Social media plays a very significant role in our lives, especially as we head towards the new decade of the century. Moreover, it is a common trend to watch and follow some of the most influential personalities. There is no doubt that social media is not only seen as a source of entertainment these days.

Also, users are getting more into the positives aspects of these platforms rather than just killing their time. However, applications like Instagram or Twitter are merely responsible for connecting people or so. On the other hand, Reddit is evolving as a popular connective platform on the global level and making its way up to the top.

It has become more of an informative user interface that is used to share anything and anywhere. The platform never fails to come up with interesting features to keep the users indulge with them. You can also use various alternatives to reddit available. The feature to add flair to Reddit post is quite a treat for everyone. Moreover, several subreddits are adding flairs to improve the overall performance of the specific post.

If you are new to the community, you might not be aware much of the flair system. Hence, make sure to go through the following sections of this post to get some information. We will also be covering simple methods to how to add flair to a Reddit post along with some other details.

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What is Flair in Reddit?

Firstly, we need to understand the concept behind putting up flairs on your Reddit posts. Flair is nothing but something similar to tagging system on the platform. Moreover, it is viable for both the posts and users to specify their identity. Also, you should consider to add flair to Reddit post more often. If you want to quote on Reddit without revealing your name, click here!

It might be tricky in the beginning to understand, especially if you are new to the environment. However, it can be pretty much fun and useful once you know the basic idea behind it. It will help other users to filter the relevant content, and hence the post gets more exposure to the community. Moreover, you can even tag or add your friends on various posts and questions by making use of flairs on Reddit.

Further, flairs are classified into two major categories for the users to go for the most appropriate option for their post. The first one being the Post Flair. As the name suggests, it is applicable to the posts that are added on the community wall of Reddit. Further, make sure that there is an appropriate thread for the posts in order to place a flair. For the time being, users don’t have the option to flair posts from the submission form itself.

The next category is the User Flair or even known as Individual Flair. The use flair directly attaches to your profile and is visible to other users as well. You can find it present along with your name on Reddit. Also, you should first login to your account to view the flair option.

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How to Flair on Reddit?

Moving further, we will discuss the first category of flairs, Post Flairs. Now the question arises, “How do you flair a post on Reddit?”. The answer is quite simple, and everything is available in this article. First, you need to know that there is no rocket science in understanding the concept. Many users often look for posts based on their flair tags. Therefore, you can’t just miss out on the opportunity to increase the upvotes on the posts. Once you are clear with the basics, follow the given steps:

  • Step 1
    The first step involves putting up the post on your profile. Make sure that the complete thread is put forward for the flair to work.

    adding post on reddit
    adding post on reddit


  • Step 2
    You can now view the whole post and find the Edit Flair option. It is present between the comment section and the text of the post.

    add flair to reddit post
    add flair to reddit post
  • Step 3
    Click on it, and you will have the option to select the flairs available from the list. You can change the background color and other settings as well.
  • Step 4
    Finally, choose the most appropriate flair regarding your post. Click on the Save button, and you are ready to go.

    saving a flair
    saving a flair


You can clearly see that adding flair to Reddit posts is not a tedious process. Also, it takes only a couple of minutes to conduct the entire procedure. However, the results of adding flairs will be worth all the effort that you put in. Also, you should have a valid Reddit account that is working and has potential. It is better to have a larger community as your posts will reach more users.

Therefore, it is advisable to start using flairs to get more sourcing for your posts. This will help the post to reach out to the optimum audience, and it will make a huge difference. Thus, follow the steps mentioned in this post to add flair to the Reddit post without any potential issue. In case you find any problem, go through the entire post again and intimate the steps alongside on your account. In case you wish to see deleted Reddit comments to your post, follow this guide.

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