Monitoring the kid’s activity on their mobile phone is the dream and duty of every parent to ensure that their child is not peeking into the dark side of the web to ensure that he is entirely safe and legally using the internet. Thus, you must know about the best Snapchat spy apps out there. Moreover, some Vault Apps can help maintain your privacy.

The Best Snapchat monitoring apps are:

  1. uMobix
  2. Hoverwatch

But with the technological innovation, it has been tough to do so without installing an application, etc., on the kid’s phone and yours. Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of using spy applications if you have to install an app on the target phone? It does, right?

But don’t worry anymore now. We have developed a fantastic article that lets you use these spy applications like Highster Mobile almost without any installations. The best part is that they are mostly cheap and affordable; some are free. So let us get straight into it.

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NOTE:Before you read any further and install or use any of the listed spy applications, please check the rules and regulations of your city or state, and many states and cities don’t see this as a legal activity and may land you in jail. So be careful.

P.S. – We are in no form or case responsible if any event or activity takes place that might be illegal for you and land you in trouble. We in no way promote the use of this kind of app. Thus, this article is solely for educational purposes.

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13 Best Snapchat Spy Apps to Use in 2023

Here is the list of the top 13 best Snapchat spy apps.

XN Spy

XN Spy is one of the most fantastic spying apps present out there. You can easily spy on any application, including other messenger applications, Snapchat, etc. The user interface is straightforward and friendly and can be used without any hassle.


Priced affordably, this application is a must-have for spying purposes. It has received the best reviews and led the industry to leave behind its competition.

Price: – $8.33 per month for the basic plan.
$12.49 per month for the premium plan.

Spy list: – With this application, you can spy on Call history, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Kik Messenger, Instagram, Email, and even record calls. The premium version gives access to even more features without jailbreaking, which must be done in the basic version.

Visit: XN Spy

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OwnSpy is a relatively new application in this industry but has made a massive reputation quickly. It is incredibly affordable and manages to spy on almost every application on the target’s mobile.

ownspyThe best part is that you can try this application for free for a week; if you like it and want to continue, you must pay. If you don’t, then you can discontinue.

Price: – Basic version – 19.99 euro per month
Gold version – 59.99 euro a month
Premium version – 29.99 euro per month

Spy List: – You can track WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, QQ Chat, etc., and have complete control over the incoming and outgoing calls with a view of browser history. Recording calls, SMS, MMS, and email tracking are other features.

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Visit: OwnSpy


Minspy is one of the easiest-to-use spying applications. It works for Android and ios phones, making it compatible and easily accessible. Minspy also monitors a vast number of different types of apps.


The Premium version lets users spy over Snapchat and similar platforms securely and effectively. And, the best part? Its premium version is available on a huge sale and is among the best deals.

Price:- Basic Version – $39.99/Month
Premium Version – $49.99/Month (and $9.99/Month for the sale period)
Family Version – $69.99/Month

Spy List:– Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, etc. You can go through the call logs, The GPS location, the SIM card location, and the browser’s history.

Visit: Minspy


Spyera is one of the heaviest and most potent spying applications available. It helps spy on Mobile phones, Windows PCs, and Mac OS. Be it your kids or your business employees, and allows you to access essential data securely.


Spyera is an award-winning spying application that its users extremely trust. It is easy to install and control.

Price:- Monthly plan – $89/Month
Annual plan – $389/Year

Spy List:- Most Social Media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It also provides call recording options and access to all media, App history, and an app visibility option.

Visit: Spyera

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Phone Sheriff

Phone Sheriff is among the reasonably best snapchat spy apps. It can be seen as a mix between the super-expensive paid and the cheap ones, meaning it is a medium-priced application with many decent features. The continuous updates regularly keep the app at the top of the list.

phone sheriff

The best part is not installing it on the target mobile phone. This application’s pricing is straightforward and has 2 options.

For 6 months: – $49.00
For 1 year: – $89.00

You can spy on the list of inbound and outbound calls, web history, and complete call logs. Applications like WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Snapchat, etc., can be spied on without the other person’s knowledge.

Visit: Phone Sheriff

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Spyier app is a commonly used spying app these days. It can be installed and set up on your system within minutes.


This app will let you keep tabs on your target user and help you find the root cause of the problems. It will give you Snapchat data like chats, media files, friend lists, etc. Spyier app is also on sale like Minspy right now, and you should surely not miss the chance to get your hands on it soon.

Price:- Basic Version – $39.99/Month
Premium Version – $49.99/Month ($9.99/Month for sales period)
Family Version – $69.99/Month
Business Version (for ios only) – $399.99/Month

Spy List:- Tinder, Whatsapp, Tinder, Snapchat, LINE Messenger, etc. Like other spying and monitoring apps, it provides access to all calls, media files, and application history.

Visit: Spyier


MobiStealth is one of the best Snapchat spy apps available that is very easy to use and user-friendly. You must install this application on the target person’s mobile phone and register. The application will start spying and send you updates on every movement, site link, and date and time.


You can also track GPS location, Snapchat messages, calls, email, SMS, and other applications.

Pricing: – iPhone – Premium $33.33 per month
Premium Plus $40 per month
ANDROID – Pro $16.66 per month
Pro X $26.66 per month

Visit: MobiStealth 


iKeyMonitor floats decently between the expensive and the cheap best Snapchat spy apps. It is a mediocre ranged application that gives you all the features of a costly application at a much lower price.

You can track instant messengers, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. SMS, Email tracking, and remote tracking are other app features. It is compatible with both Android as well as iOS operating systems.


The best part is that this app is ‘undetectable.’ It means that the target person will never be able to discover that this application is installed and spying on them (isn’t it amazing?). You can download this application for free for a 3-day trial.

Price: – iKeyMonitor – $49.99 per month
EaseMon (employee monitor) – $29.99 per month

Visit: iKeyMonitor


Flexispy is a powerful all-in-one spying application that works with phones, PCs, and Laptops (Windows and ios). This application lets you monitor and see through all that happens in a phone or computer system.


It is majorly used for parental control of kids and Employee monitoring for business purposes. The premium version allows the user to access all Snapchat and other similar popular social media accounts and their history and media.

Price:- Lite Version – $29.95/Month
Premium Version – $68/Month
Extreme Version – $199/Month

Spy List:- all kinds of call recordings, chats, and application history, along with location tracking and visibility options.

Visit: Flexispy

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Out of all the best Snapchat spy apps, this exclusive app allows you a wide range of spying functionality. With this, you could practice Snapchat spy to observe your child’s liveliness on social networks or to ensure that your workers are not using their corporate devices to chat with friends or view the latest celebrity gossip online.


The app also features camera clicks, caches SMS, captures screenshots, and records geoposition and Web history. To access and utilize this app, you must sign up for your online free account by entering your email and password.

Once you’re done registering your email and password, now move on to download the phone tracker app from an online account. Cheers! You can easily monitor all entered data and logged calls in your online workspace.

Key Features:

  • Claimed to be the best Snapchat spy app
  • Spying on someone else’s Snapchat for free
  • Track all their Snapchat photos online

Visit: HoverWatch


Neatspy is a perfect solution for users without knowledge about handling and using spy applications. Its interface is specially designed for beginners, as it sets up in just a couple of minutes.


It also provides parents with location sharing so that they can keep tabs on their kid’s location all the time using GPS, Wifi, and SIM cards.

Price:- Basic Version – $39.99/Month
Premium Version – $49.99/Month ($9.99/Month for sales period)
Family Version – $69.99/Month
Business Version (for ios only) – $399.99/Month

Spy List:- All the basic mobile application tracking, including call logs, messengers, and social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

Visit: Neatspy

The Spy Expert

Due to the algorithm of social exchange of Snapchat, the application matches a definite channel of leaking confidential data for business and youngsters who screens their ties from parents. But don’t worry. Snapchat Tracker is one of those Snapchat Spy Apps which is an excellent solution to counter information leakage from your department and shield your children from undesired contacts.

Snapchat spy observes each participant’s action in the app and allows you to block a device when a dangerous activity occurs (for example, a message is sent to unwanted contact or a new connection).

snahchat spy expert

Snapchat spy app blocks your business for any possible leakage of business-sensitive documents, which are readily scanned with a cell phone camera and sent to contenders in a click. In 10 seconds, the span will be unavailable in the chat, and any proof of leaking information will vanish.

Visit: Snapchat Spy Expert

Fone Tracker Snapchat Spy

Out of all the best Snapchat spy apps, FoneTracker allows you to view all the Snapchat texts being sent and collected via the target phone. With FoneTracker, you can watch the target phone’s SnapChat texts. View the contents of each message.

Receive the titles and numbers of all SnapChat receivers and senders and the time and date marks of all SnapChat messages. Every SnapChat message received falls into your online FoneTracker control panel, which you can reach wherever you have an internet connection.

snapchat trackerIt is software to spy on any electronic device like a smartphone, PC, or tablet. The Fone tracker also lets you undergo spying distinctively and uniquely. You must think, “What are the best Snapchat Monitoring apps?”.

I am not saying you doubt your friends, kids, or employees. The website aims to keep a person familiar with the harmful effects their children may suffer from conversing with a person with the wrong intention.

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What is mSpy app?

A covert Snapchat surveillance solution is mSpy. In the background, it gathers data from the Android device. Hence, you must install mSpy on a target person's Android device to spy on them. By opening the account, you can also view various data anytime.

How do you see who someone is speaking to on Snapchat?

Looking at someone's Friends list is one technique to spot someone who is snapping. Open the Snapchat app, and on the camera screen, slide right to access your Friends list. Hence, the names of everyone you have friends with on Snapchat are listed.

Are Snapchat messages private?

Your and your friends' Snaps and conversations are private. So, Snapchat doesn't use content scanning to build user profiles or serve adverts. However, it implies that they have no clue what you're saying or Snapping unless you explicitly tell them.

What is meant by Snapchat Plus?

It is the paid version of Snapchat to expand the network. However, this functionality allows users to try features like original icons and conversation pinning early on.

Are spying applications legal to use?

Yes, they are legal. You act legally using a cell phone spy app with the target person's approval or permission. Hence, using spying applications on someone's cell phone is acceptable with applicable laws.

How can parents monitor Snapchat?

Many parents use the AirDroid Parental Control program to monitor their kids' Android usage, notably Snapchat. Hence, it also offers features that are easy to use for ensuring safety and assisting kids in developing good digital habits.


So these were the best Snapchat spy apps to be downloaded to track Snapchat and other applications. Please comment in the comment section if you have any other Snapchat Spy Apps. If you want to know whether someone blocked or deleted you on Snapchat, click here.

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