How to Ping a Cell Phone | Step by Step Guide

Cell Phones, or commonly known as a mobile phone in the rest of the world except the USA, is a device invented to be a portable radio frequency receiver and transmitter or in other words the remote telephone. The idea of the cell phone or an invention like a mobile radio-telephone service was primarily envisioned in the early 19th century.

Soon with the period, the first cell phone was demonstrated to the public by the one and only John F Mitchell and Martin Cooper by Motorola. Before Motorola came in the industry as we know it today, many similar inventions and gadgets were developed but in vain as they were not successful or were taken by the military. Soon after Motorola released the first mobile phone, Japan launched the first automated cellular network under the name of Nippon Telegraph and telephone.

With the creation of a network in Japan, many other countries followed suite and invented their telecommunication airspace. One of the first few countries to follow up Japan with a network was Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The popping up of networks across the globe, ensured that the revolutionary technology of cell phones would live for an indefinite period. With an ideology like that, many scientists focussed and took strides in the field of telecommunications as the generation of communications supported by these networks increased from 0G to the current day 4G.

Cell phones nowadays have become more than a mere technological wonder but to an extension of one’s body and mind. As people started to make smartphones thinner, smarter and easier to use for everyone and anyone. A cell phone became so pivotal to point that anyone who has access to a telecommunication service can execute a vast variety of tasks, from calling to gaming, texting to taking pictures, to exploring new borders to enjoying the simple leisure provided by that little device, the possibilities are just limited by the hardware used to build the cell phone. Hence making the opportunities, one can access it to be endless.

But sometimes you lose your phone due to various reasons and you don’t have the money to replace your hardware, hence making you turn to the only option available and that is to ping your cell phone to find out who is the culprit behind your loss.

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Ping a Cell Phone on Different Platforms

Hence today we are here to show you how to ping a cell phone. You can do this by the following methods:

For Android

To ping a cell phone which runs the Android OS is simple and effective. To accomplish the process to ping an android phone, the user will have to ensure you can remotely locate the other device.

You can do so by going to the settings and selecting the security option. Once within the security option, choosing the choice to locate this device remotely will activate the GPS in the background. After you execute the above process, you can now successfully ping the phone. Now, the user has to access the Android device manager.

After entering the application, log in into the Google account. The phone that you have will allow you to ping it from any location on the condition through that very location.

For iOS

To ping, a cell phone which uses the iOS is as simple as pinging one who runs the Android OS too. For the user to execute this, he or she must primarily turn on the option to find the phone within the iCloud settings.

Once its complete, the user can install and initialize the find my iPhone application on any device which supports it. Through this software, the user has to enter into his Apple ID which you can link to the iPhone to ping the device.

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Since almost every cell phone in the current market is iOS or Android, the support by third-party applications are unparalleled. If none of the above tips couldn’t help you, then there’s only one choice and that is fall back unto third party application which is available in any of the respective app stores. One of the many applications we have scrutinized and we find is good to ping a cell phone is Phone tracker.

Phone Tracker is a software which converts your phone into a GPS which allows it track t real time. The specialty of this application is that it will derive a twenty-four-hour map showing the locations the phone has been.

Cell providers

The second last way the user can ping a cell phone is by contacting the cell service providers of the phone. This depends upon the correct and accurate knowledge of which service provider the phone which you need to ping.

There is a lot of formalities which one will have to go through to ping the phone through the service providers. Hence we would recommend you to refrain from executing this step as it can lead to a lot of complications and problems in the future.


The final and last tip to ping a cell phone we can give you is to hire a private investigator. We recommend a private investigator on the condition that you want to ping someone else’s phone, while on the other hands if you have lost your cellphone we suggest turning to the police for help. If they don’t take your concern seriously, then you can turn to private investigators or even contact your service provider to ping your cell phone.

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