How to Ping a Cell Phone | Complete Step by Step Guide 2023

Do you wish to trace the whereabouts of your kids’ phones as a parent, or are you an employer trying to locate a worker’s phone? If so, you have come to the correct place because we’ll show you how to ping a phone to determine where it a phone

Pinging the phone is a way to find out where it is and whether it can be reached, to put it simply. GPS tracking software, the default phone system, a mobile carrier’s assistance, and many other methods are available for pinging a phone to determine its whereabouts.

Do you know how to ping a mobile phone location using your smartphone? If not, we’ll show you how to do it. We’ll demonstrate different methods for pinging a phone here.

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Our top picks for fixing- how to ping a phone

Hence today, we are here to show you how to ping a cell phone. You can do this by the following methods:

For Android

To ping a cell phone which runs the Android OS is simple and effective. To accomplish the process to ping an android phone, the user will have to ensure you can remotely locate the other login page to ping your phone

You can do so by selecting the settings and the security option. Once within the security option, choosing the choice to locate this device remotely will activate the GPS in the background. After executing the above process, you can now ping the phone. Now, the user has to access the Android device for tracking phone

After entering the application, login into the Google account. The phone that you have will allow you to ping it from any location on the condition through that very location.

For iOS

To ping a cell phone that uses iOS is as simple as pinging one that runs the Android OS. To execute this, the user must primarily turn on the option to find the phone within the iCloud settings.find my device

Once it’s complete, the user can install and initialize the find my iPhone application on any device which supports it. Through this software, the user has to enter into his Apple ID, which you can link to the iPhone to ping the device.

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Since almost every cell phone in the current market is iOS or Android, the support by third-party applications is unparalleled. If none of the above tips couldn’t help you, then there’s only one choice, and that is to fall back into a third-party application, which is available in any of the respective app stores. A phone tracker is one of the many applications we have scrutinized and found to be good for pinging a cell phone.

Phone Tracker is software that converts your phone into a GPS which allows it to track in real time. The specialty of this application is that it will derive a twenty-four-hour map showing the locations the phone has been.

Cell providers

The other way the user can ping a cell phone is by contacting the cell service providers. This depends upon the correct and accurate knowledge of which service provider the phone you need to ping.

There are a lot of formalities that one will have to go through to ping the phone through the service providers. Hence we would recommend you to refrain from executing this step as it can lead to a lot of complications and problems in the future.


The final and last tip to ping a cell phone we can give you is to hire a private investigator. We recommend a private investigator on the condition that you want to ping someone else’s phone, while on the other hand if you have lost your cellphone we suggest turning to the police for help. If they don’t take your concern seriously, then you can turn to private investigators or even contact your service provider to ping your cell phone.

Life 360

Another excellent GPS tracking app that lets you ping your phone to find it is Life 360. It offers a lot of incredible features. You can locate your missing device and members of your family.

There are many additional location monitoring applications for Android and 360 to ping your phone

These GPS tracking apps help determine a device’s current location, but they won’t function if your missing device doesn’t have GPS enabled or a phony GPS app has been downloaded.

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Use the Ping app to ping a phone from anywhere

Carriers assist their consumers by tracing the whereabouts of their lost phones. To locate the phone, they employ a triangulation technique. As a last resort, you can also ping your phone by contacting your carrier if none of the other options work. Using how to ping a phone is demonstrated here.

  1. Start searching for Ping on your smartphone’s Play Store (or AppStore).ping logo
  2. Run Ping (or any other program you choose) when installation is complete.
  3. Next, type the IP address of the mobile device,, and choose Ping or Start.

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Google Maps

One of the finest and most dependable GPS tracking programs to ping Android and IOS devices for smartphone location is Google Maps. On both iOS and Android smartphones, this app is available for free maps logo

This technique allows you to set up sharing choices and locate a missing device using Google Maps.

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Test computer communication

Another method to locate a lost item is to ping it from a computer. You can use a computer to ping your phone to find out where it is.

Follow these guidelines to ping a phone from a computer (how to ping a phone):

  1. Choose the “Settings” menu on Android smartphones from the drop-down setting to ping a phone
  2. Then select “Status” after selecting “About phone.” Once it’s running, go to Windows Command Prompt to obtain your IP address.
  3. Run CMD as an administrator after that. After entering your Android smartphone’s “ping” and IP address, press “Enter.”

View your phone number information

Numerous apps make it simpler to remember phone numbers by adding a universal caller ID to mobile devices. The device’s location or the SIM card number can also be determined by looking up phone number information. This is how to ping someone’s phone.truecaller app logo

Some of the most well-known phone number tracker apps that allow you to look up the identity, registration address, and other details of the SIM card owner include True Caller, Shock Caller, and CallApp. This con is more effective at identifying unknown calls.

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How To Ping A Phone Location Free?

1. Look for Ping on the Play Store on your smartphone (or AppStore) to get started. 2. Run the Ping after installing Ping (or any other program you choose). Download the Ping app to your smartphone. 3. Next, enter the IP address of the mobile device, such as, and choose Ping or Start.

Pinging A Cell Phone Is It Against The Law?

Government laws apply to pinging a mobile phone. The law we mentioned makes it clear that tracking a person's cell phone is unlawful without that person's permission. A criminal investigation or 911 emergency calls are the sole exceptions.

How To Ping My Location?

If you do not have a connection to the carrier's system, you cannot simply ping a mobile smartphone number. Only telecom companies and nearby law enforcement organizations have access to it as a result. The civilian partner installs a phone tracking app that notifies the person who installed and managed it of the phone's position. How to ping a smartphone to locate it.


We hope the advice on ‘how to ping a phone’ to determine its location proved useful. You may use them and find out where it is by following the instructions in this article. This article also addresses some frequently asked questions regarding how to ping a phone to determine its location.

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