North American buddies of mine among you will be very familiar with Sprint, a CDMA carrier network provider. They are one of the most extensive networks in North America and offer a whole lot of services. There’s a new offer wherein if you buy an iPhone 8 or 8 plus from them and sign up for one of their services called Sprint Flex, you’ll get a 64 gig IP. Remember that you will need the Sprint IMEI Checker tools and Sprint Device ESN Checker to identify your device.

Here is the list of the 6 Best Sprint IMEI Checkers:

  1. unlockr
  2. Swappa
  3. Sprint USA Financial Clean Checker
  4. IMEIpro
  5. IMEI24
  6. Checkesnfree

Anyway, so if you got yourself a phone under the Sprint service, good for you. But you would probably want to check the IMEI number of your phone somewhere down the line to check for any irregularities, wouldn’t you? Or maybe you’ve had a Sprint device previously and wanted to check something about it with the IMEI number you kept. Well, several online tools will help you out with that, and I have specifically gotten out of my bed to write this one. So you better appreciate it! The six best Sprint IMEI checker tools are compiled for your convenience.

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List of 6 Best Sprint IMEI Checker

Let’s go! These Sprint IMEI Checkers will check a valid Sprint device’s IMEI number and provide the essential details about that device. They are all websites that you visit using your browser. No downloads are required. You’re set as long as you have the IMEI number with you.


It’s one of the safest Sprint IMEI checker tools available in cyberspace. It can collect the sprint information in a go and provide you with the details via email. You get a detailed description of the Sprint gadget.


It is free to use, and beginners won’t find any difficulty with it. The interface of this site is quite easy to operate. This certainly explains its growing popularity among people. It can warn you if the Sprint device is blacklisted. Check out the link below to know more and verify the Sprint number.


This is yet another Sprint IMEI checker tool you can use. The popularity, as well as ratings for this website, are quite high. It offers incredible features to the users and is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

swappa imei change site

All you have to do is visit the official site of Swappa and enter the IMEI number. The next page that pops up on your screen will show you information and details about your Sprint device. Go through the page with the utmost attention and verify whether the device is safe to use or not. Click on the link below to collect more information.

Visit: Swappa

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Sprint USA Financial Clean Checker

This is one of the best Sprint IMEI checker tools available in the market today to check IMEI. You can effortlessly check if the device you have is clean or not. In case it is not clear but an unpaid balance, you can abandon the gadget.

simunlock site

The interface of this site is quite easy to handle yet modern. All you have to do is type the IMEI number to get comprehensive information and details about the device you are using. The only pitfall of this site is that it works for devices only from Sprint USA. So, people who don’t belong to the USA can’t use it. Check out the link below and uncover more new features.

Visit: Sprint USA Financial Clean Checker

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IMEIPro is a free website that is designed to be a Sprint IMEI Checker. You have to enter the IMEI number, verify that you are not a robot by completing that Google image captcha (not annoying at all, by the way), and click on the Check button.


Sometimes it shows as “service is not available,” maybe because it has trouble immediately recognizing all the sprint database entries, but it does show up with results most of the time. You can find out if the device associated with that IMEI number is clean, blocked, stolen, or unpaid.

One can even check the device’s financial eligibility to sprint and their POC swap service availability status. You can choose to get a detailed IMEI report from this Sprint IMEI Checker, but you will have to be a registered member for that. It is not something to be concerned with, as registration is free for the most part. You need to enter your email ID, your name, and a password. They will send you an email with further instructions.

Signing in will allow you to check any IMEI you want, not just sprint devices. But if you want the device blacklist status, you will be just fine using it as a guest user.

Visit: IMEIpro


The IMEI24 is a pretty straightforward Sprint IMEI Checker site. It has a single text bar without any captcha to test whether you are human and a check button. But unlike others on this list, it gives many details about your handset. It displays your device name and model number, which are both pretty standard, but it also gives you an image of your phone! Not only that, there are additional options for you to select, such as information on hard resetting your phone and warranty information too!

imei 24 site

You will need to know the device’s serial key because the device warranty changes with the time of purchase and the plan you took. But if you were one of the smart kids and kept a screenshot from that device after pressing *#06# on it, you can get these details from it as well.

Check out IMEI24 yourself. There is also information on how to unlock the phone if you’ve had enough sprint and want to be carrier-free.

They also prompt you to like them on Facebook and share the site with your friends. They are giving you all these services for free, mate. Be a good lad and share them like I’m doing right here.

Visit: IMEI24


I have mentioned this website once before, and unlike the last article, I now know how to pronounce their domain name. It’s Check-ESN-Free. Not the biggest thing to discover, I know.

checkesnfree site

Checkesnfree is one of the universal IMEI checkers and is not just restricted to Sprint. Simply enter the IMEI code in the text box and click on the SUBMIT button. There is a drop-down menu from which you can select Sprint to load up the Sprint IMEI checker. It gives you some basic details about your phone, such as the Sprint ESN, the model number, the blacklist status, and other things. You will have to send them a request for a more detailed report on your IMEI code.

The results will most prepay be sent to you via email, which is cool. It saves you the trouble of typing an email and attaching the report yourself. You can directly forward the same thing to the carriers or whoever you want to show a report to.

It contains many ads, which might get a bit distracting if you are planning to check multiple numbers. But they don’t get in your way, so it’s fine. So go to Checkesnfree and get your Sprint ESN or your Sprint IMEI number checked and clarified.

Visit: Checkesnfree

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How do I check IMEI on Sprint?

Dial *#06# on your phone's keypad to check the IMEI on Sprint. Your device's IMEI number, which serves as a distinctive identification, will show up on your display. Additionally, you can find it on your device's packaging, under the battery, or in the settings menu. This number is essential for tracking your phone if lost or stolen.

How to check IMEI status?

To check the IMEI status of your device, you can visit the official website of your carrier or use online IMEI checking tools. Input your IMEI number, and you'll receive information about the device's activation status, warranty, and more. This confirms the device's authenticity and ensures it's not blacklisted or stolen.

How do I know if my IMEI is original?

To determine if your IMEI is original, ensure it matches the details on the device's packaging and documentation. Cross-check it with official databases from manufacturers or carriers to verify its authenticity. Any inconsistencies or discrepancies could indicate a potential issue, so confirming its legitimacy for security and warranty reasons is essential.

Can I check the phone model by IMEI?

Yes, you can often identify the phone model associated with an IMEI. Manufacturers and certain online tools offer IMEI lookup services that can provide information about the device, including its model, specifications, and origin. This can be useful when confirming the details of a device before purchasing or troubleshooting.


I found some other options while looking for some good Sprint IMEI Checker tools for iPhone and Android devices. Keep visiting us for more such articles!

Check out each of them, and let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.

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