Facebook has taken over our world. With more than 1 billion of us worldwide, this social media platform has done a lot to shape who we are, what we talk about, and how we interact. We have the best Facebook tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Facebook experience in 2023!

If you want to use your Facebook anonymously to avoid tracking, you should definitely try a Burner account. For that, you should know briefly What is a burner account in case you don’t know.

2023 Facebook Tricks & Hacks

  1. Create a Facebook single-name account
  2. Design your Facebook profile avatar.
  3. You should include a CTA button on your page
  4. Install a Secure Profile Image
  5. Get a copy of your Facebook data by downloading it
  6. Log out of Facebook remotely
  7. Make a colored status update on Facebook.
  8. Unfriend someone without unfollowing them

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Use Facebook Live And Facebook Stories To Share Your Thoughts And Experiences With Others.

Facebook Live allows you to share your thoughts and experiences with others. All you have to do is go live and use the reactions of those watching to help you know what they think about what you’re talking about.

facebbok live

For example, suppose you want to show off your new shoes, but they don’t go with your outfit. You have to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on Facebook. Helpful, right?

Take Advantage Of Disclaimers By Adding One At The End Of Every Facebook Post.

You can use Facebook’s disclaimer by adding one at the end of every post.

disclaimer to avoid being blocked

If you have something that could be seen as political or offensive, put a disclaimer at the bottom saying, “This is just my opinion.” Avoid being blocked by your friends who are more sensitive to what they read on social media.

Use Facebook’s Gestures To Control The App.

Facebook now has a new gesture that allows you to navigate through the pages of your News Feed without having to tap multiple times on the screen.

best facebook tips and tricks for gestures

To use this fun feature, put your finger on the screen and swipe forward or backward to go through all your newsfeed posts individually!

Up Your Facebook Game By Joining A Group

Up your Facebook game by joining a few groups of interest.

You can make many friends and learn a lot about things you didn’t know before from people with more experience in the subject than you do. There is a group for everything, so you can join the groups that interest you.

facebook groups

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For example, if you are an avid runner, you might want to join a group called “I run marathons,” where people share their running experiences.

The more groups you join, the more Facebook friends you’ll have! And who doesn’t need more Facebook friends?

Share Interesting Articles, Videos, Or Pictures That You Come Across On The Internet.

You can share interesting articles, videos, or pictures online by uploading them directly onto Facebook.


This allows your friends to see what you show interest in so they can follow suit and start liking the same things as you!

Make sure to update your feed and change your album cover on Facebook as well. Check out this guide to know how.

Make Sure Your Privacy Settings Are Set Correctly.

Much sensitive personal information lives on Facebook, such as your address and phone number.

privacy settings

Make sure these things don’t appear publicly by changing the privacy settings using the drop-down menus at the top of any Facebook page.

Update Your Profile Picture If It’s Out Of Date

The image represents you to all of your friends, so they must look friendly and professional.

update profile picture

If you don’t have one already, try taking a photo with somebody else or using Photoshop to put something fun behind you.

If You Ever Need To Find An Old Friend, Try Searching For Them By Their Username.

To find an old friend, try searching for them by their username instead of their name.

search friends by username

This way, you can discover your Facebook friends you haven’t talked with in a long time and start catching up with them!

Use Facebook Photos To Make Your Profile Picture Pop.

The first thing anybody looks at when they visit somebody’s page is their profile picture. So you should do everything you can to make it exciting and unique.

facebook photos for ptofile picture

Use Facebook Photos to make your profile picture pop. You can also use old photos you’ve taken and put filters on them to make your pictures look different from everybody else’s

These are our curations of the Best Facebook Tips and Tricks.

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How do I find out who viewed my Facebook profile?

Go to settings and click on privacy. Tap on “Who viewed my profile,” and now you see who has viewed your profile.

What is the best way to find Facebook groups?

Scroll down and tap Groups in the top right corner of Facebook. At the top, tap Discover. To see Friends’ Groups, Popular Near You, or More Suggestions.

Is it true that Facebook keeps deleted photos?

When you delete something on Facebook, it’s removed from your account permanently. We cannot retrieve this deleted content since it has been erased from the servers and backup systems.

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As you can see, Facebook is a fun and interactive way to connect with friends and family. If you use the listed Best Facebook Tips and Tricks in 2023, you will have even more fun on this social media platform!

Are you looking forward to using Facebook in 2023? Tell us in the comments section below! How do you think Facebook will change over the next few years?

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