This a complete guide on how to download video from hotstar. A brand new over-the-top subscription streaming service called Disney+ Hotstar is available in India. It’s owner is Novi Digital Entertainment of Disney Star and run by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, two subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company. For the greatest in Indian entertainment, TV series, live cricket, news, and movies, choose Hotstar as your go-to video streaming app. Take advantage of limitless access to your favorite Star India TV shows; 200 days of LIVE cricket; unique Hotstar Specials from the country’s top filmmakers and storytellers; blockbuster movies; and LIVE news in seven Indian languages.disney hotstar

Hotstar is accessible at and on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for smartphone and tablet applications. One of the most popular online video streaming apps right now is Hotstar. You can download some offline videos from Hotstar if you want to watch videos offline, but users are not allowed to download live-streamed content. Errors faced on Hotstar are also easy to fix because of its user-friendly interface.

To download a video from Hotstar is not a simple process. However, any device, including a PC and an Android smartphone, may download HD videos from the Hoststar streaming platform. Third-party programs can also be used to download Hotstar. Listed below are several ways to download Hotstar videos to a PC. 

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How To Download Hotstar Videos For Pc

See how to download hotstar videos using Acethinker, hotstar video downloader and command prompts.

Download a Video From Hotstar Using Acethinker

To download a video from Hotstar using Acethinker video downloader, follow the following steps:

  1. Locate the video you need to download on Hotstar by opening it in your browser.
  2. Copy the video’s URL and move on to the next stage.
  3. Please search for the Acethinker video downloader in a new tab in your browser, then launch it.acethinker
  4. Then, select the “Download” option after pasting the video link into the address bar in the center of your screen.
  5. You may then select the video quality you want to download from there.
  6. The video file can now be saved wherever on the PC as the downloading process will start.

Download A Video From Hotstar Using The Hotstar Video Downloader

To download a video from Hotstar using the Hotstar video downloader, follow the following steps:

  1. Select the video to download by opening the Hotstar website.
  2. Right-click the video link and select “Copy link address.” (Copy it from the address bar if you’ve already watched the video.)
  3. Launch the Hotstar downloader now.downloader
  4. Enter the link in the provided input box, then click the Fetch button.
  5. After selecting the video’s resolution, click the Download option.
  6. The downloading of your Hotstar video has begun.

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Download A Video From Hotstar Using Command Prompts

To download a video from Hotstar using command prompts, follow the following steps:

  1. You need to first download the Hotstar live streaming application for Windows.
  2. Using WinRar/7Zip or other relevant tools, extract the zip file now.
  3. Then find the folder containing the extracted data.command prompt
  4. Click on hotstarlivestreamer.bat file. The Command prompt will open.
  5. The command prompt is where Paste the Hotstar video’s URL and then choose the video resolution: 234p, 360p, 404p, and 720p denote video resolutions for download and streaming, respectively.
  6. The video will be available in the same folder. 

You can use these methods to download videos from Hotstar to your PC. This method is for you if you want to download Hotstar movies or series off the internet quickly. These techniques are so straightforward that anyone can use hotstar

You can download videos from platforms other than Hotstar with the help of the online video downloader. If you are comfortable using CMD, the CMD technique is suitable for PC users to download videos. It is also helpful if you don’t want to use third-party programs to download Hotstar videos.

How To Download Hotstar Videos To Your Smartphone 

To download videos from Hotstar using your smartphone, follow the following steps:

  1. Search for the content you want to download in the Hotstar app on your smartphone.
  2. After selecting a specific video, you might see the download icon next to the watchlist and share hotstar videos on phone
  3. Hotstar will prompt you to choose the video quality you want to download when you tap the download button.
  4. The video will start downloading as soon as you select a particular resolution, and the Hotstar App will let you know when it has finished.

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How To Download HotStar Videos Using The Link

To download a video from Hotstar using a Hotstar video link, follow the following steps:

  1. Open any browser and click on the link.
  2. Next, open Hotstar on another tab and click on the video you wish to subs
  3. Copy the link to that video and come to the above link. Paste this link in the search address bar displayed at the top of the page.
  4. Press Download to download the video. A link-highlighted button will be generated. Click on that to download the video to your PC.


Can I add the Hotstar video I downloaded to my gallery?

The download path is all we need to know. You can locate the video files downloaded via the Hotstar App by looking at the address specified. The files kept in the internal memory of the phone's download location can be copied to any external memory device, and even an SD card can be used to copy the files.

How can I download videos from Hotstar to my SD card?

Videos downloaded through the Hotstar app are stored on your phone's internal storage; there is currently no option to download them to the device's SD card. But only the Hotstar app allows access to downloaded videos, and you won't be able to locate them in your storage and copy them to another device.

Where are Hotstar videos saved on mobile?

Internal Storage > Android > Data > in-app Hotstar > Files > Downloads.

How many videos can be downloaded on Hotstar?

Hotstar now allows you five video downloads per device for offline viewing. This unintentionally means that a maximum of five videos can be downloaded on a single subscription because you can only stream material on one machine simultaneously with a subscription.

Is Hotstar free for one year?

The VIP, or Premium, version of Disney+ Hotstar is not free, and a Hotstar mobile, super, or premium subscription can only be purchased for an entire year. But with 299 Flipkart great coins, you may acquire a Hotstar subscription worth Rs 499.


Because of its variety of content and how simple it is to access from a website, mobile device, or TV, Hotstar is a fantastic service. India, the US, the UK, and Canada are the four nations where Hotstar is currently accessible. The annual cost of the Disney+ Hotstar Super subscription plan is Rs. 899. Although the plan has ads, users may access all of the platform’s content, including Disney+ Hotstar original series, Disney+ Premium episodes, movies, and more. 

For any queries regarding the usage of this app, visit Hotstar’s page and go to the Customer Care section.

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