Have you ever lost your phone and become anxious because you couldn’t find it? Or would you rather always know where your children or employees are? Phone Tracking Apps can be useful in this situation. With phone tracking applications, you can see the real-time position of iOS and Android smartphones on a map.

The top 3 phone tracking apps 2024 are GeoFinder for real-time tracking by phone number, OverWatch for full-featured monitoring starting at $12.49/month, and uMobix to track their children’s phone activities.

The top phone monitoring apps of 2024 will be reviewed in this article based on user reviews, app features, and simplicity of use. From free options to full-featured paid trackers, we’ll outline the top picks to help you select the ideal app for your specific requirements, whether for personal use or device management for your business.

Top 3 Phone Tracking Apps in 2024

Let us look at the top 3 phone tracking apps in 2024 are:


GeoFinder is one of the most popular phone tracking apps available. One of its standout features is that it allows you to track anyone’s phone number location in real time without installing anything on the target device.geofinder website

All you need is their cell phone number.

The app is also extremely easy to use. Go to the GeoFinder website NS, type the phone number you want to track, and then send an SMS containing a link. Once the recipient clicks the link, you’ll see their location on a map through your online account.geofinder app

Customers also rave about GeoFinder’s accuracy in determining a phone’s whereabouts. Many have mentioned easily finding family members, employees, or lost devices using the app. Its accuracy has helped provide peace of mind to many users.


OverWatch is one of the most popular and full-featured phone tracking apps. One unique feature is its ability to monitor over 45+ data points on a device, including call logs, messages, location, and social media activity.overwatch website

It also offers stealth monitoring, so the user is unaware.

The app provides affordable pricing starting from only $12.49/month, which is very reasonable for parents or employers to monitor a phone.overwatch pricing You can also try it out with a free basic account.

OverWatch has gained huge popularity, with over 12 million devices installed worldwide. Thousands of satisfied users praise its accuracy and ability to provide valuable insights. Its success shows it is one of the best affordable yet powerful phone monitoring options.


uMobix is a monitoring app that allows parents to track their children’s phone activities. It works on both iOS and Android mobiles. umobix websiteThe app tracks the phone’s location, messages, photos, videos, browsing history, installed apps, and more in real-time.umobix gps location

uMobix also provides parental controls like blocking websites and restricting calls and messages. It assists parents in monitoring their children’s safety online and knowing who they communicate with. The app has an easy-to-use interface and is simple to install.

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Other Highly Rated Phone Tracking Apps

Here are some other excellent phone tracking apps that can help keep the people you care about safe:


This helpful app lets families stay connected. It shows each family member’s location on a map.life360 website You’ll get alerts when someone arrives or leaves designated places like home or school.

With a paid subscription, it can even detect if someone was in a car crash and contact emergency services.life360 membership plans Subscriptions start at $15 per month.

Apple Find My 

If you and your family use iPhones or other Apple devices, their Find My feature makes tracking easy. apple find my websiteJust agree to share locations, and you can find lost devices and friends right from the Find My app.find devices It’s completely free to use since it’s built into Apple devices.


Want to share your location temporarily? Glympse allows quick and easy location sharing for a set amount of time, like when letting someone know your ETA.glympse playstore app They’ll get a text with a link to track your live movements until you stop sharing. No sign-up is needed.


This is one of the phone tracking apps that stands out for tracking a device even if turned off. Using GPS and crowdsourced location data can provide an approximate location.trackimo playstore app It lets you draw virtual fences to get alerts when devices enter or leave areas. The basic version is free.


If a phone is ever lost or stolen, Prey can help you find and secure it remotely. You can log into your Prey account from anywhere to see the phone’s location, take photos with the front and rear cameras, or trigger an alarm.prey playstore app

It also allows remote locking and wiping of all data, helping to protect your privacy if the worst happens.

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How does a phone tracker app work?

The app uses your phone's GPS and location services. When you and the people you share with have the app installed, you can see each other's locations in real time on a map.

Is a phone tracker safe to use?

As long as you only track devices with permission, it's generally safe. Be aware some apps may collect personal data for advertising. Make sure to review an app's privacy policy before installing it.

Can an app track your location without permission?

No, apps cannot track your location or access your device's features, like a camera or microphone, without your explicit permission. When setting up a tracker, only share with people you fully trust.

Can a mobile tracker be detected?

Most basic tracking apps are hard to detect if location services are enabled. However, some advanced spying software could be discovered. It's best only to use trackers to stay connected with family or manage company devices.


Several good options are available for tracking a phone’s location or monitoring its usage. Each provides useful tools like locating the phone on a map, seeing which apps are open, and more.

Consider your budget and needs to pick the best fit. Phone tracking apps can help keep families and workplaces connected in an emergency by revealing a phone’s whereabouts.

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