Online web series has become an emerging trend in this era. It has become one of the most popular things you will ever see. Numerous sites provide this service. Various categories exist. Anime is one of the most popular ones (although they are not categorized as a series). One of the options that you have at hand is Zoro. This is a very well-known free site when it comes to anime. Follow this article to get a complete ZORO. To review.

The safety of is subjective and varies from person to person. Some individuals believe that it’s a secure and legitimate platform for streaming anime, while others disagree. Ultimately, the decision to use the site depends on each user’s comfort and discretion.

In this article, you will get to know everything you need to know before choosing Zoro. The first thing that most weebs do is type ‘free sites for anime‘ or something similar. This is because they feel that Netflix has cut out sensitive content or might not have what they want. Here, you will get a total ZORO.TO review to know what to do and whether or not to choose this option.

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This ZORO.TO review will be incomplete without the mention of the brief background of this site. Zoro. to is an option to consider if you want to watch anime for free. If you want to see English Subbed and Dubbed anime, this is the place for you. Originating in the US, this site does not ask you to register yourself mandatorily. 

Moreover, Zoro. It falls under the category of being trusted at an average level. Well, it has a score of 75, based on 40 parameters. It is one of the few sites that reached this score.

zoro tv siteNow that you know this, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of surfing on Zoro.  This will make the review worthwhile. 

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Things To Consider

Now, let’s proceed to the main essence of this ZORO. to review. Before you move, you should know the benefits and drawbacks of using this site. 

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Zoro. to have reasons to be chosen.

naruto in zoro

Read on to find out why it should be considered as one of your options.

Regular Updates

Well, the most significant advantage of this platform is that you will get regular updates that are evident.

zoro banner and logoThis makes a point that they try to read people’s views and consider the suggestions they give. So you might see better and newer shows too.


The best part about Zoro. Is that you do not need to worry about safety. There are no ads that pop up when you use Zoro.

zoro site overviewThis is one of the risks that can happen when you use a free site. But, with you do not need to worry about any of this! As a result, you will be free of the attack of malware.

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SSL Certificate

You must know about the SSL Certificate of this site when you read the review. This site has taken a crucial step in gaining people’s trust.

zoro animeUnfortunately, not all websites make the effort to get an SSL certificate. Well, another reason why you can trust Zoro. To!

User Friendliness

zoro websiteThis review will be incomplete without telling you whether this is a suitable option. It is an option because you can use this website even when you do not know the technical stuff. Everything is presented before you; you must scroll to find your show. 


Just like a coin has two sides, using Zoro has disadvantages too. So hold onto this ZORO.TO review to get to know what the possible drawbacks could be.

Owner Not Revealed

This might not be a significant problem, but you must know who owns the website. You will see that the sites with their owners specified are considered trustworthy.

lady standing

Therefore, knowing whom to contact when you have problems is easy. Also, as a user, one can research the owner and decide to use the site.

No Japanese!

Well, the shows are in English. This is a significant drawback for weebs. What is the point of watching the show if it is not in the original language? Some people do not want to see the show in English, which is a significant drawback.

english only zone

You have a list of drawbacks and benefits in front of you. This has completed the review for now. 


This ZORO.TO review has equipped you with everything you need to know about Zoro. Moreover, since it has most anime from multiple genres, you can watch some of them here. Overall, it is a fantastic site for people who cannot afford a paid one.

After reading the review, you must have realized whether this is something you should choose. It is indeed an extremely safe website, but there is no point in using this site if you are not getting what you want.


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