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Adults or Kids of any age group tend to have a liking for a common thing, which is Cartoon. From a tender age, we are accustomed to watching them, and they are a great source of imagination. In this advanced era of technology and science, we find ways to entertain ourselves without much toil. In the long run, anyone, be it a small kid or a mature guy who wants to watch Cartoon/Anime on the go. So instead of reclining in front of the TV for your favorite show, you can use these Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon Online at any time you prefer. So now no time is wasting, no need of downloading and no waiting for your favorite show to appear on the screen.

Now you can watch any Cartoon/Anime Show any number of times without any time hustle. Enjoy watching your favorite shows on a range of devices, be it a small android screen or a large screen laptop. Choose any show from a wide range of categories available across the Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon Online.

So, if you are getting bored and have good internet facility, then just start watching Cartoon/Anime at your will anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Nowadays, many Cartoon channels have their websites. There are also a lot of websites to watch free movies online. After much research, I have found out some of the best Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon Online. So, here are top 10 Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon Online.


The first entry to the list is WatchCartooonLive. The interface is quite user-friendly. When it comes to watching any cartoon or anime, this site stands out of the crowd. Also, it has got two great features like “Big size” and “cinema mode.”

The video quality is great, but it varies from one device to another. Watch free cartoons and anime series without any registration and Signup. Not to forget about its huge library arrange alphabetically.


Very few of the free websites nowadays contain detailed plots of the videos. WatchCartoonOnline is one of the few sites which have a detailed plot summary. The library is quite stuffed with both anime and cartoon series.

There are separate sections for cartoon and anime videos. Apart from cartoon and anime series, it also has a section for cartoon movies. So, to kill boredom or revive old times open the website and enjoy.


Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon Online


The most popular video search engine is YouTube. So, you can find every type of cartoon and anime you want to view for free. To view it is not compulsory to log in but sometimes login is required.

Moreover, you get multiple video quality options here. The contents might not be sorted properly, but the huge library fills the gap. It has got App for all kind of platforms.
Special mention: YouTube has a special app for kids (YouTube Kids).


AnimeToon is similar to its other sibling websites. The design and layout are similar to other websites. As the name mentions, it is clear the content of Anime is quite high as compared to Cartoons.

Don’t get fooled the website Cartoon Series, Drama, Dubbed Animes, etc. The website has multiple video servers for video streaming, which means if the video is not playing well, we can easily switch to another server for easy viewing.


Anilinkz is primarily for Anime fans. You would not be disappointed as it has a cartoon section too. The looks and design are similar to websites mentioned above.

The categorization is brilliant, and the tiles are quite appealing. The website has got sections like random, ongoing series, newly added, recommended, etc.


Toonget is an amazing website for toon lovers. The design of the website is different from other similar websites. The presentation of the videos is done quite well.

It also has an app for android users. So, chill out with your favorite toon show on you PC or android free of cost.

KissCartoon & KissAnime

As you can see for yourself, I have mentioned two websites, because they have the same domain and are equally popular.


The name suggests its specialties, i.e. Cartoons. The design is quite appealing and sweet. It has categories based on latest updates, cartoon list, requested uploads, ongoing cartoons, etc.


The website is same in design as the above-mentioned site. The only distinction between them is their color and content. With loads of Anime to watch, you would kill time easily.

Both the sites are outstanding to watch Toons. You can swap between the sites by using the alternate list option. You can also signup to access more options on the website. Open the website and enjoy.


GoGoAnime is the best place for anime. All the videos are dubbed in English for ease of understanding. Tap on anime list to find your favorite toon show from the list. Very few sites offer such services for free. Don’t believe me? Try yourself!


With a great look and attractive design, the website is unique. Like GoGoAnime all the Animes are English Dubbed.

Surf at your ease across the website and view HD videos. The site supports 360p, 480p, 1080p videos. So, start streaming now!


The ultimate destination for toon lovers. This website is constantly updated and is quite easy to use. You can choose from the studio, characters, series, and shows which toon you want to view.

It is supported on all devices. So, now you need not wait for your favorite cartoon on TV. Just open the site in your leisure time and enjoy watching it.


I presume that the above-mentioned websites live up to your expectations. Be it to revive old memories, or just to kill boredom these websites will come in handy. These websites can be viewed across an array of devices, but the quality of streaming will vary from one device to another, the website and also network connectivity. Depending on your mood and taste you can choose whatever you want to view.

All of these Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon Online are free of charge. Some websites might change their terms and conditions from time to time. So, if you are not comfortable with the terms feel free to try any other websites mentioned above.

I have tried my best to enlist the best Websites to Watch Anime/Cartoon OnlineI have found across the web. However, if I have missed any websites kindly let me know. If needed further extensions would be made on the list. So, just open the web and enjoy Cartoon/Anime on the above-listed sites.