Animated series and movies created by studios like Ghibli, Disney, and Pixar have played a huge role in our formative years. People of all ages love them. The idea of bringing a series of images to life has appealed to a large audience, especially the younger generations. In short, animations are basically a series of still images that seem to be brought to life when shown together in a single time frame. It’s not just movie studios that create animations. Even big corporate entities have realized the potential of animated content in promoting their product or service. Therefore, the animation film industry is growing at a large rate. Now, if you’re new to animation and trying to figure out How to Make an Animation, then you’ve ended up at the right place.

Creating an animation is fairly simple due to major technological developments in the preceding years. So is creating slides. There are software like SmartSHOW 3D that can create slides automatically. With various software programs and online tools, you too can create a state-of-the-art animation from the comfort of your home. So without further ado, here is how to make your animation in 7 simple steps.

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Picking Out an Animation Maker

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Finalizing the Goal of Your Animation

Now, if you’re looking to learn how to make an animation, you need to finalize its goal. The goal of the animation depends on what or who you’re creating it. Is it for a company? And the advertisement? A short film? Don’t forget to ask yourself the questions, “What is the purpose of this animation?”, “Who is my target audience?” before finalizing your goal. Once you’ve decided your goal, you’ve already finished the hard part. Adhering to a single goal will ensure you don’t lose track midway of bringing your ideas to life.

Creating A Script

Before we get to the fun part of actually making the animation, you must create your script. This is a vital step in our guide on how to create animation. Your script is the heart and soul of the animation. This is where you decide how exactly you are going to convey your message to your target audience. Follow the AIDA model here to pull in your viewers. Make sure your opening statement is strong so that your viewers stick around for the rest. Next, ease in and introduce whatever you wish to show, and finally, ensure that you make the ending count. By following these simple tips, you’re already on the road to creating the perfect animation. 

Finding the Right Template

The animation maker has been finalized, the goal has been set, and the script is ready to go. What next? Well, now, it is time to set your plan into action. The template you choose will make or break your animation. Depending on the animation maker you pick, you should have a variety of options at your disposal. Simply select the one that you feel fits nicely and make adjustments as per your requirement. If the given templates don’t appeal to you, you can create your own from scratch. Animation makers generally provide graphical objects to aid you in the process. This is an essential step in our guide on how to make animated videos, so do spend some time on it. 

Visualizing the Characters in Your Animation

The next step in our how to do animation guide is getting your characters in place. Now, you can either create your own or pick a couple from a collection of pre-designed characters. If you’re new to animation, then maybe start off by using pre-designed characters. This is because you can then focus more on other aspects. Once you’ve picked the characters you like, you may also customize them to suit your preferences. In our How to Make an Animation guide, we recommend that you pick an animation maker that allows this feature. 

Setting The Tone

The next step in our how to make animation video guide is to set the tone appropriately. Is the general vibe of your animation supposed to be happy? Melancholy? Professional? You may not even know yet. Therefore, spend some time on this step so as to ensure that everything you’re including adds up perfectly. Remember your main goal and your finalized script. On that basis, set the tone of your animation. 

Adding A Background Music Track/Voice Over

The final step in our guide on how to make an animation is to add some audio to enhance the viewer experience. This could be in the form of some kind of background music or even your own voice over. This is what will bring your creation to life. Your animation maker should render you an option to record your voice over. If not, then software products like Audacity can come in handy for that particular purpose. If you’re not comfortable adding voice-overs, then speech bubbles ought to do the trick as well.


So here’s how to make an animation in 7 easy steps. Animating, in general, is not exactly a hard process. Moreover, it is a time-consuming one as making a selection from a wide array of choices is not exactly easy. However, with a little patience and attention to detail, you’re bound to get it right the first time. 

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