In this article, check out the best apps to spy on someone’s phone. The software enabling us to remotely search through someone’s texts and call history is called spy applications.” They are just like spying cameras on smartphones and gathering the required device information. We can quickly access someone’s phone via an app without a password.

Several internet tools offer monitoring for practically nothing. Therefore, by downloading an app and covertly spying on his phone, one can dispel any questions about their boyfriend’s or husband’s behavior.

How Do These Spy Apps Work

Different applications are created in diverse ways and have varying functionalities. The primary objective of these applications is to monitor messages, though covertly.

The app might monitor our partner’s phone or learn more about our child’s activities. Additionally, employers use spy software to monitor their staff’s whereabouts.

  1. The app is simple and offers advantages without revealing them to the other person. Because it operates in the background without any indication, nobody would be aware that someone is eavesdropping. how do these spy apps work
  2. The process starts with the download and installation of software. Next, you connect the device using a computer code or key. Finally, you can monitor activity.
  3. Download the app to your smartphone first, then register for an account. Enter your partner’s phone information, including the code or IMEI number, in the settings afterward. 
  4. We will be able to read messages, look up calls or search history, view notifications in Messenger, and keep track of the device’s location.

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5 Free Spy Apps For Android and iPhone

Some of the best free spy apps for Android and iPhone are mSpy, Cocospy, XNSPY, uMobix, and Mobile Spy. Download any of these spy apps for free.


This app is a great way to spy on someone’s phone as it is software for parental control monitoring on smartphones and computers under the mSpy brand and is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.MSPY Users of the app can keep track of and log activity on the client’s device. One Month: $48.99; Three Months: $27.99; Twelve Months: $11.66; Scores are 5/5. A demo is available for free.

Download: mSpy


This app is a perfect way to spy on someone’s phone as it is one of the best spying programs that enables you to track any target device. It is a well-known brand. There are over 3629 good reviews, according to their website.

With this app, you can record almost all the activities of the phone you want to spy on.coscopy These days, folks who want to keep tabs on their partners or employees are big fans of this software. The scores are 5/5.

A demo is available for free. When purchased annually, Android Premium costs $9.99 monthly, Basic $39.99, and Family $69.99. iOS: Basic–99.99/month, Family–399.99, Premium–10.83/month (when purchased annually).

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This app is a great way to spy on someone’s phone with XNSPY; you may monitor someone else’s calls, texts, contacts, emails, instant messaging, social networking apps, connected Wi-Fi networks, sent and received media files, and geolocation. xnspyThe app can also record ringtones and ambient noises on a target device. Basic charges are $4.99 a month, while Premium is $7.49. This app doesn’t provide a free trial. This app is both iOS and Android compatible. The scores are 5/5. 

Download: XNSPY


This app is a perfect way to spy on someone’s phone, as it also has parental control. uMobix is a mobile and tablet spyware (for children under 18 years). The user of the uMobix spying app must be the phone or tablet owner or have their children’s express written consent. umobixOnly moral control-related uses of the spyware are permitted. Using uMobix to monitor your partner’s digital gadgets is against the law. The usage of the spying app is the client’s responsibility. The scores are 5/5. A demo is available for free. It costs $29.99 to buy. It works with iPhones and iPads and Android OS 4+.

Download: uMobix

Mobile spy

This is one of the best spy apps, as users can track and monitor various activities on a target device using the MobileSpy app for remote spying and control.

Social media, multimedia, texts, phone conversations, apps, web data, location monitoring, and others fall under this category. Utilize our stunning real-time observation dashboard to monitor your child’s phone. mobilespyYou only need physical access to the phone once. Keep track of their social media usage, websites they visit, apps they use, whereabouts, and much more. The scores are 5/5. Charges are: One-month plan: $19; annual plan: $13 per month; half-year plan: $13.00 per month. 

Download: Mobile spy


Is there a free app to spy on someone's phone?

All the apps mentioned under the subheading '5 Free Spy Apps for Android and iPhone' are free of charge to download on your Android and iOS devices.

What is the Spy App?

A popular phone surveillance program is called Spine. Any contemporary smartphone or tablet can be secretly monitored using the app. You get strong phone monitoring capabilities remotely available from your web browser. Spy is confidential, so your personal information is never kept or shared!

Does mSpy work?

Both Android and iPhone users can use it. Additionally, jailbroken devices can use it. Customer service is available 24/7 at and is courteous and helpful.

How can I track my husband's cell phone without him knowing and for free?

You can use any of the above-mentioned apps or specifically use the most widely used phone surveillance program online, Spine. You can use it to monitor your husband constantly without his awareness. No matter if your husband uses an iOS or Android smartphone, it can observe that device. Everything is done with the utmost data security in mind.

Can a cell phone be tracked using just a number?

There are only two acceptable methods to do this: Any phone in a general area can be found with a phone lookup service, and you may locate the phone and its number using a phone spy app.

Can I track someone's location by phone number?

If the person reveals their position to you, Google Maps allows you to follow their whereabouts using their phone number. The feature won't function unless you have that person's consent to track their location.


Even though spy applications aren’t technically “viruses,” most antivirus programs will nonetheless find them and warn you of their presence. They can assist you in getting rid of the mobile spy app, so you can resume using your phone confidently. Thus, the spy apps above are safe to use, with a rating of 5/5. 

Thousands of individuals have benefited significantly from surveillance apps, although many of them can be risky because they provide the app’s owner access to our personal information without our knowledge.

You can install several programs covertly and hide in the target phone to avoid having to repeatedly touch the other person’s phone.

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