The Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number provided by the Social Security Administration. It is significant for American citizens or temporary workers working in the United States of America as it is a source of information about the holder. The number holds the distinction of having not only the information about the social security card benefits but also other paraphernalia of the holder. It can be used to identify the general location of the holder, making it a treasure trove of information.

Finding someone using a Social Security Number can be a complex task, and it’s essential to understand that there are no free and instant online solutions to obtain a person’s name or address simply by entering their Social Security Number.

To cite the importance of SSNs as just the number for identity verification would be an understatement. Nearly every critical document requires the customer to apply with their SSN. Thus, if a person needs to find someone using SSN, it would be plausible for him to do so in a few different ways. Let us review all those different ways.

5 Ways to Find Someone Using Social Security Number

There are usually five ways to trace or find a person using the SSN. The following methods do them.

Filing a Formal Request at Social Security Administration

This method is a tricky one. The Social Security Administration has the provision to find or locate the person using the SSN. The case in which such requests are granted is rare. Usually, in the case of a dead person, the administration provides the location. In the most unusual of cases, a living person’s information is disclosed to other people.

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This provision is by the Right to Information Act under U.S. Constitution. U.S. Constitution bars any disclosure of information to its citizens. Unless there is written consent from the person in motion or when there is an explicit directive from the Executive Wing of the Government.

Checking the status of websites

This is the typical resort when the authority does not help you. There are consultancy websites that charge a small fee for their service. These consultancy websites have the resources to tally the required Social Security number with their database.finding someone on websiteThey then verify the results, and the estimated location of the person is determined. These free people finder websites have the provision of finding the person based on their recent activity, so it is safe to assume that their database has an exhaustive collection of information.

Using a Private Investigator

The far-fetched method of finding a person with their Social Security Number is by using the Private Investigator. The tendency of these investigators is that they tend to do their job very well if you provide them with enough money.investigationThis asserts the fact that if all resorts are failed, then there is going to be the right amount of money involved to find the person. Private Investigators are human, so it would be wrong to assume that they are the definite answer to finding the person in context.

Personal Digging

This is a very long-shot method of finding the desired person. Suppose you don’t have enough money to pay a Private Investigator or the Consultancy website for Social Security Number. In that case, you can do the personal digging to find the person you want all by yourself. This would require a great deal of will and dedication. The personal digging would involve you searching through the earlier contacts of the person.finding someoneThen using the contacts, we get the latest transactions from his cards. The records we can get using the SSN from the card issuing bank. This process is long and arduous, so it is not advisable to use this. But if there is no other alternative, and you need to find the person dearly, then maybe some effort from your side could bring some results.

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Formal Petition from Court

This is one of the unlikeliest of events that can occur. However, for the sake of the list of Social Security Number, we are going to consider this. According to the law of U.S.A, a written order from the court can grant the person close to the person in context to receive information about the person’s body in context.usa supreme court in daySimply put, if you need to find out whether the person is alive or not. Then you can appeal the court. The court, accordingly, would identify the person in context with the name and location. This is a sporadic occurrence. This is usually seen in the case of soldiers or veterans of war. The relatives or family make the appeals in dire circumstances.

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Can my Social Security Number be changed?

Social Security Numbers are generally unchanged except in rare cases of identity theft, extreme harassment, or other exceptional circumstances. Changing a Social Security Number involves providing compelling evidence and requires approval from the SSA.

Is it safe to share my Social Security Number?

It is essential to be cautious when sharing your Social Security Number. Only provide it to trusted entities such as government agencies, employers, financial institutions, and other legitimate organizations that require it for specific purposes.

What should I do if my Social Security Number is stolen?

If your Social Security Number is stolen, report the theft to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), place a fraud alert or security freeze on your credit reports, monitor your financial accounts for suspicious activity, and consider contacting the SSA for further guidance.

Can I use someone else's Social Security Number?

Using someone else's Social Security Number without proper authorization is illegal and constitutes identity theft. Each person should use only their assigned Social Security Number for legal purposes.

Can my Social Security Number be used for employment verification?

Yes, employers often use Social Security Numbers for employment verification, tax reporting, and benefits administration. However, they should handle and protect this information securely by privacy laws.

Can I check my Social Security Number's validity?

The Social Security Administration provides a free online service called the Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS) for registered employers to verify the accuracy of Social Security Numbers. Individual verification services are not available to the general public.


With this, we come to the end of the article. I have tried to corporate as many ways as possible to find the person using their Social Security Number. The list should give you a bright idea that the person’s location depending on the Social Security Number, is challenging.

There are various lengthy processes to go through and many papers to fill. However, if the person is willing to go through this, he may find the result.

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