We have all kinds of habits or things we like to call rituals if we do them every while. One of the strangest habits, or I would not be going too far by calling them addiction, is sending streaks on Snapchat as soon as they get up or go to bed. The app has occupied a significant space in our lives. So I think it would interest you to know that there are apps to save Snapchat videos. There are quite a few to do it, which is tricky.

Some of the best apps to save Snapchat videos are:

  1. Recorder For iPhone or iPad by Apowersoft
  2. SnapSave
  3. MirrorGo

There are a bunch of tools from which you can take your pick of the best app to save Snapchat.  Each of these apps to save Snapchat videos has its distinct way of operating and some exciting features, making it all a breeze for you when and if it is emergent enough for you to download apps to save Snapchat stories.

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Want To Save/Record Snapchat Videos Without Being Labeled Creepy? 

So, to save all the Snapchat stuff and go unnoticed, you’d need to be street smart, which involves using snapsave apps and the likes.


The app’s decision to save Snapchat videos you prefer or like over all others will depend on you. 

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Recorder For iPhone or iPad by Apowersoft

You’d find this one of the fantastic apps to quickly save Snapchat videos from being used on Android-based cellphones or Windows computers. Still, when it comes to its more elegant counterpart, I am talking about anything made by Apple; finding a suitable app to save Snapchat becomes slightly more challenging. But worry not; this app by Apowersoft answers all your troublesome questions. Claimed to be the best snapsave app, it is a sort of screen recorder. So this is how it works, to use the app to save Snapchat, you’d have to get their app on your MAC-based PC/Macbook. The catch is making sure that both your iPhone and the PC we’re talking about have to be connected via the same wifi and be on one network.


After ensuring the case, however, you have to get both devices in sync. Doing that will run your phone on the PC. After that, it is a cakewalk, as you can use the Apowersoft app to record whichever Snapchat videos, photos, or stories you’re interested in getting your hands on.

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Visit: Apowersoft


It could be the Grandfather of every kind of Snapchat saver for Android; that is how old (read ancient) it is. It came after the increasing popularity of Snapchat. The surprise is that the app has a variant for the fancy iPhone users.


You’d have to get into your Snapchat account to perform any action. The most convenient fact is that you can run both apps on your phone, and as it is not quite the official app, I suggest you get into your Snapchat account to avoid any troubles. To complement your Snapchat experience, you can also explore an alternative method to capture online video, allowing you to seamlessly preserve your favorite online moments.

Also, don’t let the fact that it is not officially downloadable from the Play Store stop you. You can quickly get it by performing a search on Google. Click Here to learn about the Ways To Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps

Visit: Snapsave


Mirrorgo is a snap recorder, one of the best apps to save Snapchat videos. It is an Android-specific phone which does its magic over a network wirelessly. It is precisely as modern as it sounds. Hands-down is one of the most flawless methods to stalk someone on Snapchat. Jokes apart, it is pretty secure.

Not to say that it is really flexible in that it comes with a little touch menu on the side that makes recording stuff happening on your device’s screen or taking snapshots as easy as it gets. The app by Dr. Fone, an accredited company for several hit applications, represents a substantial step in recording games. 


I’ll also take your gaming experience to a new level, as you can have more grip over the controls. Furthermore, if you’re much more comfortable working on your PC, you could use your social media on a bigger screen using MirrorGo.

You’d have to shell out a little money after the trial ends for all of this and more. The app is available for Windows and Android phones( on Play Store).

Visit: MirrorGo

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Is there an app to save Snapchat videos?

Yes, some apps can help you save Snapchat videos, but it's important to note that using such apps may violate Snapchat's terms of service and the sender's privacy. Always be mindful of others' privacy when using these apps. Be aware that Snapchat may take action against accounts that violate its policies.

How can I save Snapchat videos?

You can save Snapchat videos by using screen recording features on your device, but be aware that the sender is notified when you take a screenshot or record their snaps. To avoid violating Snapchat's terms of service, always respect others' privacy and seek permission before saving their content.

Does snap saver still work?

Many third-party Snapchat saver apps and services were no longer functional due to Snapchat's efforts to block them. But since then, things have changed, and some new apps or methods may have emerged. Use third-party apps with caution since they may violate Snapchat's service regulations and lead to suspending your account.

Can I screen-record Snapchat?

Yes, you can use screen recording features available on some smartphones to record Snapchat snaps or stories. However, some users will be notified if you screen-record their content. Always respect privacy and follow Snapchat's terms of service and community guidelines when using such features.


So if you’ve been caught between being a stalker and missing out on some adorable snaps, it is time you got rid of that. It is simple, choose your weapon. Any of these apps to save Snapchat videos could work for you. And then you can save as many snaps as you want. I promise it isn’t even that difficult to work with them to top all of that. If you don’t want to take my word for it, you’d have to go try them out. Also, please stick with us for more such content. Read our article on How to Fix Snapchat Login Failed Error on Android Devices. Click Here!

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