Watching live TV through Kodi can be fun and convenient. There is no need to pay for expensive cable or satellite packages when great free options are available as Kodi addons! These add-ons allow you to access live channels worldwide on your device easily. Whether you want to keep up with news, catch your favorite shows, or discover new content, there are live TV add-ons for everything.

The top Kodi live TV add-ons for 2024 are The Crew, Pluto TV, iPlayer WWW, ESPN, UK Turk Playlists, Fetch, NewsOn, Plex Live, and Xumo.TV, Selfless, USTVNow Plus, Achilles TV, cCloud TV, Limitless and Tubi TV. These free add-ons give you access to live sports, news, movies, and TV shows worldwide.

This article shares the 15 best Kodi live TV addons to supercharge your streaming experience. Many other Kodi users have tried and tested these add-ons, and we ensure they provide reliable access to live channels without buffering or quality issues. You’ll find US, UK, Canadian, and international channel options. Sports fans will love having access to many live games and events without paying premium cable costs.

Best Kodi Live TV Addons (Top 15 Picks)

Let us look at the best 15 Kodi Live TV addons: 

The Crew 

The Crew is one of the most popular live TV addon for Kodi. It provides many live TV channels from around the world. You can find sports, movies, TV shows, and more channels. The channels play in high quality without buffering issues.

the crew kodi addon

The Crew also has video-on-demand (VOD) content to watch shows, movies, and videos. It is easy to use and has everything you need for entertainment. You can install it from the Crew repository.

Visit: The Crew 

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Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is a well-known app for live TV, and it also has an addon for Kodi. You get the same live channels as the Pluto TV in the addon app. There are channels for different genres like entertainment, news, sports, kids, etc.

pluto tv

The channels come from various sources on the internet. The streams play smoothly without buffering in high quality. Pluto TV is simple to use and a good choice for free live TV on Kodi. You can install it from the SlyGuy repository.

Visit: Pluto TV

BBC iPlayer WWW

The BBC iPlayer WWW addon lets you watch live TV channels from BBC iPlayer in Kodi. BBC iPlayer is a popular UK streaming service to watch BBC shows. This addon lets you access the same live channels on BBC iPlayer, like BBC One, BBC Two, etc, right in Kodi. It works by using the BBC iPlayer website.

bbc iplayer

It would help to have an internet connection to watch live streams. The streams are of good quality if you have a fast internet connection. This is a nice addon for UK users to watch live BBC channels on their Kodi device. This is one of the best kodi live TV addons.

Visit: BBC iPlayer WWW


The ESPN Kodi addon lets users watch live sports and quickly get the latest updates. It has many categories like Live, Latest Episodes, Top Videos etc. Sports fans can watch live games, matches, and tournaments using this addon.


The interface is simple to operate. Videos play smoothly in HD quality, like 1080p. This is a good choice for those who want to watch pay-per-view (PPV) sports events on their devices. The ESPN addon is available at Krypton Repository to install and use in Kodi.

Visit: ESPN

UK Turk Playlists 

UK Turk Playlists is a popular Kodi addon to watch live Turkish and international channels. It provides free live TV from Turkey, the UK, and other countries. After installing this addon, users get various categories of li, such as movies, music, live TV, etc.

uk turk

They can enjoy watching news, entertainment, and other content from abroad without paying for subscriptions. The interface is user-friendly. After installing from Bugatsinho Repository, anyone can use this addon on Kodi to stay updated globally.

Visit: UK Turk Playlists


Fetch is one of the best kodi live tv addons to get live TV channels and videos. It contains categories like movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, and more. Users can easily browse through different live channel options like USA, UK, India, etc.


Addons like Neptune Rising can be a fantastic addition for those keen on expanding their Kodi experience beyond live TV. These add-ons offer a wide range of on-demand content, including movies and TV shows. You can find detailed instructions here if you’re interested in installing Neptune Rising and enhancing your Kodi library.

The interface is neatly organized. After installing SlyGuy Repository, people can watch news, movies, and shows worldwide for free. Fetch works smoothly on devices like Firestick and Android TV, allowing a cable TV-like streaming experience via Kodi. 

Visit: Fetch

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NewsOn is a free live TV addon for Kodi. It lets you watch live news channels from the US. There are over 175 news stations on NewsOn from places like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. You can watch live TV or programs from the last 48 hours.


The best part is you don’t need a cable subscription. Just install the NewsOn addon from the Kodi addon library and get live news from all over the US.

Visit: NewsOn

Plex Live 

Plex Live is another free live TV addon for Kodi. With this addon, you can watch live TV channels without subscription fees. Plex Live has sections for live TV, program guides, and categories.

plex live

You will find hundreds of free channels on it from different genres like sports, news, movies, and more. Watching live TV streams on Plex Live is very easy. It works smoothly without lag. You can also watch movies and shows on-demand on Plex Live.

For sports enthusiasts, Plex Live becomes an even more appealing choice as a sports addon Kodi. The diverse content ensures you can catch your favorite games and events without needing premium cable subscriptions. Installing Plex Live is hassle-free and opens up a world of entertainment options. You can explore and install it from the official Kodi repository.

Visit: Plex Live


Xumo.TV is a free live TV streaming service as a Kodi addon with the Xumo.TV addon, you get access to over 160 live channels. It has channels from categories like news, sports, movies, lifestyle, and more. The best part is there are no subscription fees.


You can simply install the Xumo. Use the TV add-on from the Kodi add-on browser and start watching live TV free of cost. The addon interface is also straightforward to use. You can browse channels based on categories and watch whatever you want without charge.

Visit: Xumo.TV


Selfless is an excellent and one of the best kodi live TV addons. It has many free live channels from different countries. The addon divides channels into categories like USA, UK, sports, movies, etc. You can easily find the channel you want to watch.


Most channels work well and have no buffering. Only a few channels may stop working sometimes. Overall, Selfless is a simple yet valuable live TV addon for Kodi with free channels from around the world.

USTVNow Plus 

USTVNow Plus allows you to watch live US TV channels on Kodi. With this addon, you get over 150 live channels from the US, including locals, news, sports, and more. A good thing about USTVNow Plus is that all the channels stream smoothly and in high quality without lag or tv now plus

If you’re exploring ways to enhance your Kodi experience with additional functionalities, such as PVR (Personal Video Recorder), you may find valuable insights in guides like How to Install PVR on Kodi. These guides provide step-by-step instructions to integrate PVR features, allowing you to record and enjoy live TV content on your schedule.

However, to access all the channels, you must subscribe to USTVNow’s service, which costs a small monthly fee. Still, it’s a worthwhile investment for those wanting a reliable live US TV experience on Kodi.

Visit: USTVNow Plus

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Achilles TV 

Achilles TV is a popular and one of the best kodi live TV addons from different countries. In this addon, channels are arranged based on their locations, such as the USA, UK, Canada, India, etc. You can easily browse through categories and find live channels quickly.

achilles tv

Achilles TV provides a good selection of free-to-air channels with no sign-up needed. However, stream quality may vary, and only some channels could sometimes stop working. Overall, it’s a decent Achilles TV addon for free live TV on Kodi as long as you expect top-quality streams only occasionally.

cCloud TV 

cCloud TV is another good live TV addon for Kodi. It provides many free live TV channels from countries like the USA and the UK. This addon lets you find news, entertainment, movies, and other categories.

ccloud tv

The interface is simple to use. Both SD and HD channels are available. Some channels may buffer, but most will play smoothly. This is a great free option to get additional live content on Kodi.

Visit: cCloud TV

Limitless Kodi 

Limitless is an excellent Kodi live TV addon to get various channels. It has a simple design with categories like movies, sports, kids, etc. You will get many 24/7 live streams from different genres in this addon. Both American and international channels are present.


The streams come in high quality without lag. This is a popular, regularly updated addon for live content. It is among the top free live TV choices for Kodi users worldwide.

Visit: Limitless Kodi

Tubi TV 

Tubi TV is a free movie and TV streaming service with live channels as a Kodi addon. In addition to films and shows on demand, it provides various live channels for news, entertainment, and more. The interface is user-friendly, like the Tubi app. Both SD and HD quality streams are accessible.

tubi tv

Most channels run smoothly, but buffering can occur sometimes. As it is free, this is a good option for cord-cutters looking to get OTA-like channels on Kodi. The library of on-demand content makes it an attractive all-in-one option. So these are the top 15 best Kodi Live TV addons. 

Visit: Tubi TV

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Is Kodi still good?

Yes, Kodi is still a great free and open-source media player software. It allows users to access a variety of add-ons to stream movies, TV shows, live TV, and more. Kodi is regularly updated to support new devices and addons.

Is Kodi good for live TV?

Yes, Kodi works well for live TV by using live TV addons. Popular add-ons like The Crew, The TV DB, and Limitless provide access to numerous live TV channels worldwide. Users can easily watch Kodi news, sports, movies, and other live content.

How do I set up live TV on Kodi?

To set up live TV on Kodi, you must install a live TV addon from the browser. Popular addons like The Crew come with installation instructions. Once installed, you can access the addon through Kodi and start streaming live channels immediately.

Is Kodi completely free?

Yes, Kodi itself is entirely free and open-source software. You can download and install it on your devices without any cost. However, some live TV and video add-ons may require a small subscription fee to access premium content or features. But most basic live TV, movie, and TV show addons on Kodi are free.

Summing Up

We have explored the 15 best Kodi Live TV addons available today. From sports streaming to international channels, these addons provide a great free way to get live television content directly on your device. If you wish to remove add-ons from kodi, you can also do that!

Whether you want news, movies, or live sports, there will surely be an addon on our list with the channels you want. Be sure to test out a few to see which one you like best for your viewing needs and preferences. Enjoy the live TV experience that Kodi has to offer!

Installing Kodi on PS4 and PS5 also gives an amazing watching experience.

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