. This method provides you better flexibility while taking the screenshot. This feature is available in all the latest Dell laptops with Windows 10 operating system. The best thing about it is that you can select the portion of the screen that is important. Therefore, the PC will only capture the selected area and ignore the other information. If you still wonder how to screenshot on dell, this method is for you. The steps to use the Snipping tool are,

snipping tool
Snipping tool

You can access the Snip tool by pressing the Win+Shift+S key simultaneously. The screen will turn a little blur with a new taskbar opening on the top.

snipping tool shapes
Snipping tool shapes

Users will have three different options to choose from and take the appropriate type of screenshot.

  • Rectangular Snip-It will allow you to select the rectangular area of the screen for the screenshot.
  • Free Form Snip– This option will give the user the privilege to choose the free area. Therefore, you can even click random shapes of the screenshots.
  • Fullscreen Snip– As the name suggests, it will capture the whole windows screen on the screen.

Finally, after taking the snip, users can save it wherever they want. This includes saving it in a document or Paint. Moreover, the Paint application allows you to store screenshots as a separate file to share.

This is how to take a screenshot on a dell laptop or computer.

Additional Apps

Some users also consider downloading additional software for solving the purpose. Therefore, we will cover some of the popular apps for the screenshot on Dell for your convenience. Major screenshot apps are Screenshot Snipping Tool, Screenshot, Markup Hero, and many others. You can either find these apps on Google or the App Store of your computer. The overall user interface is quite easy to understand and helps you to maintain all the screenshots in one place. Therefore, you might consider them as your last trick as they are free.


We hope that your query about how to screenshot on dell computer is resolved. Further, you can choose any method that fulfills your needs. Also, don’t make inappropriate use of screenshots as they are quite beneficial.

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