10 Best Online YouTube to MP4 Converter Tools (2018)


In this era, everybody is so much connected with the social media. Social media is informative and entertaining as well. YouTube is an American video sharing website that is similar to social media network. People from various corners of the world post videos that are informative, educative, entertaining, marketing, and knowledgeable. Thus, you must know how to convert from YouTube to MP4.

We watch many videos and like few of them and prefer to watch them again and again. This could be a waste of data, watching a video, multiple times with your metered network connection. So, to avoid such circumstances, it would be wise, to convert your YouTube video and download them to your storage.

YouTube does not come with an embedded downloader or video converter. But numerous online websites serve you as a YouTube to MP4 Converter tool, to help you download your desired video and watch it multiple times without any use of your network data.

Here, we provide you a list of the best online YouTube to MP4 Converter tools that are free to use and serve you the best.

Top 10 YouTube to MP4 Converter

OnlineVideoConverter v3.0

OnlineVideoConverter is a free video converter that works online. It is effortless to convert your YouTube video to MP4 format and download it with no interruptions. You can convert the video into other audio and video formats as well. Copy the URL from the YouTube and paste it in the field provided on the website.


Choose one format from the drop-down list and start converting. After the conversion is successful, download the video and repeat the same procedure until all your favorites are updated into your list.

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Flvto is an online YouTube converter that works for free. It helps you to convert your videos to many other formats including MP4. It has a simple user interface with no chaos to clumsy up space. Just copy the YouTube URL of your desired video and paste it in the link bar that is highlighted at the top of the website.


Then choose your desired format from the drop-down list and click on ‘CONVERT TO.’ Your video conversion starts immediately, and you can view the completion of the conversion. Then just download the video and enjoy your favorite video any number of times.

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Clip Converter

Clip Converter is a free online video conversion tool, that lets you convert your YouTube videos or even videos from other sites. It is flexible enough also to upload your video and convert it to your desired format. It has a simple user interface with URL bar where you need to paste the URL, then select a video format and click on ‘continue’ to start the video conversion process.


Then download the video by clicking on ‘download, ’ and your video starts downloading. Clip Converter comes with a browser add-on which allows you to convert and download videos directly without visiting the Clip Converter site.

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2Conv allows you to convert videos online by copying the URL from the YouTube and pasting it in the input URL field provided at the top of the website. You can convert any YouTube video to MP4 and other formats as well. It helps in downloading your video at high speed with the original quality.



Fetchy is a YouTube video converter which lets you download HD videos of MP4 format. It has the flexibility to search, watch and download videos in the Fetchy site. You don’t have to open YouTube, search the video, copy URL, open Fetchy, paste the URL and wait for the download.


Fetchy has reduced this five-step process into just three steps, i.e., open Fetchy, search the video and download the video. It is as simple as that. It displays the list of YouTube videos that are relevant to your searching query.

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It is a high-speed video converter that helps you convert your YouTube video to an MP4 format and download it with ease.


Copy the URL from the YouTube and paste it in the converter and choose one format. Then, convert your YouTube video to MP4.


Convert2MP3 is an easy and fast video converter. It allows you to convert your YouTube videos to MP4 or other formats. You just have to copy the URL, paste it into the bar and start converting.


If you are not familiar with the URL, you can search it, right from the software itself. You can select one format from the supported formats and start using the converter.


Conv is an online YouTube video converter which lets you convert YouTube videos and download them to your device and watch them any number of times without worrying about your metered connections. Copy the URL from the YouTube channel and convert the video to MP4 and download it to your device.


This website is available in 13 different languages to reach out to the users from various regions. The Conv can make your process even simpler by just adding ‘conv’ after ‘www.’ and before ‘youtube.’ Press enter, and you can directly enter the Conv interface.


YtMp3 is an online video converter which converts your YouTube video into an MP4 video and lets you download it. Copy the URL to the converter, choose the format and click the convert button.

You conversion starts immediately, and after successful conversion, you can download the video to your device. It is a free utility that charges null for the conversion or download.


It is a free and easy YouTube video converter that can easily convert your favorite videos into required format and play them on your device.


Copy the URL from the YouTube site and paste it in the link field, choose a format from the drop-down menu and click on ‘convert and download.’ Your video is converted from YouTube to MP4 or to your desired format and is instantly downloaded to your device.

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