11 Best Online Facebook Video Downloader Tools (Latest 2020)

We all use social media apps. Pretty much all of us have a presence on Facebook. Like it or not, you have to admit that some great stuff gets uploaded there by tons of users every second. If you found an excellent video over there and want to save it on your device, you may not be able to do that directly. If you are in your browser and are checking out some juicy content on Facebook that you want to download like the live videos or the post videos, then you can make use of online Facebook Video Downloader for that. Not only this, but through these facebook video downloaders, you may also download any of the private videos with a simple effort.

These sites listed here are online tools that help you download videos from your Facebook wall or anywhere else that you stumbled upon. So if you are interested, go through this compiled list of 5 best online Facebook video downloaders, and get your favorite content offloaded from their servers on your machine’s local storage, to enjoy offline. Let’s get started.

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Top 11 Facebook Video Downloader Tools

Here are some of the finest Facebook Video Downloader tools for your use.


4hub is one of the amazing Facebook Video Downloader Websites. Like other websites, it offers a simple, clean, and straightforward interface, i.e., easing the work of users.


If you wish to download a facebook video through 4hub.net then,

  • Copy the video URL.
  • Open the new tab, and search for 4hub.net/facebook-video-downloader.
  • A dialogue box will appear. Paste the URL in it.
  • Press Download. Select the format as per your choice.

Visit : 4hub.net


GetfVid is another available online Facebook Video Downloader tool through which one can convert the videos to audios. Also, the features of the software/website allow file downloading free. One can work with this website on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The downloading procedure is as simple as copy and paste.


The steps are as follows-

  1. Enter the URL in the given text box.
  2. And press the download button to download the video as per the format.

Visit : GetfVid

Free Make Video Downloader

Free Make Video Downloader is a software developed by Ellora Assets Corporation. The software is free to use for Windows users. However, if the file is above three minutes, then a premium version must be purchased.

Freemake Video Downloader
Freemake Video Downloader

This Facebook Video Downloader software downloads the videos in different formats. Also, there are multiple outputs options available like AVI, WMV, MPG, and MP4.

Visit : Free Make Video Downloader

Yoo Download

YooDownload is one of the many among Facebook Video Downloader tools. Not only the website offers the free version, but also it is helpful when used for other social media sites. Like other websites, it offers videos in different formats.

Yoo Download
Yoo Download

The steps to download videos from YooDownload are as follows-

  1. Copy the URL of the video you wish to download.
  2. Come back to the homepage of YooDownload and paste the link in the given URL box.
  3. Then, a third page will open with a list of formats. Choose your format and download the video.

Visit : YooDownload

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Save As

SaveAs is another Facebook Video Downloader website. The site works well both in Windows and Mac. Like other websites, the process of downloading is straightforward. Besides, the website offers a free version for easy accessibility to users.


The steps to use the website are as follows-

  1. Copy the URL of the video.
  2. Paste the URL on the homepage of SaveAs.
  3. Click the Download button to save the video as per the choice of resolution. (High/Low)

Visit : SaveAs 

FB Downloader

This site is another great option for downloading videos from Facebook. The website interface is very intuitive and is advertisement free. The website offers you two downloads formats, HD quality and SD quality. You can even use their private Facebook video downloader to get videos that are not public.

FB Downloader
FB Downloader

To get started paste the Facebook video link into the input box on the homepage. Tap the “Go” button and anticipate for the website to display the download options. Once the page reloads, click on the download button corresponding to the quality of the video that you’d like to save to your device.

Visit : FB Downloader 


I tried out several other websites, and some of them do not work as expected. But thankfully, this one does work pretty well. It is a simple downloader where you just have a text field. You need to paste the link of the Facebook video you want.

To get the link, just click on the video and it will start to play in a small pop up window in the Facebook tab. Right-click on that window and you will see an option like “show video URL.” Click on it and copy the video URL from there, and paste it in this website. Simply click on the download button, and it will give you two options to download.


You get to download in High Definition or download in Standard Definition. Sizes of the file will obviously vary based on the option you choose, but downloads do begin immediately. That is great.

There are a few minor as, but that is ok. They need to eat too you know! You can check out this Facebook Video Downloader website for free and easy Facebook video downloads.

Visit : GetfbStuff 

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This website is one of the more elegant ones I’ve seen out there. It has a colorful, but clean looking interface compared to many others of its kind. It works just like any other video downloaders.

Download Facebook Videos
Download Facebook Videos

You need to paste the video URL of the one you want to download from Facebook and select one of the three available options. Download as mp3, mp4 or mp4 HD. This Facebook Video Downloader works well enough, as expected. Downloads begin almost immediately as you hit one of the buttons. Check it out yourselves; it has worked every time I tried it.

Visit : Downloadvideosfrom 


This is a simple and straightforward website for downloading Facebook videos directly to your native computer’s storage. This site has a ton of ads, and even onclick pop-up ads, so be aware of that.

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But it works as a universal content downloader. Along with Facebook videos, you can also use it to download YouTube videos too! Just paste the required video URL, the same drill.


There are no options here to select the quality though. It downloads every video in the maximum HD quality. If the video was unable to download for some reason, you could give them feedback on it, using the two thumbs icons that show up after you hit the download button.

It even gives you a QR code, if you are on your computer, but want to download that video to your phone. No need to send the video to your phone later on, just scan the QR code, and you will have the download link from this Facebook Video Downloader on your device. Pretty neat, right?!

Give this Facebook Video Downloader website a go; it might be exactly what you were looking for!

Visit : DownVids 


This website is meant for any video that you want to download from the web. And yes, it works well for Facebook video downloads too. This site asks for the video URL, as usual. Paste the one you want to download and hit the download button.


It gives you two download options in clarity. Download in low quality and download in high quality. Both start off pretty fast, depending on your internet connection speed. It works reasonably well and serves our purpose of getting videos from Facebook onto our computer’s hard drive.

Visit : FileVid

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This is a familiar name to many of you I believe. Keepvid isa Facebook Video Downloader which gives you the freedom to download Facebook videos from your preferred URL that you posted, and provides downloads in 3 qualities. There is a 4K mode which is depicted as a pro mode.


You need to download the paid extension to your system, which directly allows you to download videos without visiting the website every single time. Convenient I guess. But we don’t like paying for stuff, so let us ignore that one.

The other two are the standard HD mode and the SD mode; all files will be saved in mp4 format by default. It’s a pretty cool Facebook Video Downloader site for downloading Facebook videos for free. Check it out, you may prefer it to others, as I did.

Not just Facebook, you can download videos from a ton of other websites like YouTube, Hulu, Twitter, Vimeo and more.

Visit : KeepVid 


These were some of the amazing sites for Facebook Video Downloader. If you choose any, let us know about your great experiences. Happy downloading!

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