Sometimes the sellers sell old iPhones to the buyers at low prices. Now the question might have raised in your mind, ” How old is my iPhone? ” Read this article to find out the solution to the problems.


Owning an iPhone in this era is a trend that will never go out of style. It is one of the most astounding phones that you will ever find on the market. From the speed of the processor to the quality of the camera, Apple products, especially iPhones, have aced every time!

Sometimes, you might also want to experience the features of the iPhone. Even you might have a dream to know what it is like to use an iPhone. In such a scenario, you can buy a second-hand phone or buy an iPhone during the sale. You will save lots of money, and there is an opportunity for you to enjoy all of the features that an iPhone provides. Besides all of the possible reasons, knowing how old your iPhone is, is something you should know.

There are millions of retailers that sell out iPhones in stores. Sometimes, you will find that some retailers charge you at a lower price than those you visited earlier. Are you a part of the scam or taken advantage of by sellers? Some techniques can help you to find out!

This article will help you know how old my iPhone is before you walk out of the store. So, if you are under the impression that someone is selling you an ancient iPhone at a high price, well, get ready for the debate! Although, first, you will have to spend enough time to understand everything that has been presented in this article. 

How To Check How Old Your iPhone Is Easily

The first thing that you need to do is that you need first to obtain the Serial Number that has been assigned to your iPhone. To get this serial number, you should go into the settings of your iPhone.

how old is my iphone
how old is my iPhone

Scroll until you find the menu that has the general label on it. Once you choose to go into that menu, The top of the screen will have the About menu. After you dive into this menu, the fifth heading will reveal the serial number of your iPhone. You need to copy this somewhere or else keep it open to perform the subsequent steps that will help you to obtain when my iPhone was made.

Using Apple’s Check Coverage

You can consider this option as one of the reliable ones because Apple officially released this. This Apple site will require you first put in your iPhone’s serial number. After you enter the CAPTCHA code, you can continue to get the desired information of your iPhone, such as IMEI and others.

Everything that you desire to know will be displayed in a matter of minutes. From the color to the storage capacity – everything will be there. Users can see that the Expiration Date of your free services will also be mentioned. 

With The Assistance Of Chipmunk Klantenservce

You can use this website as your second option because Apple does not originally make it. However, they tend to estimate the date of manufacture in an extremely easy manner. You do not have to hunt around for information here – everything is present in a tabular form. For those who have not bought their devices from authentic Apple stores, here is an easy way to know how old my iPhone is.

how old is my iphone
how old is my iphone

You have to note that you need to enter the serial number of your device to know the details even here. This site can direct you to get the information you are looking for; all you need to do is enter the serial number and wait for a minute or two.

Subsequently, you will have to scroll down a little, and then you will see the production week and when the model had been introduced – everything!

Note that you can use either of the methodologies to know how old is my iPhone. You don’t need to try out all of them, but you can determine the best option for you by simply reading them.


You can now proudly say that you can easily determine how old my device is. The bare minimum that needs to be done is that the steps need to be followed in the same order they have been mentioned; firstly, you need to gather the information relating to the serial number. Without this, there is nothing that can be performed subsequently. After that, you are free to choose the method that will help you to know how old it is iPhone.

Even when you unbox the iPhone and then determine the iPhone age, you can still get ready for an argument because you have genuine proof that you are being scammed. Some old iPhones do not get sold, and some retailers give this to new customers. This is also something wrong that is done. In case the iPhone that you got is over 9/10 months from the day you have purchased it, you certainly should keep some questions ready for the seller.

Apart from buying an iPhone, even when you are selling your old device, you need to know this piece of information. This is so that you can quote a proper price.

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