When exploring the internet, saving images is simple by right-clicking and choosing “Save Image As.” However, the top image downloaders for Chrome make the task much more straightforward and offer more possibilities. For instance, an extension might act as a bulk picture downloader or enable you to save the YouTube video’s thumbnail. If you wish to benefit from this, see the list of the best image downloaders for Chrome below.

  • Imageye: Editor’s Choice
  • Image Downloader: For Well-Organized Downloads
  • Image Downloader: The Best Bulk Picture Downloader 
  • Unsplash For Chrome
  • Loadify – Smart Image Downloader
  • Lightshot: Best Screenshot Downloader

Here are a few image downloaders for Chrome that can be used to quickly and easily save several images from most websites.

There Are Seven Simple Image Downloaders For Chrome

Here is the best image downloader for Chrome.

Editors’ Choice: Imageye, An Image Downloader

This Google Chrome image downloader is my top pick because of how simple it is to use and how reliable it is. It locates and displays every image on the webpage you now view when you click it. After that, you can browse and download any photographs you like.


Furthermore, you can utilize this extension to save all of the photos from the website at once and filter photos depending on pixel width or height. Additionally, you can copy the image’s original URL. Because it functions with many kinds of websites, it’s the ideal Chrome extension for saving images from other social networking platforms like Instagram.

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Image Downloader: For Well-Organized Downloads

You might be able to swiftly save images from a website with the help of this fantastic image downloader for Chrome.

This plugin’s ability to modify and save photos in subfolders is its most vital feature. It maintains order when working with numerous images. You may filter by width, height, or URL with only one click. Alternatively, you can zoom in by opening each image in a new tab.

google chrome image downloader

The extension only has one known problem. Sometimes, it may detect and download the thumbnail instead of downloading the full-size image. However, you can download the chosen photographs by opening them in a new tab, which resolves the problem. Read this article on the best image viewer software to download.

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Image Downloader: The Best Bulk Picture Downloader 

We adore this extremely adjustable image downloader for Chrome, making it simple to download several images simultaneously. You can filter by file type (GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP), file size, and dimensions to get what you need.

google chrome bulk image downloader

It does an excellent job of precisely detecting every image on a page. After that, it shows them to you in a convenient gallery format so you may look at them before downloading. How to Remove Reimage Repair pop-up ads? Read This.

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Unsplash For Chrome: The Most Effective Photo Editor 

It is one of my favorite Chrome extension image downloaders for downloading images, and it’s excellent for use in blog posts, social media postings, and other tasks. It makes it simple to locate and download stunning, cost-free images from Unsplash for noncommercial usage.

unsplash for chrome

Unsplash For Chrome is an extension that lets you access Unsplash’s image library without visiting the website. Thus, it’s not precisely an image downloader. Unsplash For Chrome may be helpful if you are a blogger who frequently visits Unsplash to grab free stock pictures.

Type a search term to see some fantastic image alternatives. Select the creator’s profile at the bottom to see the photo on the Unsplash site. To save the image, right-click it.

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Downloading Images For YouTube: Allows You To Get Video Covers

Do you ever want to grab the cover artwork from a YouTube video? Perhaps you want to display it somewhere or store it for future use as motivation. Well, it’s straightforward with this image downloader for the Chrome extension.


Despite not being well known, Image Download for YouTube is still among the most excellent Chrome extensions. Due to the extension’s exclusivity to YouTube, it is incompatible with other websites. You can download YouTube video covers in the most effective resolution possible with Image Download for YouTube.

Anytime you’re playing a YouTube video, select this extension to acquire the choice to download the video’s thumbnail or cover image.

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Loadify – Smart Image Downloader: Best Features

A helpful add-on feature of this Google image downloader for Chrome is the ability to obtain the colors used on a webpage. It may inspire you as you develop color schemes or match the tones in other photographs. Graphic designers, Brand strategists, and artists might find it beneficial.

For the Chrome browser, Lodaify is a highly distinctive picture-downloading extension. Useful for folks who frequently need to find color codes and are into design. You can not only find the color codes used but also download the photos.

loadify chrome

This extension opens a new tab with all the images discovered on the currently open webpage when you click it. You may download all the images at once or just a few. We liked how quickly it retrieves images and how slick the UI is.

Additionally, the extensions include an image downloader for Chrome that can find even the most miniature icons and open them in a new tab. The UI is straightforward, unlike others, and you can easily hover over a picture to see the download icon. Additionally, before downloading these photographs, a user can discover their resolution.

Lightshot: Best Screenshot Downloader

Every single one of us uses the tool known as screenshots daily. Thus, you must use this practical tool to swiftly download, print, or upload an image of a selected screen portion to the cloud.

lightshot screen capture tool

We adore this app since it’s so simple to use and intuitive. It is quick and flexible, and you can also edit the screenshot. You may even look for comparable screenshots.

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Which Chrome browser extension for downloading images is the best?

Lodaify is a distinctive photo downloader Chrome extension. Useful for folks who frequently need to find color codes and are into design. You can not only find the color codes used but also download the photos.color

Which free Chrome video downloader is the best?

The finest Chrome video downloader comparison. List of the top Chrome video downloaders. 1) uTube MiniTool Downloader 2) Professional Video Downloader 3) Video Downloader Plus Pro 4) SaveFrom.net is 5) YouTube By Click Downloader 6) Download 4K videos 7) Leawo Video Downloader 8) FlexClip 9) SaveTheVideo 10) Catchvideo 11) Video Downloader 12) Flash Video Downloader 13) FBDOWN.net.

What is the best free bulk image downloader for Chrome?

The best Chrome add-on is Image Downloader. It is open-source and enables image width and height filtering. Additionally, you can obtain the URLs of each image on a webpage.

What does the YouTube extension for image download mean?

The YouTube Image Download extension enables you to download any video thumbnail. Now that you know what to do, you will be prepared the next time you hear a Lo-Fi signal and feel like downloading a picture from a video.

Are Chrome video downloaders permitted?

When downloading videos for personal use or creating transformative work, video downloaders are entirely legal for use. However, downloading videos subject to strict copyright laws without the owner's consent is a severe crime.

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We hope you found this helpful essay. The best Chrome image downloaders for Mac and Windows have concluded. Additional commonly asked questions regarding image downloader for Chrome are also available.

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