Top 9 Gaming Video Editing Software That You Can Use On Windows

These days videos are one of the most straightforward and most savvy entertainment options for us. While videos can be a lot of fun, they are equally impressive in terms of commercial implications. Thus, the cumulative requirements that a video must satisfy are exciting content and attractive visuals. For maintaining both, the videos must be edited properly, and therefore a quality video editing software like this one here is a must. Today in the world of e-gaming everyone wants to show their skills through Twitch or Youtube and for that they need to have sound knowledge of gaming video editing software.

These video editing software can simplify the transitions and add numerous effects, transitions, audio tracks, etc.

Although mainly professional software costs a lot, users can trust some online open-source tools to provide a professional-like editing experience.

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9 Best Gaming Video Editing Software

In this regard, the following may prove to be handy –

Windows Movie Maker

It was once a popular free gaming video editing software for windows wherein users could make simplistic videos using drag and drop features. Windows Movie Maker boasts of prominent features such as adding effects, transitions, titles, credits, audio track, etc. to videos. 

It also contains some prominent features such as timeline narration and auto movie. Users can also share their creations on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker

It comes pre-installed with the Windows OS, and hence compatibility is not a problematic factor for this software.

Visit: Windows Movie Maker


This free best video game editing software enables users to add numerous video tracks to the timeline. Users can also add tile templates and effects to their videos. 

Advanced features such as waveform editing for audio tracks and visualizing the audio helps the user make professional-quality video clips. Apart from including over 70 different languages, this video editor’s significant benefit is the regular updates to the software. 


This helps in using the latest software every time. The only drawback is that because of being open-source software. There are numerous bugs and other problems that need to be fixed.

Visit: OpenShot

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VSDC Video Editor

This gaming video editing software has numerous features that can be availed by users for free. The platform’s smooth editing experience enables even beginners to enjoy creating their video clips and other media projects quickly. 

Many features help this software achieve its distinction in the market as a professional quality software. 

VSDC Video Editor
VSDC Video Editor

These features include adding a wide range of filters to the videos besides filters, overlays, transition effects, and color correction abilities. 

It can easily handle all media files due to the broad format support, including HD and 4K videos.

Visit: VSDC Video Editor

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It is a free cloud-based best video editing software for gaming montages that enables users to create and edit videos with effortless ease. 

A simple user interface in an online video editor is an asset for beginners and professionals alike. Facebook video editors like InVideo offer a much more fun experience of video editing compared to others. 


This is because this video editor has several video templates that you can use to create better-looking videos with just a few clicks. 

What makes it a powerful tool is creating videos with the help of automated options quickly.

Visit: InVideo


It is a free gaming video editing software that can design videos using simplistic features on windows OS. Users can perform simple tasks on their videos, including cutting, filtering, and encoding. 

Avidemux can support a wide range of AVI, MPEG, MP4, ASF, and a wide range of codecs. This video editor supports features with practical usage but not so much as a stylish look. 


Its simplistic and straightforward interface will enable you to learn basic video editing quickly as a new user. The significant disadvantage here is that users can not add filters or transitions since the editor does not have a timeline.

Visit: Avidemux

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This is an open-source games video maker software compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux based systems. This video editor has a simple UI, but advanced level tools are favored by beginners and professionals alike. 

It boasts of a multi-track timeline function that can import multiple videos and audio clips onto the timeline. 


Even if your system crashes or there is any similar emergency, your file is not lost because it creates a backup. 

An online forum is where you get to ask your doubts and questions to other fellow users. A lack of a support team means many items can go unanswered too, which is the only lacuna to the software.

Visit: Kdenlive

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HitFilm Express

This popular free movie editor and compositor offers many free features to users. You can add visual effects and avail compositing options for free. Besides using semi-professional tools for gaming video editing software purposes, users can add various video transitions and products to the videos. 


It also supports multiple file formats for importing videos, including AVCHD, AVI, DV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, MMV. Files can be exported in two output formats only, i.e., AVI and MP4. Additionally, users may find the interfaces a bit difficult for beginners to navigate.

Visit: HitFilm Express


It is a great video game editing software that has many features and video effects. Users can edit up to 256 videos, audios, and Still Images. This has been the go-to software for many professionals and movie makers for the past 25 years. 

This professional editing tool can easily edit YouTube videos and 4K quality videos too. Users can import videos and audios in all the latest formats and share them with their peers. 


Its well-designed interface supports many advanced features and supports output formats such as MP4, MXF, QuickTime, AVI, MTS, MPG, M2T, etc. The disadvantage is that the user interface may prove to be difficult for amateurs and beginners.

Visit: Lightworks

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This is a free and open-source games video editor for Windows, known for its numerous features and broad media support. The several audio-video effect options of this software enable users to create advanced level videos. It has a flexible interface that is very similar to Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Besides timeline editing functions, overlays, effects, transitions, audios, etc. Some other advanced tools and features may be complicated for beginners who want to learn rudimentary editing. This is the single most disadvantageous fact about this software.

It is essential to understand that compatibility and interface of the software or online tool are crucial considerations. While the above list is neither conclusive nor exhaustive, you should find the right tool for you by researching these parameters based on your experience level.

Visit: Shotcut


All of the above Best gaming video editing software in the list have their own pros and cons. Choice of software fairly depends on the work you want to do and the investment you can provide for it. I personally recommend Adobe package because it include all sort of editing software one will require. But if you don’t want to invest on these software’s pinnacle or Movavi can be the best for you.

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