How To Download Embedded Video Easily? (2023)

If you like to record videos regularly, you must have heard the term ‘embedding the video.’ It is just using Source A to project your video on Source B. They are generally hosted by themselves. This is very common in this generation. Such a technique allows people to take up multiple takes until they find the perfect one. If you are thinking about how to download an embedded video easily, you are at the right place.

However, this practice may only be beneficial to the person uploading the videos. The person who is viewing it may find it challenging to get it downloaded and saved with them. Although, you must note that it is not as difficult as it is portrayed to be.

This article will put forward methods to get the embedded video you love downloaded in no time! Read on to get a proper insight into how to download embedded videos.

How To Download Embedded Video Using Chrome Developer Tools?

If you want to know the technique of how to download embedded video chrome, you need to understand a few things. At first, it might seem a little challenging, but you would have to spend some time getting to know something before actually performing those. 

Here, a variety of techniques have been laid out if you don’t know how to download videos using chrome developer tools. These techniques can be used to get videos from sites like YouTube too.

Using Chrome Or FireFox Site Of Where The Video Is

There is an option for you to get the video from the website that you want directly. First, you need to launch Chrome or any browser that you use. Go to the site from where you wish to get the video downloaded. What you then need to do is, you need to save the video by right-clicking on it. Once that is done, you must look for a location where you want to store the file. Then you can choose the name for your file. Click on save when that is done. 

You might want to know that this method may not always be an effective one. Even when you right-click multiple times, you may not find any option to download the video that you want. Furthermore, the quality of the video has a chance to diminish. There is no option for you to set the quality of the downloaded video in most scenarios. 

Using Free Video Downloaders

A variety of options exist if you want to use external parties to download videos. Here are many options that can help you if you don’t know how to download embedded videos.

Free HD Video Converter Factory

The primary thing to be done is that you need to download this tool. Once you do that, launch the application. You will get a choice to open a downloader, do that. There will be an option to start a new download. On your screen, you will see a popup in front of you. The add URL option will require the link to your embedded video. Entering that here will start the analysis of the video. You will get the choice of selecting the resolution of the video. Then, you can get the file downloaded in any location of your device.

free hd converter factory
Free HD converter factory

This is available for Windows 7,8,9, and 10.

Visit: Free HD Video Converter Factory

4K Video Downloader

Another way to chrome download embedded video with the help of a free downloader is to use this app. Install the app, then open it on the device. Copy the URL of the video that you desire to download. Pasting the link in this app will then ask you to select the quality of the video. Having that done, you need to download the video.

4k video downloader
4K video downloader

Suppose you have your device updated to Windows 7.8.9. Or 10, this application will run on your device. This is one of the best apps to use if you don’t download embedded videos.

Visit: 4K Video Downloader

Using Firefox/Chrome

Lastly, if you are concerned about any viruses attacking your device, you can try this method. You can get the download embedded videos chrome or Firefox version. 

using chrome or firefox browser
Using chrome or firefox browser

You need to head on to the website from where you want the embedded video. Please use either Chrome or Firefox to redirect yourself. The F12 shortcut key or the option of Inspect Element can help you. Once you get into that, go to the Media Tab that falls under Network. The F5 key needs to be pressed, and the video needs to be played again. Here, the video is downloaded! The download link given on the lower left side of the page will appear. You can then right-click on the line and choose to open it in a new tab. The video will then continue to play in a new account. There will be a download option and if you cannot see that, right-click and then select Save As.


It is effortless for you to download a Javascript video that you love. The techniques prescribed would first have to be understood before performing them. If you skim through this article, it might become difficult for you to achieve the method. A thorough understanding of the methodologies is required from your end. As soon as you gain all of that, you can proceed with resolving how to download embedded video. 

If you follow the steps correctly, there will be no need for you to do anything else. The proper methodology is only possible when this is done.

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