You may communicate with your friends and relatives worldwide using Snapchat. The software gained notoriety for its novel idea of erasing messages and photographs. Although the program is generally relatively stable, users occasionally report some issues. The article discusses how to fix Snapchat stuck on sending.

You can fix Snapchat stuck on sending by checking if the Snapchat server is working, clearing the Snapchat cache, relocating the storage area, force closing Snapchat, checking your network connection, deleting and reinstalling Snapchat, turning off your VPN if using one, etc.snapchat-logo

In the crowded social media landscape, Snapchat has remained relevant. Despite being feature-rich and well-designed, Snapchat’s mobile apps occasionally fail to perform as intended. Read below to learn more about fixing Snapchat stuck on sending.

8 Ways To Fix Snapchat Stuck On Sending

Here are the different ways to fix Snapchat stuck on sending.

Check If The Snapchat Server Is Working

The issue may often be something other than with device or network connection but with Snapchat. Checking whether the Snapchat server is up and running or needs maintenance is a smart idea if Snapchat is having trouble sending snaps stuck on sending.downdetector

You could use the program to determine the Snapchat server’s status. Mention Snapchat as the brand of the service. Check to see whether the servers for Snapchat are down. You might be unable to send messages because the server is down.

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Clear The Snapchat Cache

Many problems resolve by clearing the app’s cache. Only Android-based smartphones can use this technique of Snapchat sending glitch. To erase the app’s cache on iOS devices, you must delete and reinstall it. Don’t worry; this won’t impact your saved memories or communications. There will be no personal data lost if the cache is cleared.

  1. Open the app, and then press the Bitmoji avatar in the top left to access your profile.clear cache
  2. Go to Settings > Clear Cache right away.  Verify that you do want to erase your cache.

Relocate The Storage Area

If you use external memory, set internal memory as the default storage location. Snapchat may never send if the default storage location changes from internal to external memory. free-up-storage-space-android

Stick to internal memory only for this reason. Your problem might be solved by doing that; if not, try the next approach.

Force Close The Snapchat

It will force-quit all processes related to the Snapchat app that is currently running. Remember that doing so can cause the “Waiting to send” Snap to be lost. force-stop-snapchat-androidEven though it might fix the issue, you can lose the Snap you were trying to send. Swipe the Snapchat app away to force-quit it by tapping your phone’s ‘Recent applications’ icon as Snapchat failed to send to one person.

Check Your Network Connection

A reliable network connection is necessary for the operation of every application on smartphones. Applications might not function as expected if the internet connection’s speed and quality could be

The speed will rely on the local network technology if you utilize the mobile network rather than WIFI. Depending on the service region, speed may change as the signal changes.

Your slow internet speed could be the root of the Snapchat problem. Restarting the wifi router can frequently solve Snapchat stuck with sending. Rebooting the router will clear any undesirable devices from your network and reset connection settings.

Delete And Reinstall Snapchat

Snapchat will sign you out and destroy all of your app data and cache when you delete it. Snapchat will keep and backup your photos, chats, Snapchat score, and follows. You can be assured that your chat history and Snapchat score will not be deleted or destroyed if you’re worried about losing them.snap-uninstall

Removing all problematic files causing troubles Snapchat is stuck on sending for one person is one advantage of removing and reinstalling the program. Reinstalling Snapchat will also ensure that it is up to date with the recent version on your smartphone, preventing any issues.

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Turn Off Your VPN, If Using One

Some VPN problems could occur, especially when interacting on Snapchat. You can share an IP address with many users when using a VPN, possibly even those with suspended accounts.use a vpn service.

Snapchat may mistakenly believe someone else has signed into your account with permission because VPNs conceal your network, especially if the server is in a different region if Snapchat keeps crashing

VPNs are frequently used to breach the law or attempt to get around Snapchat’s limitations with Snap still sending.

Therefore, even if your existing home network works perfectly, your Snaps will not send if your VPN is experiencing network issues. Network errors or issues connecting to Snapchat’s servers often cause a stuck-on-sending Snapchat message.

Therefore, an excellent method to rule out your VPN as a potential source of this issue is temporarily disabling it.

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Check The Snapchat App Permissions

Snapchat needs access to the microphone, contacts, photos, Location, and camera to function as intended. A broken app experience results from denying these permissions, as Snapchat takes forever to send

On Android

Follow these steps to enable the necessary app permissions.

  1. Tap and hold the Snapchat app’s icon. Select the ‘i’ button to open the information menu.snap chat icon
  2. Pick Permissions from the drop-down option. Check the forbidden permissions.snap-app
  3. Select the necessary Snapchat permission. By selecting the radio option next to it, select solely while using the app.

Restart Snapchat after completing this procedure for each required permission. 

On iPhone

iPhone users can use the procedure listed below to verify Snapchat permissions, as Snapchat is stuck on updating messages.

  1. On your iPhone, select the Settings option. Tap Snapchat by scrolling. From the menu that appears after tapping Location, choose While Using the App.snap permission iphone
  2. If you frequently use Snap Map, turn on the Precise Location toggle. Go to the Snapchat menu and turn on the camera, microphone, and mobile data permissions.

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Why is my Snap stopped at the sending stage?

Switch the device off before turning it back on. After that, make sure the Snapchat app is operational. It should ensure that the Snapchat waiting to send message issue is resolved.

Should I clear Snapchat's cache?

Data is saved in your cache to speed up Snapchat. Clear the cache to make room on your smartphone or to fix any problems. On an iOS device, you can delete some specific caches independently instead of the entire cache simultaneously.

Why is sending my Snap to take so long?

Most of the time, the internet connection will cause any issues you have sending or receiving Snapchats. You can have a shaky connection or use a signal that doesn't provide you with internet access.

What does Snapchat cache mean?

Everything speed up an app or gadget stores in this remote area. It remembers details such as your password and Location to open Snapchat without constantly checking in.

How long does Snapchat hold?

Once every receiver has seen a Snap, the Snapchat servers quickly erase it. Snapchat servers automatically erase all unopened Snaps after 30 days.


It is all about fixing Snapchat stuck on sending. However, when using the Snapchat app, one of the problems you could run into is when it gets stuck sending messages. Especially if you are submitting anything critical and time-sensitive, this can be a stressful experience. So, you can easily fix it using the methods in the article above.

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