Want to know how to enable and disable Foxtel Now subtitles? We got you. Foxtel Now is an online television service in Australia that offers over 50 live-streaming channels and hundreds of video-on-demand titles. The service is owned by Foxtel and was launched as Foxtel Play. Unlike other OTT platforms like NetflixHBO Go, and Disney+, Foxtel Now has an ultimate viewer base in Australia.

On your Foxtel remote, press the I button. The Closed Captions menu can be accessed by pressing the yellow button. Closed captioning can be enabled or disabled using the arrow buttons. To resume regular Foxtel viewing, click Back.

foxtel now

Foxtel Go enables users to watch Foxtel on compatible devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The service offers live sports, dramas, and on-demand content, all included in the subscription. The Foxtel Now app offers specific bundles, including a 10-day free trial for new users and the option to cancel at any time.

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Types Of Bundles

The different types of bundles are:

The Ultimate Bundle

For 12 months, the cost is $49 per month. Sports, movies, lifestyle, drama, comedy, news, entertainment, kids, and docos are available on 77 live TV channels. There are over 50 sports and over 1000 movies to choose from. The Sports bundle- gives competition to other online sports streaming platforms.

For 12 months, you will pay $29 each month. 51 sports, lifestyle, drama, comedy, news, and entertainment channels. Live coverage of more than 50 sports.

The Movie Plus

You get 50 live TV channels of movies, lifestyle, drama, comedy, news, and entertainment for $29 per month* for a year. In addition, over 1,000 movies and TV shows are available on demand. Finally, the Foxtel All-in-One Bundle

movie plus

On a 12-month plan, it’s $59 per month*. Foxtel Plus has 50+ entertainment channels, including drama, lifestyle, docos, reality, and more. Sports HD with over 50 sports and access to select sports in 4K Ultra HD. Foxtel Plus has 50+ entertainment channels, including drama, lifestyle, docos, reality, and more. There are no setup fees.

How To Enable And Disable Foxtel Now subtitles

To enable and disable the Foxtel Now subtitles, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Select the yellow button, then press the Select button.
  2. Closed captions should be used.foxtel subtitles
  3. Toggle the setting to “on” using the arrows.
  4. To exit, press the back button

To make Foxtel’s closed captions the default, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions outlined above.
  2. Closed captions stay on until you turn them off manually.

How To Turn Off Closed Captions On Android

Closed Captions are a screen-displayed transcript of the spoken and other sounds in the programs and movies you’re watching. Over 300,000 hours of closed-captioned programming are available on Foxtel, encompassing 72 channels, including time-shift and HD channels. Closed captioning is available on both life and recorded Foxtel programming.

To turn off closed captions on your Android device, follow the below steps:

  1. Click on your Android device’s settings and go to Accessibility.Click on your Android device's settings and go to Accessibility.
  2. Then you will see an option labeled “Captions.”
  3. On your on/off toggle, click on On to switch it on.
  4. As desired, change the readability parameters and on/off parameters.

How To Turn Off Live Caption

You can use a method like the one mentioned under “How to enable and disable Foxtel Now Subtitles” to on/stop Live Captions on Foxtel Now.


How To On/off Closed Caption On iPad

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad.
  2. Click on Accessibility and find Subtitles and Captioning.ipad
  3. On/off your Foxtel Now subtitles according to your requirements.

Also provided below are some extra information regarding the availability of Foxtel Now and Foxtel Play on different devices.

Closed Captions For Foxtel Now And Foxtel Play

Here is a table about the closed captions for Foxtel Now and Foxtel Play.

closed caption


What's the difference between Foxtel and Foxtel Now?

A satellite or cable connection is required for Foxtel's set-top-box experience. Foxtel Now is a streaming service that gives you access to Foxtel's content via an Internet connection.

How can I get Foxtel Now for free?

New customers can try Foxtel Now for free, no strings attached. When you register online, you can get a free trial. If you decide Foxtel Now isn't for you, simply cancel your subscription online through My Account before the end of your trial period, and we'll deactivate your account

Can I use Foxtel Now if I have Foxtel?

While Foxtel GO is included as part of your Foxtel subscription, not all channels are available live. Remember that many of the channels on Foxtel GO that aren't available 'live' are available via the 'catch-up' option. You will only have access to the media you subscribe to with Foxtel Now.

What does 'caption mode' mean?

Closed captioning is frequently available on digital broadcasts. In the CC1 mode, a tiny banner normally shows a written version of the TV program soundtrack. The broadcaster's information is displayed in the other CC modes. In CS1 mode, the audio is accompanied by a text version in the same language as the audio.

Is Foxtel Now free for Telstra customers?

Customers with a Telstra post-paid account who wish to subscribe to Foxtel Now can now enjoy the first 30 days for free. Start watching live and on-demand sports, programs, and movies across over 70 channels and a variety of packs with Foxtel Now from Telstra. How do I turn off captions on live TV? You can activate and deactivate captions for live TV by interacting with the touchpad on your remote and bringing up the information page. After that, direct your focus to the CC icon and click it to either turn on or off the captions (there is an indication that will tell you if they are ON or OFF).

Is Foxtel Now worth the money?

For a hefty $104 per month, you can get all of the above packs and unique packs like Kids and Docos. Yes, it's a lot of money, and no, it's not a fantastic deal, but it might be worth it for individuals who want live pay-TV and a tonne of on-demand content


If you have any query related to the settings mentioned above or other available options Foxtel Now gives, visit their website. Please call their customer care if you have any band-related questions about the Foxtel Now bundles available. If none of the above methods work to alter your subtitle settings, then contact their customer service for guided tutorials.

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