How To Download Photos From Facebook [Complete Guide]

Social media platforms are gaining a lot of popularity these days, especially in teenagers. Moreover, users tend to update their daily routine regularly to share it with their friends. Apart from this, you can view various other latest news happening across the world. There is no doubt that Facebook provides you with a lot of information about everything around you. Also, you often upload various images and videos on the account and share them with friends. However, sometimes you might need to download them from the internet. Therefore, we have compiled various methods that will explain how to download all photos from Facebook. These methods are quite simple and don’t require much manual effort from the user. Hence, make sure to follow the steps along with us to avoid any potential error.

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List Of Ways To Download Photos From Facebook

Let’s look at some of the ways you can use to download photos from Facebook

Use Chrome Extension

It is a common trend for PC users to run Facebook from their Google Chrome internet browser. This software allows you to append various extensions for a better usage rate. One of the extensions, like DownAlbum, does help you to download all Facebook photos. The importance of this extension is clearly stated in the name itself. You need not worry about anything as it will do all the tough work for you. Moreover, it is available on the Chrome Extensions Store and can be accessed from there. The steps to use DownAlbum are,

Step 1

We assume that the extension is already present on your Chrome, along with all the requirements. Click on the icon to run the program that is present on the top bar of the browser.

Step 2

Open your Facebook page and log in to open the specific album that you wish to download.

Step 3

Next, press the Normal option from the extension itself and wait for a couple of seconds. Once all the images are processed, you will get a message.

Step 4

Finally, press Ctrl+S from the keyboard to start saving the images on the local storage. The picture quality is quite impressive and sharp.

Facebook General Settings

The problem of how to download all photos from Facebook is also recognized by the developers. They want to provide a simple solution to their users if they want every image from their profile. Moreover, this feature is quite useful if you wish to delete your Facebook account.

how to download all photos from facebook
how to download all photos from facebook

Thus, you can download photos from Facebook through the platform itself. Also, this method is simple and does not require other provisions for the same. It will take you a couple of minutes for the whole process to complete. Follow these steps,

Step 1

First, go to the official Facebook page on your computer and log into your account with the correct credentials.

Step 2

Click on the Settings tab that you can access from the column available on the left side of the screen.

Step 3

Next, go to the General Settings option and tap on Download a Copy of your Facebook data.

Step 4

Finally, you have to do some steps for security purposes and wait for the images to download. It will create a backup of everything present on the account, along with the gallery data.

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Use PC Software

If you still cannot figure how to download all photos from Facebook, this method is for you. There are several PC software that can do this job for you without any issue. Moreover, the applications don’t require internet connectivity to align your images and can work forever. Thus, make sure to download and install Photobounce on the PC that will download Facebook photos with a click! Users can also select to download various albums of their friends and save them on their computer. You can easily download it from the internet and follow the steps mentioned below,

Step 1

First, open the software and log into your Facebook account through the application itself.

Step 2

Go to your profile and select the album that you want to download. Wait for some time until the images get loaded into the application.

Step 3

Hit the Download button, and your work is complete. The application will automatically detect all the files and save them in the drive. You can also choose a specific location for the same.

Mobile Application

As we move to the end of our guide on downloading all photos from Facebook, it is time for a mobile application. No doubt, you can find hundreds of Android and iOS applications that are quite effective. Further, users can download Facebook pictures and manage them easily.

how to download all photos from facebook
how to download all photos from facebook

Thus, we recommend installing a free app known as Download Videos and Photos: Facebook and Instagram. The user interface of this app is easy to understand and is highly rated on the PlayStore. Also, the developers claim that it works perfectly for both Instagram and Facebook users. Thus, you can try apps like this for downloading a photo from Facebook and other platforms.


We hope that methods like these clear everything about downloading all photos and videos from Facebook without much effort. Further, it is better than selecting and saving each image separately. The methods in the guide are faster and effective for your convenience. Make sure to follow all the steps present along with each method. It is recommended to keep your images safe and keep a backup on an external drive. This is necessary to safeguard digital data in case of an emergency.

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