Are ASUS Laptops Good? | Honest Review [2023]

The Taiwanese brand ASUS launched its first laptop in 1997 and hasn’t looked back since. Currently famous for its gaming laptops, ASUS has quite an impression in the market. But the question for the day is, Are ASUS laptops good? Are they worth buying? Are they up to the mark with other brands in the market? 

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We have compiled information about ASUS laptops on various grounds and done a comparative study which you will find inside this article.

You are looking for a laptop but are in a confusion about whether or not to consider ASUS? Keep reading and walk away with answers to all your doubts. 

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About ASUS

ASUS is a global pc hardware and consumer technology firm based in Taiwan founded in 1989. ASUS is the world’s No. 1 gameplay and motherboard brand and comes among the top-three consumer laptop vendor who is dedicated to inventing products for today’s and tomorrow’s intelligent lives.

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When the Eee PCTM transformed the PC industry in 2007, ASUS became well-known in North America. With the ASUS ZenFoneTM series, the firm is now pioneering new mobile trends. It is fast developing augmented and virtual reality goods, IoT devices, and robotics technology.

ASUS just released Zenbo, an intelligent home robot aimed to provide families with aid, entertainment, and friendship. ASUS was one of the World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune magazine in 2015 and 2016, and Interbrand has ranked ASUS Taiwan’s most valuable international brand for the past four years.

The corporation employs over 17,000 people, including a world-class research and development team. With all this information, it is evident that ASUS is a big deal. Still, today we will critically analyze the company’s present scenario and compare it with its different competitors, answering our main query of the day, ‘Are ASUS laptops good’? 

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About ASUS’ Reliability (Are ASUS Laptops Good?)

Many readers of today’s issue must ask, “is Asus reliable”? Well, in short, YES! Asus is a fantastic laptop manufacturer. They are not only durable, but they also have exquisite designs.

Their laptop components are of high-quality materials to ensure that all consumers have a memorable experience. You’ll also get a one-year onsite warranty with every Asus laptop purchase to provide a hassle-free ownership experience.

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According to SquareTrade, only Asus and Toshiba laptops are the most dependable, with about 16% experiencing a hardware failure three years later.

According to PC Magazine, Asus was the third-best reliable laptop company in 2020, trailing only Apple and Microsoft.

Are Asus Laptops Good and Long-Lasting?

Yes, they are! The average life of an Asus laptop is nearly three to five years. PC Magazine says Asus has a lower average annualized failure rate than Lenovo.


Only Apple, HP, and Toshiba outperform your Asus laptop, which will last as long as its Microsoft and Dell competitors. Your Asus laptop will last as long as, if not longer than, any other well-known brand.

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The Reason Behind Asus Laptop’s Cheap Price?

This might be a significant factor in today’s review about whether our ASUS computers are good. Most ASUS laptops come at a cheaper price tag, but not all of them; you can quickly expect their high-end laptops to cost well over $1000. 


The simple answer for their price tag is that Asus prioritizes performance over build quality and provides the most sophisticated features. In the past, Asus’s primary focus has been on serving users who may not have a lot of cash to spend on a robust and quality gaming laptop but still want a decent gaming laptop at a reasonable price.

Are ASUS Laptops Easy To Operate? 

ASUS laptops are, for the majority of part, simple to operate, and they use a clean, essential, and intuitive design. They’re simple to turn on and navigate. The touchpads on Asus laptops are responsive to touch and respond quickly to tap inputs.

asus touchpad

You won’t have any problems finding and using any USB, HDMI, network, or charging connectors. Its laptop screens are crisp and responsive to touch, and its keypad keys are smooth and responsive. For anyone with the query, “are ASUS laptops good” this can decide. 

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Comparison Of ASUS To Other Brands

Well, it is rightly said that the pudding test is in the tasting, so to find out whether our ASUS laptops are good or not, we must compare them with other computer manufacturing companies leading the market, such as Apple, HP, Dell, Acer, etc.

asus and another brand laptop

ASUS offers characteristics that set it apart from its competition, such as stunning screens at all price points and customization possibilities. Other computer makers may have more features that put them ahead of ASUS. On the luxury and pricing front, Samsung, HP, and Lenovo are well-made and well-made, while Dell, Lenovo, and Acer are realistic and reliable.

About ASUS Warranty Policy 

Other manufacturers may offer a two-year and one-year warranty provided by ASUS. The device model determines the way it works. Asus also offers an extended warranty for its batteries, which you may register when buying the device.

asus touchscreen pad

ASUS’ guarantee covers accidents and natural calamities and manufacturing defects and viruses. The warranty also covers maintenance costs.

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About ASUS’ Design 

ASUS’ products are reputed for their premium designs. In short, ASUS’ design practically shows how good are ASUS computers. 

ASUS took another step forward with its design ethos, centered on a modern approach and current architecture, while also paying close attention to the quality of raw product utilized on each gadget.

asus zenbook design

ASUS is known for manufacturing small and light gadgets and making attractive, sleek, and fashionable devices. As a result, all of its items have a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of class.

This was our information compiled about the Taiwanese company, which will help you frame an answer for today’s query, “are ASUS laptops good”? Let’s now hop onto some frequently asked questions. 


Is ASUS a good brand?

Definitely! The Taiwanese brand ASUS has stood up to users' expectations in almost every aspect. Whether design, battery life, warranty, or customer support, ASUS has made a mark in virtually every aspect and hence provides yes as an answer to the people asking, 'are Asus computers good'?

What are ASUS laptop ratings?

According to one source, ASUS has an overall customer rating of 3.71 stars, which means ASUS laptops or computers are satisfying the users.

Which is the best-selling ASUS Laptop?

ASUS VivoBook 15 has been dubbed as the most popular ASUS laptop. But I guess none of us is a stranger to the fact that ASUS is renowned for its gaming laptops; when we consider gaming laptops, ASUS ROG Zephyrus is a customer's favorite!

Are ASUS batteries long-lasting?

The report about the battery life of ASUS reveals that their batteries are anywhere between one to three years. Your battery's life cycle will be severely reduced if your laptop consistently performs demanding tasks or uses more computing and graphics resources.


ASUS is a tech behemoth with a stunning net worth of about 14 billion dollars, demonstrating that it is in it for the long haul. On the other hand, customers are bewildered while deciding whether or not to purchase an ASUS product. Hopefully, after today’s discussion of “are ASUS laptops good?” Our users will be able to make an informed decision on their own.

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