Top 6 Google Maps Alternative Services To Use in 2021


Have you ever struggled to find your friend’s house’s address when visiting him/her for the first time? I bet you have! It’s such a frustrating and irritating job. And if your friend lives a colony with lots of similar turns, then finding his/her house easily are seldom. You need to take several wrong turns. And ask a lot of people for directions to finally reach your friend’s house. That’s a lot of work! This tedious process of finding an address is made more accessible. By the top-rated application called Google Maps. We’ll talk about Google Maps Alternative. Google Maps is an application that uses satellites. It uses satellites to provide the shortest route one can take to reach the desired location. It also offers audio assistance for giving instructions.

google maps
Google Maps

But is Google Maps the only solution for address related problems? No. There are an ample of other applications and services that can be used for locating an address effortlessly. What are these alternatives? May you ask? Let’s go and take a look at the six best Google Maps Alternative. We will take you through these six best alternatives in detail. Also providing you with all the essential information needed. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Google Maps Alternative Services

Further we will be giving you details and attributes of the alternatives of Google Maps. They are as follows:

Bing Maps

Microsoft produces Bing Maps. It offers similar search engine resources like Google Maps. Bing Maps contains great user-friendly and robust features. It makes it one of the most reasonable Google Maps alternatives.

bing maps
Bing Maps

Bing maps provide real-time transport direction, driving, and cycling. In this application, locating directions from one place to another is effortless. Bing Maps is supportive of any web browsers. Alongside Android and iOS mobile platforms.


  • Success history of about 14 years.
  • Includes features like venue maps, 3D maps, StreetSide views, birds-eye view, road view, aerial view.
  • It can be embedded on other websites.
  • Frequent updates.

Visit at: Bing Maps


MapQuest is free of cost American web mapping application. It started its journey in the year 1996. MapQuest was the first commercial web mapping service.


The very unique feature of MapQuest is that it is multilingual. It provides searches like hotels, food, shopping, coffee, and gasoline. MapQuest is supported worldwide.


  • It provides street-level details of a variety of countries.
  • MapQuest includes gas price details.
  • This application allows one to create custom maps, print maps, and embed custom maps.
  • It includes collaboration with third party services.
  • Sign-up is optional for MapQuest.

Visit at: MapQuest

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The specialty of OpenStreetMap is that a user like you and me creates it. The US developer Steve Coast, an ordinary user like you and me, created this service in 2004.


This is a free application under open licenses. It has become a big collaborative project because of its edit-ability. Now, it one of the best Google Maps alternative because of it’s extraordinary features.


  • It shows data in the native languages of the respective countries.
  • This collaborative project supports 93 languages.
  • The users of OpenStreetMap provide data to the application.
  • The data can be edited using any web browser.

Visit at: OpenStreetMap

GIS Cloud

GIS Cloud is a cloud-based platform that provides web mapping services. This application is based on a unique analysis. It supports real-time mapping. It comes with three modes i.e., online, offline, and on-premise service.

gis cloud
GIS Cloud

This Google Maps alternative collects data from the field. It supports data, team management, and can edit maps and share them.


  • With a stable mobile data connection, it becomes easy for the application to collect lines, points, and polygons.
  • Using this service, one can convert their map into a cloud-based GIS app.
  • With this application, awareness of geo-heritage can be raised.
  • You can show support for the swim marathon using an interactive map portal.

Visit at: GIS Cloud

Here WeGo

Nokia developed a web mapping service. Here WeGo was released in the year 2013. It was mainly designed for Windows mobile. The application was incorporated for Android in the year 2014. And then later for iOS.

here wego
Here WeGo

This application provides services like traffic data, location service, and satellite views. It updates itself automatically after 2-3 months. And is a great Google Maps Alternative.


  • It provides turn-by-turn navigation, including destination, landmark, business name, and approximate time to reach.
  • Here WeGo offers public transport data with complete navigation. It is also available for countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Singapore, and Germany.
  • This application provides traffic information for more than 63 countries.
  • It does not need an internet connection for navigation.
  • This is supportive of Android, iOS, and Windows alongside any web browser.

Visit at: Here WeGo

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Geoportail is one of the best Google Maps alternative of France. This France government provided a web mapping service. This service offers aerial photographs provided by more than 90 sources.


This service was launched in the year 2006. Though it is a great Google Maps Alternative. As per the French people, they have many differences.


  • It is a French language-based web mapping service.
  • This application was for the Ministry of Ecology, France.
  • Geoportail provides aerial photographs, complimentary maps, and old maps.
  • It is supportive of Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Visit at: Geoportail


These were the best six alternative services for Google Maps, according to us. We hope this article was useful for selecting the best Google Map alternative according to your requirements.

Along with an application for web mapping, we also need to have an application for monitoring our phone’s GPS location. You can refer to this Hoverwatch review and know about our favorite application for monitoring phone’s GPS location!

Do leave us your feedback so that we will have motivation to write more for you. Stay tuned for more such content. You can use these apps for your travels too. Happy travelling! Adios until next time!

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