The Internet is a source of personal exposure. In most situations online, we are supposed to enter our details to get our work done. But, how far are our details safe? Nobody can assure you the safety of your details once you have entered and submitted them online. Privacy is a significant concern when we are connected to a network. This article will guide you to find Random US Address Generator websites online.

We cannot predict if the website we are working on is genuine or fraudulent. To ensure privacy, we try to fake our details by providing a fake name, age, date of birth, phone number, address, etc. Faking a name or age is not a big deal. But, when addressing, we may not be as quick as faking a name because addresses are more comprehensive concepts, and we may not be familiar with the streets and the interlinked areas. To help you provide a valid US identity with a valid address, random address generators are built.

Here are few Random US Address Generator websites that help you generate a fake address to hide your identity online. They are very simple to use and are available for free.

Top 11 Random US Address Generators of 2023

Here are some of our finest picks:

Name generator. in

Be it Washington DC, Mississippi, Alabama, or any state in the US, Name generator. Are the random US address generator and business cards producer websites allowing you to choose a location of your choice? It has many templates. This site also generates different addresses, phone numbers, and email– IDs.

None of the information generated by this website is real, and everything is virtual. It could be used commercially or for personal use. The dropdown button is the key feature that enables its users to choose amongst the different locations mentioned there. It has a straightforward interface that is quite easy to access.

Visit :

Just delete. me

Just delete. I am a random US address generator website that is very famous for generating fake Identity. It will create a false name, bogus location, Date of birth, Username, Password, and bio ( that will include a part of your background details along with false family details and currently what you are doing). It gives you an option to create a virtual and fake identity for males as well as females.


You can either save your files for your personal use or commercial use. You do not have to fill in any details, and this website will generate fake information instantly. This site also provides you with options like view public records for a specific person, reverse phone lookup, and security cameras.

Visit :


Let us talk about one of the best random US address generator websites that provide these fake addresses and give us options to generate passwords, lottery numbers, Fibonacci, QR Code, and Identity generators. This website also converts texts to images. To create a fake identity with this site, you have to follow fundamental steps by putting in some data. It will take the country, gender, and age as its input and produce many fake data concerning these inputs.


Once you click on the Generate button, it will create information like Address, Zipcode, Business Card number, Pincode, and date. Not only this information, but it also generates information about physique and other health-related info. E.g., It will create fake height, weight, blood type, marital status, zodiac sign, and religion. You can use this generated data for multiple purposes or purposes according to your choice.

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Although you can use these sites to produce fake data, you should not use them for illegal purposes. Also, it would be best if you did not use them for scams, as it is a criminal offense.

Fake Address Generator

Fake Address Generator is a Random US Address Generator website that works with just a click. You can customize the address as required by specifying gender, state, city, or zip code and clicking on ‘Generate.’ A more accurate address that meets the address image in your mind is displayed on the screen.

fake address generator

More detailed information is presented that includes name, date of birth, social security number, height, weight, address, phone number, and much more personal information is displayed, which helps you disguise as the generated person. The generator is also capable of creating addresses of 120+ countries with local information. You might like to use voice-to-text apps for free. 

Visit: Fake Address Generator

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RandomLists is a random US Address Generator. You can get any number of addresses by specifying the quantity in the text box provided and click on refresh. The specified number of random addresses are generated on refresh.random list


RandomLists is not just a random US Address Generator but also supports many other random generations. It works for names, adjectives, nouns, songs, animals, movies, countries, and much more. It is simple and easy to use. Just a click to get what you want. These fake addresses are short and realistic.

Visit: RandomLists

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Fake Person Generator

Fake Person Generator is a random US Address Generator with 2 options. The first choice is to generate a completely random address by clicking on ‘Refresh .’ The second option is specifying your state, city, or zip code and clicking on ‘Generate’ to get the results on your query.fake person generator

The address includes street address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, mobile number, time zone, latitude, and longitudinal details. The street names in the address may exist, but the house number may not exist, and it is fake. So, you do not have to worry about troubling some random person at some random address.

Visit: Fake Person Generator

Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator is a fake identity random US Address generator that gives you the disguise of a US citizen. Just click on ‘Generate’ to get a random address and details of a fake individual. To specify the desired outcome category, click on ‘Advanced Options’ to explore the advanced specification categories.fake name generator
Now, click on ‘Generate’ and watch your query-related data. To get back to the basic data, click ‘Basic options.’ It is a simple and understandable website that fulfills your requirement of obtaining the fake details of a US identity.

Visit: Fake Name Generator

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Generate Data

Generate Data is a more specific random US address generator that follows a particular order to give an unambiguous result. Fill in some input fields like country name, column, and respective field category and select the export type as Excel, to obtain the results in Excel format.


If you are familiar with other export types like HTML, CSV, JSON, XML, etc., you choose one among them. As Excel is the most used format, for a clear result, select Excel and click on ‘Generate.’ An Excel file is downloaded with random fields that you have previously entered in the form.

Visit: Generate Data is a random US Address Generator. You can generate random addresses by clicking on ‘Create Profile’ for a random address of a random identity. If you want to specify few attributes like gender, region, etc., you can enter such preferences in the fields and click on ‘Create Profile.’ The address generates all personal details that meet your requirement. The generated addresses and information are fake but seem to be very realistic.

You can generate details of a specific location. Now, the details generated include name, gender, address, parents’ details, birthday, credit card details, occupation, blood group, latitude, and longitudinal details. Also, you can change your region by just dragging the pointer on the map, which changes your latitude and longitudinal information.



Fakena helps you create a fake identity by generating a random name, gender, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, username, password and email address. Also, visit the home page and click on ‘Generate Fake Name’ and watch random details that you can display on your screen.


You can use these details while logging into any of the online websites or filling any survey forms. This site helps you hide your original identity and disguise yourself as a US citizen with the necessary information. Now you can go online without any fear of tracking or exposing yourself to the Internet World with the help of this random US Address Generator.

Visit: Fakena 

Prepostseo Fake Address Generator

Prepostseo fake address generator tool ranks among the best fake address generator websites which are working online. This tool provides the facility to its users by giving them excess to use random addresses, fake names, fake zip codes, etc., from the maximum number of countries.

These country’s cities’ addresses, streets numbers, postal codes, and zip codes are store in a Prepostseo fake address generator database.

Prepostseo fake address generator creates fake names for the users by asking the user basic and general information.

It doesn’t compromise the security of the user.


The original information provides by the user is not store in the database. Hence a third party can’t track or use that information.

This tool asks basic questions from the user, and after the process is complete, it gives the user a fake address and a fake name, zip code, postal code, and fake street number.

Besides that, Prepostseo has tools to generate fake credit cards and fake emails for the user.


What is a random address generator?

A random address generator is a technology that creates fictitious addresses for various purposes, like testing, privacy protection, or data entry. These generated addresses are not real and shouldn't be utilized for unethical or fraudulent purposes. They are handy when you need to provide information without revealing personal details.

Is using a random address generator legal?

Using a random address generator for legal purposes, such as testing software or creating fictional content, is generally acceptable. However, employing it for illegal activities, like fraud or identity theft, is against the law. Always ensure ethical and legal use when utilizing such tools.

What is a street address in the USA?

In the USA, a street address is the specific location of a building or property along a road. It comprises the address, the name of the street, and occasionally further information like the apartment or suite numbers. Street addresses help identify precise locations for mail delivery, navigation, and various official purposes.

How to use a random address generator?

Using a random address generator is simple. Visit a reliable generator website, choose the country, and click the ‘Generate’ button. You'll get a fabricated address and details like city, state, postal code, etc. Remember, these addresses are fictional and should only be used for legitimate purposes like filling out forms for testing or privacy.


Use these sites and let us know which random US Address Generator website you liked the most in the comment section.

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