Are you looking for the best Anime Repository for Kodi? Then you’ve come to the right article. This guide will look at the 7 top anime addons available for Kodi and help you decide the best repository for all your web needs. Let’s get started!

The article discusses several of Kodi’s best anime add-ons, including WatchNixtoons2, Gogoanime, Hummingbird, Kaito, Polaris, Ani-Mate, FANime, and Anime on Demand. Each provides a varied experience, from massive libraries and smooth playback to specialized curation and reliable streams. To know more about these Kodi Anime addons, keep on reading.

Kodi is a free, open-source media player known for its vast library of addons. Among its many users are anime enthusiasts who love accessing so much anime content in one place. However, more than just having Kodi is needed – you must install the right repositories for seamless viewing. Repositories are like online libraries that provide add-ons, and finding reputable repositories with stable, up-to-date anime add-ons is key for any otaku looking to enjoy their favorite shows without hassle. Let us read on to learn more about the best Anime Repository for Kodi. 

Also, anime is quite popular these days among young people. But it is not that only Kodi allows you to watch Anime and your other favorite cartoons. There are many other free websites available on the internet that allow you to watch Anime/cartoons online.

The Rise of Anime on Kodi

Anime streaming has come a long way on Kodi. Finding shows on anime-watching websites a while ago took a lot of work, and resources were limited. Streaming quality could have been better, with broken or missing episodes common frustrations for fans.

Piracy was rampant in the early days of anime add-ons as developers worked to create reliable ways to bring content to viewers.

Learning from projects like Popcorn Time, developers saw the opportunity Kodi presented to centralize different streaming sources into one user-friendly interface. Some of the first dedicated anime repositories to gain popularity included Phoenix and Fusion.

cartoon wall

While a big improvement over individual streaming sites, these initial repositories still faced challenges in acquiring the huge catalogs of Anime that fans demanded.

Licensing restrictions made certain titles difficult to access, and high demand could overload servers. Kodi Anime Addons would break or stop working regularly as developers raced to keep up with legal takedowns and technical hurdles.

Over time, repositories emerged that were better resourced to handle the scale. Groups like Covenant and Genesis redefined what was possible for streaming quality and selection stability on Kodi.

Mega databases of shows across seasons meant discovery was easier than ever before. Better servers with high bandwidth allowed for smooth streaming even during peak hours.

Of course, the cat-and-mouse game with licensors continued as crackdowns threatened progress.

However, repositories adapted, implementing backup plans, proxy servers, and workarounds to minimize user downtime. Anonymous development teams made removing content or entire repositories a lengthy process.

Today, Anime streaming via Kodi is closer than ever to the experience of legal streaming services—top add-ons index content from official sources where possible, blending with unofficial alternatives seamlessly.

Quality remains highly defined, with episode selection that wows even the most jaded weebs. While challenges will always exist with piracy, anime fans have never had it so good for free viewing on Kodi.

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Top Anime Addons for Kodi

Setting up Kodi may seem a bit complex, but obtaining your anime content has become more accessible with the help of addons and repositories. In the second part of our guide on the best Anime Repository for Kodi, we’ll explore various repositories to enhance your anime-watching experience.


WatchNixtoons2 is a favorite of many Kodi users looking for their anime fix. With a simple interface and loads of content from popular shows, both new and old, it’s one of the easiest add-ons to navigate.


You can browse shows by genre or scroll through the most watched lists to find your next binge.

WatchNixtoons2 sets itself apart with great streaming quality, too – whether you’re watching the latest episode or a classic from the 90s, the video and audio quality are consistently clear.

Download: WatchNixtoons2


Gogoanime is another top choice, known for its massive library of subbed and dubbed anime titles. This is one of the best Kodi app for Anime.

Browse through countless shows, movies, OVAs, and more with easy-to-use menus. What makes Gogoanime stand out is its excellent streaming servers.


While many free anime sites struggle with unreliable streams, Gogoanime delivers a smooth experience thanks to its dedicated servers that can handle high traffic. It’s become one of the most popular websites for good reason.

Download: Gogoanime


Kitsu is another great anime addon for Kodi users who value variety. With Kitsu, you’ll discover a wide universe of shows outside the typical mainstream titles.

Genres like josei, yashiki, and mecha are well represented here. The interface is clean and intuitive, making browsing through Kitsu’s extensive library easy.


You can find Anime across seasons and years, with helpful rating and listing systems to sort through options. Kitsu offers a nice alternative for branching out your content consumption.n

Whether you want lesser-known gems or just something off the beaten path, this addon delivers discovery.

Download: Kitsu


Kaito has built up a loyal following as one of the most reliable Anime streaming sources available. This best Kodi build for Anime is seamless integration as a Kodi addon maintains that reputation.

With Kaito, browsing and playback work smoothly without hassle. Navigation menus are simple to understand, and content loads quickly without lag.


One advantage Kaito has over addons pulling from external sites is the lack of ads or popups.

The sole focus is on providing high-quality streams for your favorite shows. Kaito is an excellent choice for those seeking an easy, no-frills anime experience.

Download: Kaito


Ani-Mate offers a deep lineup of content for dedicated otaku. Unlike add-ons pulled from general streaming sites, Ani-Mate handpicks videos directly from licensors and fansubs.


This specialized curation yields a wider range, including full series, OVAs, movies, and hard subtitles. Quality control is high, with titles showcasing vibrant visuals and flawless audio. Subtitling accuracy is also polished.

Ani-Mate caters narrowly but excellently to anime purists seeking meticulously sourced content in true high definition. Compared to broader addons, Ani-Mate provides a focused connoisseur experience.


FANime employs a highly intuitive navigational structure for simple browsing and discovery. The user interface separates search-focused sections like categories and recommendations from continual updates under an “Additions” tab.


This dual layout streamlines the experience of staying on top of new releases. Additionally, FANime rolls out frequent updates timed to sync with fansub releases.

Content availability is timely. Combined with flawless playback performance across platforms, FANime delivers a well-balanced blend of usability, breadth, and reliability, pleasing casual and dedicated viewers.

Anime On Demand

Anime On Demand is a Kodi addon that allows you to watch various anime series and movies on your device.

However, unlike many free anime addons, Anime On Demand requires a subscription fee to access most of its content after each show’s first couple of episodes.

The service is based in Germany and aims to provide its users with legal and high-quality anime streaming.

anime on demand

When using the Anime On Demand Kodi addon, its libraries are neatly organized into categories like ongoing series, new releases, genres, and more. This makes it easy to find what you want to watch.

Some key things to note – if you don’t pay for the subscription, you can only view the first or two episodes of any show for free.

To access the full series, you must sign up for the subscription. However, the picture quality and subtitles/dubbing options are excellent to make up for the payment.

Overall, Anime On Demand is best suited for dedicated anime fans looking for legal streams of great quality.

Download: Anime On Demand 

Installation Guide for Anime Addons on Kodi 

We’ve covered some of the best anime add-ons available; now it’s time to set them up! With these simple steps, installing extra repositories and addons on Kodi is a breeze.

1. First, open up Kodi and head to the main Settings menu.

launch kodi application

2. Scroll down to “Addon browser” and select it. Now click on the “Install from repository” option.

addon browser

Here is where you’ll add external websites where new add-ons like SportsDevil can be found. Some top repositories for Anime include Fusion, Incursion, and Placenta.

3. Click the “Add Anime Repository on Kodi” button and copy/paste the relevant URL. Now, you can browse and install directly from these trusted sources.

adding the anime repo

4. Return to the Addon Browser home once repositories are added. Under “Video addons,” look for the anime addons we mentioned, like WatchNixtoons2 or Gogoanime. video addonsSelect the addon, then click “Install.” It will only take a moment to download and activate.

5. If an addon isn’t found in Kodi’s default repositories, don’t worry – you can often find zip files to install manually. install from zip fileGo to “Install from zip file” and locate the downloaded file on your device or through a file browser addon. Easy!

Sometimes, installing can run into issues, so here are some common fixes:

  • Make sure Kodi is fully up to date before installing anything new. Having the latest version prevents compatibility problems.
  • You may also need to force close Kodi if an addon install hangs. Don’t worry; your data will be fine – restart the app.

And that’s it – with some simple repository additions and clicks in the Addon Browser, you’ll have a whole new world of binge-worthy anime content integrated neatly into Kodi!

Let me know if any other issues come up during installation. Happy streaming!

Ensuring a Safe Streaming Experience 

Now that you know best anime repository for kodi with killer anime add-ons, you’ll want to ensure a safe and secure streaming experience.

While convenient, free streaming can potentially expose your internet activity if you don’t take precautions. This is where a VPN service comes in handy.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, routes all your network traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This obscures your real IP address and location, replacing it with one from the VPN server you connect to.

nord vpn global

With a VPN, even your Kodi activity, like streaming shows, will appear hidden from your internet provider or any hackers.

Pick one with fast server speeds when choosing a VPN for Kodi and anime streaming. You’ll want to avoid any buffering to enjoy your shows fully.

Services like ExpressVPN or NordVPN have servers globally for optimal performance. Look for ones that don’t have logging policies, too, so your activity remains as private as possible.

If you are confused, then don’t worry. We have an article where we review NordVPN. Check it out here!

It’s also great if the VPN you choose has apps for your Kodi devices like Firestick or Android TV box. Built-in apps route all traffic through the VPN tunnel for an automated, secure experience. Just log in, and you’re protected while streaming.

With the right VPN, you can stop worrying and focus solely on what matters – your anime binges!

Streaming everything from seasonal airings to deep catalogs with absolute security and peace of mind. So stay safe online and happy watching.

Keeping Your Kodi Anime Experience Up-to-Date

Once you have Kodi perfectly customized with your favorite anime add-ons, you’ll want to keep that sexy setup running smoothly. Part of that is keeping everything updated to ensure maximum compatibility.

Luckily, automatic updates make it simple. In Kodi’s system settings, enable addon updates. Then, your installed addons will seamlessly update in the background. This prevents any version mismatch glitches or bugs from disrupting your streams.


For repositories providing those anime add-ons, updates should also happen automatically. But it’s worth double-checking version numbers from time to time. Outdated repos risk missing out on new content added to the collections.

While the auto updates are convenient, it also pays to stay informed. Follow accounts of popular Kodi developers on Reddit.

They often announce new project releases like fresh addons joining repositories. This way, you can experience cutting-edge entertainment right away.

Never pass up new ways to stream your obs. Discussing setups on forums is another source of news. Help other otaku while also finding gems to pimp your viewing pleasure further. You can pick up some extra life hacks for tweaking things to premium smoothness!

So keep it updated, stay informed, and always seek new ways to expand the reach of your Kodi anime collection. With a little tune-up love, it can keep impressing with top-tier binge rotation for seasons. Happy streaming with these best Anime Repository for Kodi.


Is the content updated regularly?

Anime Fen is actively maintained, so new episodes are usually added within a day or two of airing. Popular and ongoing series tend to be updated the fastest.

Are both dubbed and subbed versions available?

You'll find both English dubbed and Japanese subtitled versions indexed for the most popular Anime. Less common titles may only have Japanese audio available.

Is the content high quality?

Stream quality can vary depending on the source sites, but you can generally expect 720p or 1080p versions for newly aired episodes. Audio and video quality is usually quite good.

Is Anime Fen safe to use?

If you install it from the official Fenos addon repository, Anime Fen is safe. Just be aware that streaming copyrighted content can pose legal risks in some countries or jurisdictions.


This guide on the best Anime Repository for Kodi gave you a good idea of some top anime add-ons to check out on Kodi.

We have also discussed the top 18 Best Websites To Watch Anime/Cartoon Online, which you should check out.

There are many great shows to discover, no matter what add-ons you try. Just have fun exploring new titles and finding your favorites.

Most importantly, sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing anime world through these awesome streaming apps!

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