Minecraft is probably a game that everyone is very familiar with. This globally loved game has millions of players, and its popularity is still rising. One important element of this game is the Minecoins – the in-game currency of Minecraft that is needed to make purchases in the Minecraft market. The Minecoins perform duties and activities within the game and are mostly bought for money. I am sure you must have wondered how to get free Minecoins. If so, this article is here to tell you how.


Some of the most trusted ways to get Minecoins for free are Minecoins Rewards Networks and Apps, Microsoft Awards, Contests and Give Aways, and the Minecraft Market itself. These are the four most tried and assured methods that will help you earn coins for Minecraft.

If you want to learn how to go about each of these methods in detail, you may like to continue reading. Each technique is discussed step-by-step in the article.

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The Rewards Networks And Apps On How To Get Free Minecoins

The rewards networks are customer loyalty websites and applications that reward customers with monetary (coins) and non-monetary (points) prizes for simple tasks such as making purchases on websites, writing reviews and feedback, making references to friends, etc. Several of these reward networks give you a track on how to get free Minecoins.

Some of the most renowned and trusted Reward Networks to earn Minecoins are:

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is among the trusted apps to earn points and other monetized benefits.

google opinion reward

For the latter, the app directly credits money to your Google Play Store account, which you can use to buy Minecoins in the game. To be eligible for benefits, you must answer surveys and polls and leave ratings for lodging, attractions, etc.

Easy Cash Rewards

Easy Cash Rewards is among the most popular apps amongst gamers to earn free prizes and benefits.

easy cash rewards

You have to watch in-between videos, play a short game, try recommended applications, sponsor apps, etc. You can make Minecoins here as well. 

Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards belongs to the Microsoft browser Bing.

bing reward

You can use the Bing website as well as the app. To earn gifts like direct Minecoins or money or points to buy them, you have to join Microsoft Rewards. After this, you are rewarded even for searching on Bing. 

Points Prizes  

A great website to earn Minecoins is the PointsPrizes page. All you have to do is sign in with your email, fill out offers and surveys, and you will win points.


You can also view short video clips and play mini-games to earn more points. If lucky, you can even win 500 points from just one coupon! You can convert these points to Minecoins, and you may also earn Minecoins codes to use directly. 


The FeaturePoints website and app are another great way to earn points, cash backs, and other rewards.


You must take surveys, make purchases from selected stores, give preference to acquaintances, etc. The facts and codes are then converted to Minecoins.

Microsoft Awards

You must have read above how the Microsoft browser Bing helps to earn Minecoins. Did you know that you may create these Minecraft coins directly from your Microsoft account? This is because Microsoft has purchased Minecraft, and the latter is logged in with a Microsoft account.

Microsoft Rewards is a platform where you can earn gifts for completing particular tasks. The catch? You can directly make Minecoins here. You have to the website and register yourself with your Microsoft account. Earn points, and convert them into Xbox gift cards. These gift cards earn you Minecoins. So, in the time you spend on other sources to make the coins, you can directly visit Microsoft Rewards and earn more.

Contests And Give Aways

You must be aware of several Gamer YouTubers, right? You might even be subscribed to some of them. But how to get free Minecoins from them? Well, you have to keep up-to-date and keep a subscription to those Game-Tubers who play (or specialize) in Minecraft. These gamers hold giveaways and contests regularly, and you can earn Minecoins from them.

You must, however, note that the number of followers of such accounts is high. So, the chances of your win are sleek. Still, participating in them is of no loss. Anyone can get lucky!

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Minecraft Marketplace

You have seen above the different ways to earn Minecoins for free using an external platform. But you can even make free Minecoins within the game itself. 

minecoins in minicraft

Minecraft is a game that allows creativity to foster. It gives ample opportunities for you to create things without preset instructions. 

If you have created something unique that you may sell to others in the Minecraft Marketplace, you can do so and make money as well. You have to apply yourself to the Minecraft Partner Program. Once you receive the go-ahead, you can begin selling your creations with monetary returns.  

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How to get free Minecoins in the best way?

Whether using the reward networks, the Microsoft rewards, the in-game market, or the influencers' giveaways can help you gain Minecoins for free. You must, however, know that Microsoft Rewards is a way to get more coins at the same time more often than not.

What are Minecoins?

Minecoins, as the name suggests, are coins or currency used in the immensely popular game Minecraft. The game requires several in-game purchases that are all done using these Monecoins. The acquisitions include worlds, skins, textures, etc.

How to get coins in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are two ways to acquire coins: • You either pay for the coins on a monetary basis. $1 for 150 Minecoins, $1.99 for 320 coins, $10 for 1500 coins, and so on. • You sell your in-game-created unique items in the Minecraft Marketplace o earn free coins.

How is Minecraft a Sandbox game?

Sandbox games are those that do not have preset goals for the players. There might be pre-structured tasks, but the players are free to avoid them. These games focus more on encouraging users to use their creativity and allow them to determine their goals and tasks performed. Minecraft is a great example of it.

Did Microsoft buy Minecraft?

Yes, Microsoft purchased the Swedish company Notch that created Minecraft in 2014. As a result, the Microsoft Account is the default log-in for this game. Other Microsoft elements like Rewards and Bing directly contribute towards Minecoins and related rewards.

Is the game Minecraft good for children?

Minecraft is an adventure game based on block-building and world forming. The game structure boosts the players' creativity and innovation. The game is complex and not overly violent. So, it is a good option for kids above the age of 8 years.


This article taught you how to get free Minecoins for your Minecraft games. Whether you use the apps and websites for network rewards or to give away prizes, you can always redeem your points, codes, and coupons in exchange for Minecoins. On the other hand, you can use Microsoft Rewards and the Minecraft Marketplace particularly focused on Minecoins. However, these methods are a great way to save money and still add currency to your game account. I hope these four ways have solved all your doubts regarding how to earn Minecoins for free.

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