10 Best Strong Norton Password Generator Tools


Password generators are the little software or hardware that takes data from a random or pseudo-random number generators and then generates passwords. Being random in the field of creating passwords is considered as being hard and tricky but with the help of password generators that can be a walk in the park.

They don’t get much exposure because they are only searched for when needed to do what they do best, and that is to generate passwords. They are vital to any consumer as they do save you from two significant effects, firstly from the hands of hackers who are ruthlessly scouring the seas of the internet to exploit you over your predictable passwords and the frustration of rejection from not hitting the preferred requirements when creating a new account on a website.

The most recommended password generators are open source as they allow you to modify and also allows you to independently check on the refinement of routes taken to create a corresponding password. The chances of receiving a password which is easy to hack and exploit are zero as each time a password is generated it’s random.

A password generator can also come with a password manager which allows you to store many passwords in a single location allowing you to have the freedom of not needing to remember each every one of your passcodes.

Password generators are excellent to tackle those rules and requirements which keeps on telling you to create a more complex password. They also come with adjustable parameters which allow you to control what kind of password has to be produced.

But even when coming to password generators there are so many on the internet that it becomes hard for any consumer to select the most effective and efficient. Hence today we are here show you the 10 best strong Norton password generator tools.

Best Norton Password Generator Tools

Norton Identity Safe password generator 

The first on the list with a hint in the heading of the article is Norton identity safe password generator. This generator is by far the best as it super easy and straightforward to use and is also, for free.

The specialty of the top runner is that it allows you to generate 50 passwords in one click, hence giving you a wide variety of choice when it comes to passwords.

Norton Password Generator
Norton Password Generator

The safety of this product comes from the distinguished name which adorns it. They also offer you a password manager which can allow you to access your unique pass codes anywhere.

Irrespective of being the best, the negative side is that your passwords will be stored online, so it got a random chance of being attacked and hacked.

Strong password generator

Suggested by the name, delivered by action is what the strong password generator does. It is famous for the robust passwords it generates and also comes with an additional feature which allows you to export all your passwords to a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

Strong Password Generator
Strong Password Generator

The other feature is that none of the passwords use the internet as a way of transferring hence assuring you the security of your passwords. It comes with customizable parameters too, but the negative side is that it will only generate one password at a time. So, far it’s a reliable Norton password generator.

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Third on our list is LastPass. It’s a freemium password management service that helps in generating unique passwords and also helps in storing a password in a secure encrypted place.


It’s a very popular client used by many to store passwords and to generates passwords. Users can also access LastPass as a browser extension especially for chrome which can you can get from the Chrome Store.

MSD services password generator

4th in the list is the MSD services password generator. This password generator is unique because it comes with so many customizable parameters which can make the password sincerely yours and unique too.

MSD Services
MSD Services

The other feature is that it shows an array of passwords which are already present before clicking the generate password button on the screen, hence allowing you to choose a password which is truly easy to remember.


Coming hot onto the 5th place on the list is Safepasswd. It’s a unique Norton password generator as it comes with a strength detector. It sounds weird that a password generator would have a strength meter because you usually use a password generator to get a secure password but this feature comes handy if you want to compensate for the fact that it doesn’t have a password saving feature.

Safe Passwd
Safe Passwd

Hence the strength acts as a memory meter too which will help the user to find out how hard or easy it is to remember a password. It also comes with character slider which will help you to choose the quantity of characters you need in the generated password.

Passwds Ninja

Coming hot in the 6th place in the list is the stealthy Password Ninja. It’s a very straightforward application which works very efficiently and effectively. The specialty of something so honest is also its disadvantage over other generators as it doesn’t have a checklist for password customization.

Passwds Ninja
Passwds Ninja

But irrespective of that all of it passwords start with a capital letter and ends with a number which is the primary criteria for password entry in almost all types of websites.

Littlelite password generator

Hailing at the 7th place is Littlelite password generator. It’s a simple and easy to use Norton password generator. The unique thing about this password generator is a little feature which allows it to add spaces and exclude spaces at will in the password which you generate.



The other feature which is present in this program but which is unnecessary is that it also allows you to create a 100-character password. One of the negative aspects of this generator is that it can only produce one password with each click. So, you don’t have an option.

Password Bird

At 8th place is the generator Password Bird. It’s unique in not only in creating password but also the way it generates passwords. The websites generates each unique password by combining a name which is special to you with a word unique to you and a date which is unique to you.

The information that goes in to create the unique password is through a text field. It also generates three unique passwords using the data collected.

This type of password generator gives passwords which are easy to remember for the user, but the relations of the user of such a generator have an excellent chance to crack the passwords.

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Techzoom password generator

This password generator comes with the usual options which allow you to customize the output of the unique password created. It also comes with the opportunity to format your credit card numbers. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to use and comes with the standard ability to generate good passwords at a click of a button.

Domain Diagnosis

A very robust, secure and straightforward password generator minus the fancy pens and whistles that the high-ranking ones on this list have, hence making it last on our list. It does though come with the feature to show you 3 passwords at a time and also allows you to run queries on web pages.


Hope, you liked our list of Norton password generator tools.


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