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EPS is an acronym for Encapsulated PostScript Vector Graphics. Graphics are the images that are created by the computer. These graphics are in the form of line arts, graphs, diagrams, geometric designs, etc. Thus, you must know about the best EPS Editor Software out there!

These graphics are illustrated in 2 different ways: Bitmaps or Vector Graphics. Vector Graphics are created using mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in the 2D or 3-dimensional space. These vector graphic images are stored in EPS formats.

An application that is capable of editing the EPS files is EPS Editors. EPS files are easy to edit, but finding an open source software that can fulfill all your requirements is difficult.

Top 10 EPS Editor Software

To make that process easy, here, we have the best 10 EPS Editor software that is free to use and compatible with your Windows Operating System.


Inkscape is a free design tool with flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, and a powerful text tool. It also supports Bezier and spiro curves. Moreover, inkscape is a collection of various designing tools for drawing, shaping, texting, embedding bitmaps and cloning.

You can apply various transformations with numeric values for an accurate result. Furthermore, you can apply Z-order operations on your design easily with the help of the software.

inkspace eps editor software

You can form layers of hierarchical trees to make your design look even more interesting. There is so much more to explore the application. Download the application for free and enjoy the unlimited access to all of its features.

Download: Inkscape 


Scribus is an open source application which can edit vector graphics. The EPS files are opened in a drawing pad, on which various editing tools can be applied.

scribus eps editor software

In the Scribus application, you can insert text, table, image, and shapes. It also supports Bezier curve and a free hand tool. You can apply filters to your image and preview before saving your file.

Download: Scribus

Microsoft Expression Design

Microsoft Expression Design is a freeware offered by Microsoft Corporation to perform edits on vector graphics. The application allows you to drag and drop files into the editor. You can draw shapes, flip them, cut certain part of it, zoom in/zoom out, copy, paste and delete. You can use a pen for drawing objects, fill colors, align and duplicate.

microsoft expression design
Microsoft Expression Design

It is an advanced graphics editing tool that most of the designers prefer to have. It meets all the requirements that the user desire to have in an editing tool. Apart from the advanced tools, the basic editing tools are also embedded.

Download: Microsoft Expression Design 


GIMP is an image viewer and editor that lets you modify your images to a greater extent, to give the images a better look than the original. It  is not capable of editing or viewing EPS files by default. But, you can make the application work on EPS files by downloading the GhostScript.

gimp software


The process of appending an external script may take extra time, but it is worth spending the time. You can add objects, and shapes to the image using the tools embedded in the software. It supports freehand drawing, path tool, pencil, blend, paint brush, etc.

Download: GIMP


Inker lets you draw shapes neat and fast. You can organize the color palettes and adjust the colors. You don’t require any special skills to master the app. It is a simple graphic design tool with a user-friendly interface. You can group your creations and layers as you like.


It lets you draw logos, typography and simplifies sketch inking. This simple, yet effective software is available free for Windows operating system as well the Android Operating System.

Download: Inker


Vectr is a graphics software used to create vector graphics for free. It is a flexible application where you can share your designs with a URL which can have access by the software or the web page. You create logos, presentations, cards or brochures with high-quality graphics.


Vectr is a package of advanced editing tools and filters which enhance your graphic design experience with the software. There are extensive features to explore, and they are even fun to implement.

Download: Vectr

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is an open source EPS editor fully featured software that works on various platforms including Windows. It has beautiful designs to improve your creativity and the beauty of your design. You can create designs and share them, where your designs are in the cloud.

gravit eps editor software

Gravit comes with advanced features in 2D vector design like Boolean operations, symbols, pages and much more. Explore the various features that are inside the application and use them to the fullest.

Download: Gravit Designer


GhostView and GhostScript are the two cooperating programs used to create vector graphics. It creates the viewing window while the GhostScript lets you draw in it. Also, GhostView is widely popular as an EPS Editor Software.

Likewise, it has extensive features to work upon and improve your design. It also supports keyboard shortcuts to access the tools from the keyboard.

Download: GhostView

Turbo Plot

Turbo Plot allows you to create plots and save them with bitmaps or vectors. Not to mention , it is a package of various editing tools and features to enhance the creativity in your design.

turbo plot
Turbo Plot

Moreover, it has a clean and simple user-interface which does not require any skills to use the application like a professional. Also, you can draw any number of figures in the application, and each figure is unique by a figure ID.

Download: Turbo Plot


Similarly, XFig is a graphic design editor that lets you edit EPS files easily. You can draw figures using circles, rectangles, lines, curves, and text. Furthermore, you can convert the native Fig format to various other formats using the software.

Also, XFig supports keyboard shortcuts which speed up your entire designing process. All in All, a perfect EPS Editor Software.

Download: XFig

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LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice created this open-source EPS editor, LibreOffice Draw. As for the availability on windows, it is compatible with Windows versions Vista, 7,8, and 10. This editor is not just available for windows but also for Linux and Mac for free. The app is easy to use on EPS files. You can also choose from various editing tools to add effects to your image. Some necessary tools like fill color, shape tool, selection tool, etc., are also offered.

libreoffice draw
Libreoffice draw

Other features of LibreOffice Draw are that you can even input text, slides, photos, infographic charts, common shapes, etc.
Other than eps format, you can even export files in different formats as well, such as gif, tiff, png, pdf, avg, etc. It also favors input formats like text doc, drawing, webpage, jpg, png, spreadsheet, ott, etc.

Download: LibreOffice Draw

Apache OpenOffice

With Apache OpenOffice, you can modify your EPS file any way you need. Thus, it is a good option as an EPS editor software. This editor is an office suite. It offers a bunch of tools as well to alter vector files. Some tools included are grid, navigator, slide insert tool, layers section, filed to write the date, time, name, etc., add a hyperlink, pictures, shapes, tables, fill color, and much more.

apache openoffice
Apache OpenOffice

You can also rotate or flip-based on your need. Also, convert, arrange objects, align objects, group, and ungroup are some other features of apache OpenOffice.
There is a wide array of options available in file export format. Some common formats are gif, BMP, eps, png, ppm, avg, pdf, and others.

Download: Apache OpenOffice


For easily editing Eps files, you can also opt for IrfanView. It is free software. It is best for those who have lesser editing needs. However, the tools offered by this editor are normal image editing tools and not vector modifying tools. Some editing tools provided by this freeware are Selection tool, Paint tool, Eraser tool, Clone object, add text, Color Picker, Flip object, Rotate subject, Crop image, etc.

irfanview eps editor software

However, before you opt for this editor, bear in mind, the output format of files is not EPS. You can choose from formats like jpg, png, ico, gif, pdf, etc.

Download: IrfanView


If you work on other image formats along with eps format, XnView might be the best tool for you. Even though using the software is easy, editing tools are limited. There are some filter effects and a few image altering tools. Filters like Blur image, enhance an image, sharpen, slice, etc., are all available. Rotate, flip, the crop are some tools available for altering images.

xnview eps editor software

Besides these, you can also insert text or create a watermark on your EPS file.
Once you finish editing, you can save the file in any format except for EPS. Some save image and export formats are BMP, gif, jpeg, jpg, etc.
You can freely use this tool for personal purposes, but you will need a license if you use it for commercial reasons.

Download: XnView

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Photomania DX

Another software that is free for personal use is Photomania DX. However, the editing choices are quite a few. It is suitable to apply effects such as enhance, contrast, transform color, sharpen, temperature setting, grain effect, film effect, shadow setting, highlight modification, brightness, etc.

photomania dx
Photomania DX

This tool offers no photo altering tools like crop, flip, etc
The export document type is pdf, html album, slideshow, etc. Also, note that the eps files you edit cannot be saved back as EPS files. However, you can choose from emf, gif, png, jpg, and other image formats.

Download: Photomania DX

Final Thoughts

So, this was out hand-picked list of top 15 EPS editor software out there. Give them a try & let us know your views.

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