How to Download Facebook Live Videos in 2022 {3 Ways}

Most of Facebook users may have the question while using Facebook “How to Download Facebook Live Videos?” We know that nearly 90% of youngsters are using Facebook and they will upload and watch a lot of videos on Facebook.

Such regular users may think of downloading such live videos to their phone or Computer to replay it in their mobile. In such case, you may be thinking how to do it. This blog will present you the way to download Facebook live videos to watch on other platforms.

So far there are no options available on Facebook to save it in offline and to watch it later. There is one option in FB to save the video to watch it later; though you saved it, you need an internet connection to buffer the video to watch it later.

Some of you may have the question whether it is possible to download live videos in FB. The answer is yes, here are the ways to do it. Look at these steps and download your wanted live streaming videos from your FB account more easily.

Not just Facebook video, you can even download video from snapchat.

How to Download Facebook Live Videos

Follow the methods below to download Facebook live videos:

Method 1: Using Facebook

  1. First login to your account by giving your account details and locate the video which you wish to download.
  2. Then after locating your video then click on the timestamp, then the video will pop up.
  3. After that, you can see the video along with the comments given to the video on the right side of the page.
  4. Above the comment box, you may see the three little dot option, which may look like options for another usage, just press on those dots.
  5. Just right click on the dot and the click on the option “Show Video URL.”
  6. In that, you can find the option called “Download Video.”
  7. Now you will be presented with the option called “Save the video,” just click on it
  8. Then you will be asked for the location where your video should be saved, choose the location as your wish and click on the OK button.

Yeah, check your video in the location given you will find your Facebook video in your system.

While you are performing a search in Google about downloading the live videos from Facebook, you may get the result of downloading it via This method is one of the easy ways to download Facebook videos.

Here I have a few details about the website and the way to download the Facebook video using the site.

Method 2:

On which helps one to easily download the Facebook private videos, Facebook live videos, YouTube videos and many other Google videos from the site. This site just needs the link of the video which you are willing to download on your mobile or PC.


This site also has a Google Chrome extension, and you can install it your PC to use this tool at any time. Downloading Facebook live videos using this is just a 3 step process, and I have given the steps to download the Facebook live videos using Saveform.

  1. First, sign in to your FB account and search for the video which you want to download to your system.
  2. Then copy the link of the video you wish to download.
  3. Next, paste the copied link at the top of the website.
  4. Then the site will generate the download link for you to easily download the video which you like to download to your system or mobile.
  5. The work is easy, and you got your favorite video for replaying it whenever necessary.
  6. You may now have doubt how to download FB videos on the iOS device. Here I would like to add the way to do it iPhone too. You may try the above method if those methods fail you may try the method given below.

Method 3: Download Facebook Live Videos on iPhone

This method will be easy to way to follow and let me share the steps to do it.

  1. The first thing you have to do is download MyMedia app from the apple app store which just looks perfectly like the file manager, in which you can manage the media files.
  2. Then open your facebook account and find the video which you have to download on your iPhone.
  3. After that, play the video. There you may see various options and in that select option to share the video.
  1. Then tap on the Copy Link option and select on it.
  2. Now the direct URL of the video will be copied to your iOS clipboard.
  3. Next, open the MyMedia app, and it will lead to you the browser, in that just open the which I have mentioned above.
  4. Then follow the steps given above to download your favorite video in your iOS device.
  5. If you may fail to download the video using the then move to the and paste the copied link into that site.
  6. Download your favorite videos on Facebook and store it in your MyMedia app and you can view that video via this app.

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Final Words

Technology development has led us to do even various impossible things to be done. Thus, downloading Facebook live video is an easy task. The methods I mentioned above are very easy and perform for getting your favorite videos.

Also, check out THIS guide to learn how to download embedded videos.

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