Since Facebook overtook Orkut in the social media domain, it has held the numero uno position. It has become the preferred destination for kids and adults to post their activities and stay connected to their friends circle and peers.

A couple of years ago, Facebook privacy wasn’t the top concern of many citizens, and it was easy to snoop into any account. But over the years, Facebook has fixed all those loopholes in the system and made it more secure. So the question arises: Can a Private Facebook Profile be viewed?

Well, not directly. But there are a couple of covert ways of doing so and gaining access to the feed of said Private Profile. It isn’t a straight shot, and you would have to do a lot of tinkering. But I am guessing since you came all this way, you are ready to do anything to gain access to the private Profile. For this purpose, let us assume that you want to gain access to Person X’s Facebook Profile because they blocked you or for some other nefarious reason.

How to View Private Facebook Profile?

Temporary access to the Profile

Of course, you can avoid all these extra steps and send them a message and hope they reply. You could then quickly see someone’s private Profile.

Because of Facebook’s Help Section, it’s possible that when someone responds to your messages, you can view specific profile information such as Basic info, personal info, friends list, work, and education info.

facebook private account

You can send them a generic message like “Nice to finally meet on Facebook. Remember me, your old classmate.”

The other person may reply, “Piss off, I don’t know who you are.”

Once they reply, you have temporary access to their Profile.

But if they don’t text back, don’t lose hope. There are still ways to get around that. And I am guessing you want to keep it covert, go through their news feed without their knowledge, and yet be able to View Private Facebook Profile. Well, you could try the second method then.

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Identity impersonation

The second step is from the page of social engineering or social psychology. You don’t need to do any programming hacks to obtain access to the private Facebook profile. All you need is patience because this step will take some time and effort if you want to achieve your goal.

  1. Click on the three dots facebook three dotsnext to the Add Friend option.
  2. Go and view the snippet of the friend’s list.facebook friend list
  3. You can see some friends there; some might not have profile photos. You can use that as your target profile.

A profile without a DP means that the Profile isn’t used much or has been inactive. It’s perfect for you to View Private Facebook Profile.

private facebook account

It’s because this is the Profile that you would be trying to impersonate to gain access to Person X’s private Profile, and using this measure would raise a few red flags as there are good chances of such a profile being defunct or less active. Now, you can move to presenting yourself to X as this person.

Before doing this, make a note of at least 15-20 friends of X. Now go back to the Facebook login page and create a new account with the same information as the one without the profile photo.

Copy all the info there is ditto with basic information, work, and education. Do, however, use a temporary email ID for this purpose, not your primary one.

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Once you have created the fake account, you are one step closer to View Private Facebook Profile. Add those 15-20 friends and wait for them to add you back.

Most of the time, they would add you back when they saw recognizable information and thought you to be one of their old friends. Do add the message while making them friends that you have lost the password to the old account and are creating a fresh account. It makes things seem more reliable.

You may make the Profile look more realistic to your target. You could copy the details and the necessary info and all the newest posts in their Facebook timeline, such as photos, posts, and links they might have posted.

how to view private facebook account

This extra step adds to the layer of genuineness, makes your target fall prey to the trick, and makes you View a Private Facebook Profile. However, this task may become tedious when there is a lot of information to copy and if they have lots of old photos and posts, and duplicating them might seem an uphill task. But this extra step makes achieving your target much simpler.

When you have added those 15 friends, go for the kill. Send person X a friend request with the same message as above. Now, when that person opens up Facebook and sees your request with many mutual friends and similar information, they wouldn’t think twice about it. And as Social Psychologists say – they would go with the flow and accept your request. You can also view your private Instagram profile too.

After all that perseverance, you have finally gained access to View Private Facebook Profile. Voila!

Use Third-party Apps

Once Facebook finally made it hard to see a private profile, people who wanted to see personal profiles turned to more powerful ways to do it.

Installing spyware is one of the most effective methods for seeing a private Facebook page.

When installed on a victim’s device, spyware and stalker ware can give direct access to a private Facebook account.


Spyware programs are surprisingly simple to deploy. However, you can be sure it will only operate if someone can access your computer or phone or convinces you to install the spyware through a malicious email or link.

If someone uses a spyware app to look at or mirror a Facebook account on another device, it’s hard to tell, especially if they don’t make any changes to the device or change how it works. Once you access the account, you can also download the photo and resize photo for Facebook cover as you like it.

Negative Aspects 

If you choose to use the methods, you should be aware that, even though it seems simple, you run the danger of getting into significant problems for doing so:

person wearing a mask


  • Impersonating someone is a serious crime.
  • If you go ahead with this option, it will violate the law regardless of location.
  • Furthermore, if you want to access a private profile for legal purposes, this should only be considered a final option.
  • Even after paying for the information, the outcome may only meet your expectations if the account is updated.


Is it possible to see private Facebook pics in 2023?

There are numerous ways to unlock private images on Facebook and see them accordingly. Being a friend and using Facebook may enable you to locate shared posts and see shared photographs among your friends.

How Can a Facebook User View a Private Profile?

Facebook offers users an option that prevents their photographs and videos from being shared with everyone on Facebook. Because of this need, Facebook implemented a function for private picture sharing among friends and family. Now, this function prevents other users from seeing the individual's images.

Is it Possible to View Someone Else's Facebook Profile?

If the user's profile was previously cached, you may read the profile data or use one of many techniques to view a private Facebook profile.

Can you message a Facebook account that isn't public?

You may send a Facebook message to anybody, regardless of their friend status or privacy settings. The only exceptions are people you have blocked and members who have blocked you. Messages that have been sent remain unseen due to filtering choices.

Can you see who has seen your private Profile?

Even a premium membership does not provide access to the identities of those who have seen your Profile incognito. If you have a Basic (free) account, you must choose Your name and headline to see your viewing history on the Who's Viewed Your Profile page.

Can public Facebook postings be seen without an account?

Remember that you may only get a preview of your public search listing while connected to Facebook.

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