Every mobile handset has a unique identification number called IMEI. This IMEI number can usually be in print on the box where the phone came from or inside the phone’s battery compartment.

Else you can quickly check the IMEI of the mobile phone by dialing “*#06#,” and the number will display on the screen. Or you can also refer to the device’s settings to learn about it.

A service provider uses an IMEI number to identify a valid mobile device. The service provider can use the phone’s IMEI number to determine if it is stolen. If the IMEI number of a stolen phone is in a complaint, then the phone can be on the blacklist. A blacklist phone can be denied from accessing the network even if the phone’s sim card changes. Several other IMEI checker tools are also available for networks such as Sprint, MetroPCS, Apple & many more.

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List Of Best AT&T IMEI Checker

To help you test this, we introduce you to the 14 best AT&T IMEI checker tools. Also, you can use the IMEI checker to check whether your device is to the AT&T carrier and lock.


Claimed to be based on the most extensive TAC database in the whole world, IMEI info offers a free and easy-to-use IMEI lookup function. Using this function, you can get a lot of information, such as your device’s network and original country, warranty information, carrier information, device specifications, etc.

imei info site

They also have specially designed services such as blacklist status, seller information, sim lock status, carrier check, etc. This is one of the best AT&T IMEI checker tools online.

IMEIPro. Info – ATT IMEI Check

This is a free AT&T IMEI checker tool that You can use to check the status of your mobile device. IMEI also checks whether the device has been reported as lost or stolen.

imeipro site

This ensures that the device you buy is safe and not involved in any fraudulent activity. This tool also helps you to check whether your cell phone is still under the AT&T contract.

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AT&T IMEI Checker

What better way to check your AT&T IMEI number than to use the AT&T IMEI number than t use the AT&T official website itself? The AT&T IMEI checker is free and easy to use.

at and t info site

The AT&T IMEI checker also provides step-by-step instructions on how to find the IMEI number on your device. This website aims to check whether your device will work on the AT&T network.

Check ESN Free

A free IMEI and ESN checker checks whether the device your searched for was stolen or lost.

esn checker site

This website checks the ESN of the mobile device and determines if it is clean or bad to buy. Check ESN Free helps you purchase a used phone, as it is essential to know that the device you wish to purchase is clean. This service supports by almost all major devices and networks. Therefore it is sure to be available for AT&T.


This free and easy-to-use IMEI checker tool will help you to find additional information about your mobile device.

imei 24 site

IMEI 24 will recognize the phone model and check the warranty information on your phone just with the help of your IMEI Number.

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A real-time lookup service that can access one of the world’s most comprehensive and direct sources of IMEI data. IMEI.org also helps you check the blacklist status, reducing risk and loss when buying a used mobile phone.

imei check site

This website will help you quickly check the warranty status of almost all popular manufacturers and networks. Using this online blacklist status checker, you can check whether your device is lost or any GSM carrier blocks it.

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Getorchard IMEI checker

Getorchard is a used phone shopping website that also has the function of an online-based IMEI checker software. This software helps users check whether their IMEI number is on Blacklist. The site is free and easy to use.

Getorchard IMEI checker

It also provides step-by-step instructions on how to find the IMEI number if you do not know it. This AT&T IMEI checker also has options like unlocking and reselling your mobile device.

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The AT&T IMEI checker checks that the AT&T network and the sim lock system status are locked to your iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 Plus, 6, etc., or iPhone X. Also, AT&T IMEI numbers can be checked by this IMEI checker.

unlockboot site

You can check the IMEI professional control service here if your iPhone onto the AT&T carrier is not locked. The 100% correct result. It would help if you validated that your computer was disabled, disconnected, locked iCloud, reported as missing, or reviewed the original carrier. If you have an AT&T iPhone locked, we recommend trying to unlock your AT&T device quickly and easily. You will then need your computer to activate it. 

T-Mobile [AT&T IMEI Checker]

The way to join this is quite affordable and straightforward and is trusted by many people. Also, you can check the IMEI number to make sure you have a better network experience. It’s quick and easy to use.  

tmobile site

This IMEI Checker provides another valuable service and has been one of the most popular AT&T IMEI Checker Tools in recent years. Make sure the smartphone/laptop of your AT&T handset is closed. Only with the AT&T network can it unlock operating systems. Certain services might not be compliant with certain unlocked phones. It is one of the top-rated tools by a source. 

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IMEI Changer

An international IMEI checker tool. This IMEI checker lets you check all details regarding your IMEI number online.


IMEI Changer is fast and very easy to use. Another valuable service that this IMEI checker tool features. Is that you can change your blacklisted IMEI number using this tool.

Swappa – IMEI ESN Check

It is a free AT& T IMEI Checker that scans every ESA system ID and matches GSM or CDMA checks using IMEI or MEID. =

swappa imei change site

It is a free IMEI checker with better features than other tools.


This is an international free IMEI blacklist checker. You can use this feature to check whether the device is reported as lost or stolen anywhere in the world.

imeipro site

The service claims 99.9% accuracy and supports all countries and mobile operators.


IMEI Data is also an online-based tool that can check whether your device is on a blacklist. This tool will provide you with all the necessary information just with the help of your IMEI number.

imei data

It is also an effortless and fast service, but it only offers this particular service on this website.

Cyber Unlocks Pro

Please use AT& T IMEI Checker to check the IMEI of your AT& T USA device before purchasing a Factory Unlocks. AT& T USA IMEI Unlock Eligibility Tool.

cyber unlocks pro site

The software tests that Factory Unlocked for use with a worldwide SIM card can be used on your AT& T US mobile.


What are the 14 Best Free AT&T IMEI Checker Tools of 2023?

The 14 Best Free IMEI Checker Tools for AT&T of 2023 include IMEI24, IMEI.info, Swappa, iFreeiCloud, Apple Support, IMEIpro, iPhone IMEI Includes .net, IMEI Detective, iPhoneox, IMEI24 Pro, Check IMEI, UnlockBoot, and DoctorSIM UnlockBase.

How can I check the IMEI of my AT&T device for free?

To check the IMEI of your AT&T device for free, go to any of the above websites and fill in the space provided with your device's IMEI. Enter the number. You can usually find your IMEI number in your device's settings or by dialing *#06# on your phone.

Are these AT&T IMEI checking tools reliable and accurate?

These AT&T IMEI checking tools are generally reliable and accurate. They rely on information from AT&T's database. This information details the device status, such as whether the device is locked, blocked, or has outstanding financial obligations.

Can I use these tools to check the status of a used AT&T device?

Yes, you can use these tools to check the status of a used AT&T device. They help you determine if the device has any issues, such as being reported as lost or stolen, or if there are any unpaid charges associated with it. It's a helpful way to ensure the device is in good standing before purchasing or using it.

Do I need to provide any personal information to use AT&T's free IMEI check tool?

In most cases, you do not need to provide personal information to use AT&T's free IMEI check tool. Just enter the IMEI number of the device, and the tool will provide the relevant information. However, some websites may offer additional services that require personal information. However, no such information is necessary for a simple IMEI check.

Are there any restrictions on using these AT&T IMEI checking tools?

These tools are free, but certain restrictions may apply. For example, some devices may limit the number of IMEI checks performed in a given period. In addition, some features or more detailed reports may require a paid subscription or additional charges. We encourage you to review each tool's specific terms before using it


An AT&T IMEI Checker can provide you with various helpful information. Use this information, especially if you plan to buy a used phone. Also, if you are a Sprint user or are considering a Sprint device, ensure its compatibility and status by checking with reliable ESN Checker Tools for Sprint.

These AT&T IMEI Checker tools can accurately determine if the device is reported as lost or stolen anywhere in the world. Use these tools and buy safely, avoid loss, and be secure about the mobile device you are about to purchase.

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