Top 6 Best Free Vault Apps for Android & iOS (2019)


As the name suggests, Vault Apps mean a type of security application where you can keep all your personal and private photos, important data, private social accounts, etc. and assure that they wouldn’t be leaked online. Thus, you must know about the best Vault Apps out there.

With the rise in the number of hackers and crackers hacking social media, Wifi passwords, etc. your phone’s security is in your hands especially your photos. Phones are nowadays becoming easy targets for these hackers and they can retrieve all your data and can sell or leak them online, which can be devastating for you irrespective of your phone’s content. (explicit included, if you know what I mean)

6 Finest Vault Apps to Use

Here are top vault apps to protect your essential data and privacy.

Private Photo Vault

Since photos are the most scrutinized thing which is easily hacked, therefore a photo vault deserves the first place. Private photo vault is a secure digital Vault Apps through which you can keep your private photos private and hide it from all the users of your phone .(if any)

The app can be encrypted with a four digit pin code and will open only when the pin will match the code which is set by you. Other than the pin password you can also have a pattern password.

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Private Photo Vault

All the unwelcome people are put to a fake password employed by the application which tricks them out of the application automatically. You can keep photos and even videos in this application.

The coolest part about it is that if there is a break-in of any sort, it will be directly reported to you with the time as well as the accurate GPS location. When you have this app, forget all the tension of getting a hack.

In today’s world, people keep photos of their essential document and themselves and their family in their smartphones. Photos are the one which is easily hacked and are mostly in tampering. Hackers misuse other people’s pictures for their benefit.

Private Photo Vault is a one of the secure digital Vault Apps; which allows a user to keep his/her private photos safe and hidden from any other user. This app can be used for photos and videos.
A user needs to set either a four-digit pin code or a pattern can be set to encrypt the app.

The app will only open when the correct pin or pattern is inserted. If someone enters a wrong pin or pattern, they are automatically pushed out of the app. If there is a break-in, it will be directly reported to you with the time and accurate GPS location.

Visit: Private photo vault

Gallery Lock

A sweet, simple and easy to use application for the protection of your phone gallery pictures and videos.

You can simply select the photos that you wish to keep private and select the gallery lock option in the options menu that will appear in your gallery.

The best part about Gallery Lock is that, not only you can hide your images from others, you can also hide this application as well by switching to its in-built stealth mode. Isn’t that cool?

Gallery Lock
Gallery Lock

You can get it easily on the play store. And don’t worry about calling the customer care again and again. This app takes care of it all and provides you instructions in every step of the way.

It also assists in to protect your phone gallery pictures and videos. This app is simple and can be easily used. Select the photos and videos you wish to keep private, after that select the gallery lock option which will appear under the option menu of your phone’s gallery.

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It has an in-built stealth mode that means you can hide your images or videos from other as well as the application. This application provides you instruction at every step, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Truly a savior!

Visit: Gallery Lock

Best Secret Folder

Another is another name in some of the most amazing Vault Apps in the line is ‘Best Secret Folder.’ This application got a step further and inculcated a feature to click photos and shoot videos directly through the application and storing it there itself.

It has complete password protection. And even keeps a track record of the time and date of the login. And exit so that the user can be one hundred percent sure of the safety of his photos and videos.

Best Secret Folder
Best Secret Folder

The salient feature of this application is that even if the intruder tries to enter or hack into your photos. It gets detection by the application as unauthorized entry. And it displays a bunch of random videos to let the intruder believe that he has successfully broken in.

This application is another great application for keeping your photos and videos private. This application is completely password protected. Besides encrypting the pictures, this application allows the user to click images and shoot videos and store them directly in the application.

This application keeps track of time and date of login as well as exit so a user can be hundred percent sure regarding the safety of his files. This application has one fantastic feature. That is even if someone tries to enter or hack into your photos, there entry identification is still present and some other videos appear to them which are not actually in your media. This feature lets the intruder believe that he has successfully hacked.

(Don’t worry, the application is still completely safe. The video played are completely random and are not from your saved ones)

Visit: Best Secret Folder


KYMS is also as fancy as its name. Performing all the functions of Vault Apps like saving photos and videos in different formats and sizes. And protecting them with a pin and password, this application has something extra special for the intruders.


It pretends to be a calculator on the face whenever you open the application. And does not change even if you tap on it.

It lets you hide your private photos and videos as well as documents. This application has an in-built web browser and an automatic video downloader. One can easily transfer files to a PC via WiFi. This app has both pin and password protection.

It has an extra unique feature. This app pretends to be a calculator. It always opens in the form of a calculator and works as a calculator unless you enter the correct pin and password.The real application is only reveal if you enter the correct pin password into the fake calculator. Astonishing! Right.

Visit: KYMS

Keep Safe

Another application in our list is ‘Keep Safe.’ This one of the Vault Apps is quite simple and is handy for people who do not have formula for nuclear and atom bombs in their mobile phone photos.

You simply enter the pin password that you authorized at the time of the registration to access your photos and videos. Albums and slideshows can also create with the help of this application.

Keep Safe
Keep Safe

The coolest feature of Keep Safe is that, if you have a bad memory like me. Then you probably will forget the pin password a multiple number of times.

It is a quite simple and secure application which encrypts photos and videos. This application has a pin, password, and fingerprint protection. You can access your files by using any one of the ways mentioned above. One can also use it to create albums and slideshows. This app also has a feature of cloud backup that means you can easily access your
files from any device by just installing Keep Safe on it. This application also takes your e-mail id so in case you forgot your pin or password don’t worry you can reset it easily.

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Not to worry now, if you have forgotten the password. You need to simply click on the application logo for a long period (a few seconds). And a reset pin window will appear to put an end all your panic.

Visit: Keep Safe


Vault deserves a place on this list of Vault Apps. This application not only secures your photos and videos. But it can also protect your SMS, calls and other applications as well (Unlike other apps). There is a pin password for your authorization without which nobody can enter this application.

The remarkable feature is that if you browse the internet or make a call to someone or even send an SMS to someone through this app. It all stays private and none of it is in your public call log or your browser history.


You can even pay for an upgrade where you will get the photo as well as the GPS address of the intruder if someone breaks into your phone and to hide the app logo, but the free features are sufficient to make your data secure.

It is one of the best free Vault Apps. This app is handy for securing not only your photos and videos, but it can also protect your SMS, calls, and other applications. It requires a pin for authorization without which one cannot access the application. It has an in-built web browser and cloud backup facility.

The best feature of this application is that it can be used for browsing, making calls, and even sending SMS to someone which will remain private and nothing will get displayed in your call log and inbox. It has some extra features which you can access by paying a nominal fee.

In the upgraded version if someone tries to break-in, you will get the photo as well as the GPS address of the intruder. In the new version, you can also hide the app logo, but the benefits in the free version are sufficient to make your data secure. What else more do you want in decent Vault Apps?

Visit: Vault


Do let us know if you use or have an idea about any other set of cool Vault Apps in the comments section below.


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