We are well-versed because every laptop, desktop, and mobile phone uses operating software. Without an operating system, no electronic device can function. In this article, we have covered the best Linux for old laptops. The performance of your device majorly depends upon the operating software. Sometimes, you might be unable to update your device as frequently as possible. It becomes very costly for you to do this.

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We all find it easier and less expensive for you to do a system change rather than getting a new laptop. The tendency of old laptops is that they are a little challenging to handle. They always do not behave in the best way to any news system updates or changes. That is why you must spend some time choosing the best option for your laptop. One of the operating systems that exist is Linux.

Linux is one of the software options that are compatible with old devices. You must know everything about them to choose the best one for yourself. In this article, you will get the options that act as the best Linux for an old laptop. 

Top 4 Options That Are The Best Linux For Old Laptops

It would be best if you comprehend the different options that are lying in front of you. Make sure that you spend enough time getting to know everything about these alternatives. Each is unique, so take time to comprehend all of them.

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Linux Mint

One of the most renowned Linux for older computers is Linux Mint. If you are a person who is worried that you may not get an option that is user-friendly enough, Linux Mint will take all of your worries away. It works perfectly for regular users who do not possess any technical background. This is one of the best Linux for old laptops because it bases on the top two competitors – Debian and Ubuntu. 

linux mint

It is vital to note that Linux Mint is a broad option. There are numerous versions of this tool. If you want to know about the standard version, it is known as Cinnamon. It will require you to gain technical knowledge to compare the various types.


If you are looking for the best Linux distro for an old laptop, Lubuntu is your key. There are a few requirements that your device needs to hit the checklist. At least Lubuntu will require 2 GB of the hard drive for you to use Lubuntu. It is easily understandable that Lubuntu is the child of Ubuntu. However, we treat them as separate entities. 


Lubuntu is one of the most powerful Linux software out there. The main reason why it works best on old laptops is that it is incredibly lightweight. So, you will, of course, experience your laptop responding faster.

Ubuntu MATE 

This option of Linux on an old laptop has worked perfectly for ages. We have mentioned Ubuntu already in this article. Why is the hype about this particular option?

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You will see that Ubuntu supports even 32-bit systems. The name suggests that it uses the MATE desktop, so subsequently, you can deduce that the user interface might be a little different at first. Your device will require at least 9 GB of disk space to run this tool smoothly.

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Peppermint Linux OS

Peppermint Linux OS is one of the rarest cloud-focused options you will get here. They don’t expect you to own any expensive hardware. It is the primary reason it is the best Linux for an old laptop. Again, it is similar to Ubuntu. Therefore, you can expect a fantastic experience with this tool.


Although we recommend having at least 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB works fine if you want this software. You need at least 4 GB of disk space that is free to use.


What is the best Linux for an old laptop?

The exact hardware of an outdated laptop determines which Linux distribution works best for it. Lightweight options like Lubuntu, Xubuntu, or Puppy Linux are often recommended for older hardware due to their minimal system requirements and efficient performance. However, it's essential to consider your laptop's hardware specifications and intended use when choosing a Linux distribution.

Is it better to install Linux on an old laptop?

Installing Linux on an old laptop can be an excellent idea. Because Linux distributions are often lightweight and efficient, they work with outdated hardware. Additionally, Linux provides security updates and a wide range of software, revitalizing an old laptop and extending its usability. However, you should also consider compatibility with specific hardware.

What is the lightest Linux for an old laptop?

Lubuntu is one of the lightest Linux distributions specifically for old or low-end laptops. It uses the resource-conserving LXQt desktop interface., making it ideal for reviving aging hardware. Lubuntu provides a smooth user experience without putting much strain on system resources.

Which Linux OS is best for 2 GB RAM?

Xubuntu is a suitable Linux OS for a computer with 2GB RAM. It uses the XFCE desktop IDE, which is lightweight and efficient. Xubuntu provides a responsive and user-friendly experience on low-spec hardware, making it a good choice for computers with limited memory.


There are a variety of options that you have in front of you. These options are most suitable for old laptops. Before downloading or installing either, ensure your computer is compatible with your selected software. 

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You must get to know all the types of the best Linux for an old laptop. You have to understand every option that you choose. The tool’s pricing is something you must keep as your last option. Make sure that you first focus on the compatibility of the device rather than the pricing. Your main goal should be to find the perfect Linux for an old laptop by ensuring it meets all the criteria. 

Now, you do not have to discard your old PC or laptop! Either of the options will suit your needs. If either of the Linux for old laptops works just fine, you do not need to switch to a new device. You have saved a lot of money already!

It does not matter what type of device you own. These options don’t force you to hold any expensive product too. Even when you have an old laptop that is basic, you can use either of the options.

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